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Thursday, January 26, 2017

​​Monster Jam is here in Toronto! Canada to host World Final 2017​! Join the cheering crowds and watch flying and falling trucks!

Huge trucks, flying muck, earsplitting clamor, crushed autos- it isn’t an event, it is an experience- get ready to roar in this weekend- Monster Jam is knocking at your door!!! The event in which super-charged motors burp out a thunder and a large number of fans are amused by the crunching and crushing of metal, the wheels have been rotating almost. Vehicles are purchased, which going to be demolished. Drivers are lined up, advertise blitz has started and the dirt crews have built the tracks, venues has decided and lots of preparation are going on.
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The Word finale of Monster Jam XVIII of 2017 will make many halts in Canada which are probably going be one step ahead of Las Vegas competition. As usual, you can feel the extreme adrenaline rush at all events of Monster Jam.

The initial stops actually happen on same end of the week in various regions. The lineup has Dennis Anderson in Grave Digger, making his first Toronto begin since 2009. He'll be accompanied by 2015 Freestyle Champion of Toronto Ryan Anderson in Son-uva Digger- the fact is both of them had won the events. The opposition will be ventured up with two-time World Champion Madusa and Scott Buetow in Team Hot Wheels Firestorm.

The main attraction of this Toronto event is not only the race but also the unique drivers. Dozens of “Grave Diggers” are going to be presented but the guy who has created the truck Dennis Anderson will be racing with it in Toronto. I must say Toronto is pretty lucky this time.

Let me tell you Nicole Johnson isn’t the single lady driver in Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam, among all racers of this specific truck, just a single is a lady. Yes, Becky McDonough will perform at Rogers Center. Not exclusively is she the main lady on that group, she will be the main female driver contending in Toronto. She will be racing “El Toro Locos”.

Beast Jam has two shows booked for Saturday, Jan. 28, and Sunday, Jan. 29. Tickets begin as low as $15, and for an extra 10 bucks, you can go to a Pit Party either day before the show begins to see the trucks very close and to shake the hands with drivers.

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