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Monday, January 9, 2017

Your car needs more care during winter!!!

Winter has come!!! The season is almost ready for taking test of your skiing capability as well as your vehicle mechanical ability!!! If you are not really well prepared or careful, you probably may find yourself slipping towards a guard rail. Therefore, little tips can help you to add some extra sugar to your enjoyment and safety!!!!

Every driver must be grateful to Mary Anderson and Robert Kearns for inventing wipers. When you drive over the icy roads, covered with rainwater, and chemicals melting from ice, alternatively the wipers swipes over the windshield to make your path easy by cleaning the vision. The Alabama lady, Anderson who created, patented the windshield wipers, otherwise drivers might even now be sliding the windshield just to have a clean view, like the drivers of electric car in the late 1800s. There is some interesting story behind it. She just got inspiration for inventing such thing from a scenario of winter night when she was riding street car. But unfortunately she was unsuccessful to sell her design.  Later Kearns redesigned and patented it successfully. Therefore, it is very important to shower some love and care on wipers, windshield, and lights intermittently.  


Merry Anderson                                                             Robert Kearns

Wipers – if these wipers of your car gave you service over 6 months, then it’s high time to replace it. Over time the rubber of wipers wears out and can turn out to be rigid and cracked. The cooler temperature can also gear up the process of death of older wipers. But the latest beam style wipers are better choice as they are equipped with spring system that protects the wipers from ice and blizzard. Moreover this beam style wipers usually make additional contact with windshield, therefore it delivers more clear view in any weather.

Windshield apparatuses and chemicals– for removing frost and slush quickly and efficiently you can use de- icing washer fluid. In addition, de-icing washer fluid also helps to prevent your car from dirt and salt. Or you can do treatment of your windshield’s exterior with Rain-X glass that also helps to protect your car from this slush.

For clearing thicker ice, ice scraper and snow brush are essential equipment which you should keep in your vehicle. In case of SUVs and truck you should consider to buy snow brush or broom with long handle, so that you can easily clear the windshield without changing sides or standing too near to your car and get drenched in snow when clearing it. Before clearing the first frost be sure of that, if the window defroster of your front and rear window are functioning or not.

Lights –severe climate and shorter days mean additional time driving oblivious. Stroll around your car to check whether every one of its lights, that includes turn flags and brake lights, are working or not. Regardless of the possibility that your headlights aren't wore out, you might need to supplant them. Over time headlights usually dim over as old headlights are not equipped with the advance technology like halogen lights. Therefore to empower drivers to lights play an essential role.

Now a days auto parts are easily available in online, but when you suppose to contact those e commerce retailer that depends on the durability of that parts. So these three essential things of your vehicle that can be alarming for you, if you don’t pay sufficient attention on them. Therefore, if you are thinking for replacing your car’s wipers in this winter, then don’t forget to click on to the website of as they are offering some lucrative winter discount on auto parts.


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