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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Did you just met with an accident? Your front car bumper broke? That’s sad, but you need not get tensed as offers best quality of Front car bumpers.

Front Bumper and Steps to replace it
Bumper is the most important car component which is attached to the front and rear of a car so that it can absorb the impacts caused due to small collisions. It helps to reduce the impact which can occur due to accident, thus minimizing the repairing costs. It protects your car body by absorbing most of the energy generated through accidents.
Most of the cars these days have bumpers which have a plastic cover and below that it has a bar which is made up of aluminium, steel and even plastic. You should not think that all bumpers are same. They differ from each other in terms of components as well as the performance level. There vary from car to car. There are some bumpers which are stylish but offer less protection. In that case, the owner has to bear expensive damage even if minor collision has occurred.
Some important Front Bumper Components are:-
  • Front bumper end
  • Front bumper fog lamp and grille
  • Front bumper impact absorber
  • Front bumper rebar
  • Front bumper step pad
  • Front bumper valance and filler
  • License plate bracket
  • Plastic front bumper
  • Steel front bumper
How to replace your Front Bumper?
Front bumper helps you to divert from most of the bumps on the road, thus saving you most of the time. Everything gets old with the passage of time and even the front bumper would need some sort of replacing. This task is not at all complicated and the people who have basic knowledge can even perform this own their own. There are some tools and equipments which you may need for this process. Check them below:-
Step 1: Unscrew the cover of your Bumper
Your front bumper is divided into two parts. You must be only aware about the first auto part which has paint on it as that of your car. People consider this part as the actual bumper, but in reality it is just hiding the actual bumper underneath. To start with the process, you will have to remove this part first. Open the bonnet of your car and then softly remove the screws from that cover. They are placed above the grill.
Step 2: Remove the Bumper Cover
Once you have completed the first step, then it’s time to remove the cover of the bumper. Find out the plastic clips that hold it in a specific place. Use a screwdriver to get them out carefully. The clip would be left exposed. Then you will have to pull the bumper cover out and gently place it on a towel so that it doesn’t get damaged.
Step 3: Removal of the bumper
Once the car is driven up with the help of wheel ramps, the car is finally elevated. Go below the front of the car and the bolts. Remove all the bolts and rods with the help of your tools. Don’t forget to keep all the bolts in a safe place because you have to reattach them later on.
Step 4: Replace your old Bumper
Place your bumper gently and attach all the bolts and rods carefully. This step is now completed and you finally have to now concentrate on replacing the bumper cover.
Step 5: Reattach your bumper cover
Get back your bumper cover from where you stored it earlier. Now you will have to change the clips which you destroyed earlier with the new ones. Put the cover back in its original place and then reattach all the screws. Go anywhere is you want to in your car.
This task is really very interesting and you can perform it easily on your own or can take some help from your friend. You just have to notice if all parts are firmly attached or not and then you can go for a drive happily.  We can easily conclude that bumpers are the most important auto parts. They provide full safety to the drivers. There are steel as well as plastic front bumpers. They are made up of different shapes so that they can absorb maximum momentum. All types of bumpers are made to absorb the energy.
Now you know how to replace the front bumper of your car by yourself. You need not pay huge amount of money to the workers and waste your time. You will only have to invest for the parts which are damaged. Don’t worry if your front bumper components are worn out as here at , we have every solution related to your automobiles. Visit us and we assure you that we won’t let you down.


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