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Friday, March 3, 2017

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Why do the Drivers Tailgate? Are you a victim or are you Guilty?
Do you know what tailgating is? This term is related to driving and it means driving extremely close to the vehicle which is in front of you. Frequently, it can lead to front bumper or rear bumper damage to cars, and sometimes, much worse.  Almost all of you at some point in life have experienced tailgating. Even when you are learning how to drive, you will experience this situation frequently.
This habit of tailgating is an unusual driving habit. There is not much which a person would gain from this activity, but yes there is so much which he can lose. So now the next question which arises here is that why do people do it on a regular basis? Read below to understand everything clearly.
Tailgating is Dangerous
It is indeed dangerous as there is just a little bit of gap left for stopping the car. The driver would get less time to think as well as to apply brake. Tailgating is a driving technique, but in a selfish way. The result of this activity would be an accident for sure damaging your car components.
It is essential to fully concentrate while driving on road of else accident can occur. People only concentrate on the automobile which in front of them, but they should also focus on the road up ahead.
There are no exit routes in the tailgaters.  The anti-lock brakes are a great invention as with its help  the driver can prevent himself and other passengers by steering away from the accident and would thus, find an exit route. But unluckily the tailgaters have no such exit routes. The only route which they have is to the car which is in front of them.

Why people do Tailgating
There is no specific reason, instead there are many reasons. The most common reason is that people are getting late. All of us have been in this situation before, that is running late or feeling stressed because of some reason. You may want to reach your destination as fast as possible and for that you try to push the driver in front of you by driving at a faster speed. You should understand that tailgating isn’t going to get you at your destination faster. What you should do is to try to plan your day properly to avoid such situation.
There are some drivers which have some motive behind. They are the delivery drivers who have a lot of workload which they have to accomplish with the assigned time and thus again; stress is playing the major role in this habit. Tailgating is very common among taxi drivers as they have to reach to their next client as soon as possible.

One more thing here is that there can be a bully. Some of the drivers gain satisfaction by torturing others. Maximum people do it and don’t even realize what they are actually doing and it’s after effects.
When you drive in fog, you cannot see anything clearly as to what is there in front of you. You will definitely feel stressed and then would notice tail lights ahead you. After that, you will again start feeling confident that you are not alone in this scenario and would start getting a little closer towards it.
The tailgaters think that they are getting benefit by copying the vehicle which is in front of you and maintaining the same speed and distance.  But you should be aware that the results of this thing are always going to be bad as well as your driving would be dangerous.

Disadvantages of Tailgating
  • Extremely high impact with the vehicle which is ahead
  • It doesn't have emergency exit routes.
  • This situation can be extremely stressful for the driver
  • It would lead to rash driving
  • More fuel would be consumed
  • Causes wear and tear to the brakes
Advantages of Tailgating
There are no benefits derived from tailgating.
Is it Illegal?
Tailgating is a type of careless driving and that’s why it is considered as an illegal traffic offence. The police have fixed the price of fine that would be issued to the drivers.
Dealing with Tailgaters
This can be very stressful and would definitely turn your angry if you have to encounter a tailgater, especially when you have your family members sitting with you in the back. But you must stay calm and think about what you should do next or else that incident can cause more damage if not handled properly.
First of all you yourself must drive properly. This doesn’t mean that you will drive too slowly as it would also be considered as an offence. The other drivers would feel frustrated and would become impatient causing accidents.
  1. The safest thing which you should do is to shift left and let them pass. Don’t forget to use your indicators as it would give them enough time to react.
  2. You can also increase the distance between your vehicle and the one which is in front of you. You must follow the two second rule.

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