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Friday, February 24, 2017

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When a person starts learning how to drive a car, the most decisive lesson which he or she is made aware of is the significance of inspecting car mirrors. Driving a car is not as easy as it appears as the person has to coordinate many things simultaneously. The driver must pay full attention to avoid accidents. Mirror would help you to notice what all is happening around you. Thus, we can say that the mirror plays an indispensable role in driving.
With the presence of mirror, the driver can easily judge and take an action accordingly. So we can say that they are a major car part and cannot be ignored. Mirrors can be manual as well as electronic. The size of the mirrors would vary according to the vehicle. There are divergent types of mirrors found in automobiles, have a look at them.
  1. Rear View Mirror
You can easily view anything behind you with the help of rear view mirror. The other name for it is Interior mirror. This mirror is placed in centre, right above you. This mirror provides a true picture as it is made up of flat glass. The image reflected in this mirror is not at all distorted.

The driver can now easily evaluate the speed as well as the distance of the traffic. This mirror is also very helping when you want to reverse your vehicle. One can easily adjust this mirror to get a perfect view and keep this thing in mind that no finger marks should be there on the mirror.

  1. Exterior Mirror
The exterior mirrors are placed on both the sides of an automobile. That’s why they are even known as side mirrors. These mirrors are convex in nature to provide a wider field to the driver. You would be able to view more with the assistance of this mirror, but at the same time judgement of speed and distance would become difficult.
Make this a point to adjust your side mirrors beforehand to avoid head movements. This would provide you with an ideal view. The driver should use mirror constantly while driving. You must clean this auto part  and avoid any sort of finger marks.

  1. Nearside and Offside
The near side mirror is located on the left side of the car and the offside mirror is placed on the right hand.

Using Mirrors
Driving a car would have been very difficult in the absence of a mirror. Mirror plays a vital role in driving as our eyes are not focused on backside. It is mandatory to use this car component to know that if there is any vehicle behind you, the distance of that vehicle, its speed and sometimes even the intensions of that driver. Since there are many types of mirrors in the automobiles, it is totally up to you as to which mirror you want to choose in a particular situation.
Don’t forget to check the blind spot before you take any action as you must know what is behind you. You should always adjust the mirrors and use them continuously to avoid accidents. Generally interior mirrors are used first and later the exterior mirrors.
The most common mistake which many people make while driving is that they consider the rear view mirror as a decoration and do know how to use it properly. People have a tendency to get out of a car and check what is outside, which can be at times very risky and at even a lot of time would be wasted in it. There are different people in a family who would drive same car, but they don’t adjust the car elements according to their height and size. Now what happens is that they only use the interior mirror and totally ignore the exterior mirror. Then they are not able to see what is there on the sides of the car.
One can easily adjust the side mirrors. Before setting off for your task, you should always set auto components as per your requirements.
When a Driving Test is conducted
When you are going for a driving test, the examiner wants you to see the mirrors simultaneously while driving, not just when any hazard is approaching you. So start glancing at the mirrors while driving to avoid all kinds of danger. Refer to these important points mentioned below:-
  • The candidate should use the mirrors regularly and he or she should be aware about the blind spots.
  • If the candidate feels like changing the direction or the speed at which he is driving, he must use mirror before taking any such action.
  • Driving a car is multi tasking, so the candidate must not take off his eyes from the road while using mirrors. A quick and small glance is more than enough.
  • More the speed more should be the mirror checks.
  • Before indicating or stopping, the candidate must check his mirror.
All the types of mirrors make the drivers feel safe and help them to see everything around them without turning their head backwards. One doesn't have to look away from the road in the presence of a mirror. Drivers feel confident in the presence of mirrors and can avoid potential dangers. Before you put your automobile into gear and head off, make sure to adjust and clean your mirrors or else you would feel distracted while driving. If you want to buy car mirrors, then you must visit - Online retailer in Canada which offers excellent quality auto parts at your door step.


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