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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

- Do you know that most of your car’s exterior is covered by four quarter panels? Buy ideal quarter panels at reasonable rates from

Quarter Panel covers large amount of your Car’s Exterior
A very immense part of vehicle’s body is covered with quarter panel. A car’s body is made up of a series of different vehicle parts which are connected together, and at the same point they are all very unique and divergent from each other. Just like a jigsaw puzzle is completed by joining the parts, in the same way the vehicle would be formed by joining its components. Quarter panel is one of the most essential parts of a car.

Types of Quarter Panels
There are many exterior parts of a vehicle and one of them is a quarter panel. It is available in many different shapes as well as sizes. When we talk about its appearance, then it can be either streamlined or sleek or they can also be stiff and fundamental in design. The quarter panel would differ according to the type of car. A sports car would have a different quarter panel than a family sedan.
Major Function
This auto component is present on all the four sides of a car. They are situated on both the sides, which mean that both on the front as well as rear of the vehicle. Front fenders are a part of front quarter panel and the area which lies between the side doors and the trunk comprises of rear quarter panel. The quarter panels are welded into the frame of the car. The frame comprises of the roof as well as side pillars. That’s why the rear quarter panel are considered as one complete unit. You can easily remove the front quarter panels are they are single units, just like your car door.
This part is a specific exterior section of your vehicle. The material used to make the quarter panel is same as the rest of the vehicle’s body. If your vehicle has some sort of side mouldings and strips, then you must note this thing that even the quarter panel would have these as well. The most important feature which would separate the quarter panel from the different areas is the wheel well openings. All the types of quarter panels, front as well as rear have circular designs at their top. The motive of these is to provide perfect placement as well as visibility.

When it comes to identity, you can very easily identify the quarter panel. Locate the wheels of your vehicle and then the quarter panel’s location would be indicated. Quarter panels are special and have separate parts in comparison to the other exterior parts of a vehicle. The doors of your car, its roof and even the side pillars are all separate from your vehicle’s quarter panels.
This is the part of your car which can get damaged very easily due to car accidents. Even the small accidents which occur at moderate speed would for sure damage the quarter panels of your car. Due to the accident, if the damage caused is widespread and destructive then the entire panel would have to be replaced with a fresh and a new one. If there are small and extremely minor dents, then you need not worry as it can be repaired with the help of body filler and repainted.

How to buy correct quarter panels for your car?
A large amount of your car’s exterior is covered by quarter panels and wings. That’s why you know that it keeps on getting damaged frequently. You can use body filler to remove minor damage. There are in total four quarter panels, two of them are located in front and two near the rear.
Factors which you should consider while buying the correct quarter panels for your car are as follows:-
  1. Vehicle make and model
While you are selecting quarter panels, then you must keep this thing in mind that they are designed specifically for every vehicle type. This would help you to find what you really want and would save your time as well.

  1. Petrol Cap’s location
The location of the petrol cap should be kept in mind whenever you are considering buying a new quarter panel for your automobile.  You should not forget that where your petrol cap is actually located.

  1. Location of the Quarter Panel
If you want to buy a new quarter panel for your car, then you should focus on the panel which is to be replaced. It is obvious that the right panel would be opposite in shape to the left panel. So, it is important to consider the location before purchasing one.

  1. Colour
You should make it a point to buy high quality parts that would match the colour of your vehicle. This would directly eliminate the requirement of repainting the panel once again, ultimately saving a lot of money. You can also visit stores like Napa Canada to buy correct quarter panels for your automobile.


Large proportion of your car comprises of quarter panels. Each quarter panel would differ according to the type of car. You can choose the right quarter panels on, to maintain the safety of your cars. If the damage caused is minor, then you may simply need some o f its replacement parts. We assure you that you will find everything for your car here at affordable prices.



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