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Saturday, February 25, 2017

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To earn income, working as a mechanic would be a great option. Don’t you think so? During summer internship many people think of joining as a mechanic because it would be really very beneficial,both in terms of money as well as knowledge.
If you think this way and agree with the above statement then you must read this further. These days you can buy various tools and parts online of your own wish. There are some essential tools which a person must have at a basic level. The task of repairing your own vehicle can now turn a lot easier than ever before.Every mechanic should possess these tools which are mentioned below as follows:-
  1. Wrenches
The most important tool which a mechanic should have in his tool bag is a wrench.  You can easily fasten a joint with the help of a wrench. It is made up of alloy. Rusting can be harmful, so to avoid that, it is made up of chromium. In the year 1835, the first wrench came into existence. There are different types of wrenches which can be used to fasten auto parts, every starter should know and posses as they would help him to carry out his daily tasks effortlessly.

  • Open -ended
This is the first and foremost type of wrench. As the name suggests, it is open ended from both the sides. Its openings have different sizes. When you have to deal with bolts and nuts, then surely choose this type of wrench as work would be done with ease.

  • Box-ended
There are closed loops made at both the ends of a box ended wrench. These loops are designed in such a way that they can be fitted easily in any shape. There may come a point that open ended wrench is doing no good, in that case you can go for box ended wrenches.

  • Combination
You can figure out with the name itself that it is a combination of the wrenches mentioned above, the open ended as well as the box ended wrench. One side of the wrench is closed, while the other side is opened. You can easily separate the nuts and the bolts from the open ended part and at the same time you can use its other end to unfasten the nuts.

  • Adjustable
This is another type of wrench which is open ended from one side only. There are different types of nuts and bolts with different sizes. You can adjust the opening of the wrench according to your choice.

  • Allen
This wrench is very useful and it comes in 2 shapes. One is L- shaped and the other one is T-shaped. It is made up of metal. The main purpose of this type of wrench is to turn screws as well as bolts. Just like the way screwdrivers work, same is the case with Allen wrenches.
  • Socket
There is a built in joint in this type of wrench, which would fit very conveniently into the nut. There is a handle at the end of it. When the work is done, then the socket wrench is to be fully removed.

  • Pipe
This is another type of adjustable wrench. It is used for iron pipes and is basically round. It has a handle and when it is pulled; its jaws would become stronger and tighter. This type of wrench can be used for plumbing purposes as well.

  • Drum Key
This is another famous square wrench. The musical instruments can be tuned with its help. This is a special type of wrench and can only be used for one sole purpose. You can easily tighten up the strings with its help.
  • Plumber
This type of wrench can be adjusted. This wrench has features which are similar to pipe wrench. Most of the plumbing purposes can be solved with its help.

  1. Hammer
One can easily drive nails with the help of a hammer. There are different types of hammers available on the basis of size, shape as well as the structure. While using a hammer, you must use it carefully. Most of the hammers are made up of steel.

  1. Pliers
This a hand tool with the help of which you can easily hold the objects which you want to. Different types of materials can be compressed with its help. This tool is designed while keeping safety of the user in mind.

If we have to measure the length and the diameter of a specific object, then it won’t be a big task. But if you want to measure it accurately then you must possess measuring tools and instruments to produce quality products.

  1. Screwdrivers
Screwdriver has a handle as well as a shaft which helps in turning the screws. You would have to insert the tip into the screw. The shaft is made up of steel so that one can resist bending of the material. The handles are made up of wood.

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