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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Don’t put your life at risk because the fog can chew you up. Purchase the Fog Lights from Parts Avatar as it would blow the fog winds away.

Fog Lights should not be ignored at any cost
Earlier a number of cars had only high and low beam headlights. Then later Fog lights came into existence. The main motive was to make travelling safer during foggy conditions. Even an experienced driver can be scared when he has to drive in fog. This can be really very dangerous, so one should always use fog lights in such a situation. This auto element should be utilized at the correct time to solve the problem of visibility or else you will put your life in danger and can even hurt other motorists.

A lot of vehicles these days have fog lights. But the main problem here is that people don’t know when these lights should be actually used. It is self explanatory that whenever there is fog outside, use these lights. The foggy conditions can be very treacherous for the drivers, so they must know how to drive in such harsh weather conditions.
Its name is self explanatory
If you are driving at night, then you must use headlights and the fog lights cannot replace headlights because the light emitted is not bright enough. When it’s raining outside, even then you cannot use this vehicle part because the light won’t be enough. So the question which might be striking your mind is that when can these lights be used? Whenever there is fog outside, go use your fog lights as they would be very fruitful in such a situation.

It is against the law if you will drive with your fog lights?
You are not allowed to use your fog lights in normal weather or on a rainy day. These are banned and one can only use them in foggy conditions or else you will have to pay fine if caught by the police.  These lights are bright and can blind the other drivers on the road, which can result into major accident. So make sure to use these only when it’s foggy outside.
Working of Fog Lights
Now you are aware that these lights are planned to be used in fog. Normal headlights won’t work well in foggy conditions as compared to the fog lights. This light creates a bar as the beam which it emits is wide as well as flat. The front fog lights make it easy for the driver to view as it increases the visibility.

Do all cars need Fog lights?
Yes! It is a legal requirement that all the cars must possess rear fog lights. Front fog lights are not compulsory and are thus optional. There is no sort of legal obligation to get them installed. The cars which are expensive already have front fog lights in them. If you have them in your car, note this thing seriously that you should use them only when your visibility is next to zero in fog.
Things you should do while driving in Fog
  • Wipers can be very helpful in such a state to provide visibility.
  • Most of the people are not aware about the location of the fog light switch, so before setting off you should know where it is situated.
  • There should be proper gap between you and the vehicle which is in front of you; this would decrease the chances of an accident.
  • If the road which you are travelling is clear and you find a signal stating that there must be fog ahead, so be prepared in advance for that situation.
  • Full beam won’t help you in any way; it will make the condition worse by reflecting the light back.
  • The other thing which you can do is to open your car windows so that you are able to hear the traffic sound.
  • The last important thing which you should do is to stop for some time and wait for the weather conditions to improve and then continue when you find that the situation is under control.

When should the Fog Lights be used?
These lights should be used whenever there is Fog outside. At the end, your main motive should be your safety as well as the ones who are around you. If you not using fog lights in foggy weather, then you are putting everyone’s life in danger. People are unsure as to when they should use the fog lights. As such there is no legal obligation to use these lights, but you should be aware of this fact that if you face an accident due to fog and your fog lights were not on, then you won’t get your insurance money. If there is severe fog outside, just switch on your fog lights and don’t keep switching them on and off again and again as it would irritate the drivers and can cause accidents due to confusion. Once you activate your fog lights, a symbol would appear on your dashboard.
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