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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Its time to replace the old traditional shifters with new classy,safe automatic transmission shifters

Automakers have begun replacing traditional shifters by installing knobs or buttons. Let us have a look at some of the fancy and different kinds of gear knobs and automatic shifters available in auto world.

No car is complete without a gear box. The gearbox basically sends the power produced by an engine to the wheels. After steering wheel, shifters are main point of interface with your car. Gear shifters produced by automakers are quite fancy but only look and feel is not everything, as a bad gear can damage engine or driveline or even can kill you in worst cases.
In this article we will discuss about auto gear and its types along with some of the fancy gear knobs or shifters available in auto world.
Automatic gearbox quickly came into limelight as it emerged as easy alternative to manual gear box. There are different kinds of gearbox ranges as CVT, DSG and AMT. before, the gearshift level used to have neutral, drive and reverse slots in it. But in automatic gear there are different ways to change a gear like rotary dial and steering column stalk etc. aftermarket products are quite popular as remanufactured car's steering gear kit and other components of transmission.
Let us read about some of the types of shifters in the auto market.

PUSH BUTTON SHIFTER                       
They are the uncommon types of gear shifters available at market. They do not have complex design. You can simply select the gear by pushing the button.


It is the most common type of shifter that can be found in the automobiles across the world. It is a gearbox with regular auto gear stick as that of manual gearbox. It can be slotted to reverse, drive or neutral gears by moving in linear direction or in gated format. Example - Honda Jazz.


Monostable or joystick shifters have refined functionalities and rich looks. The gear knob remains in the same position even after you have slotted it in different gear. Expensive automakers like Audi and BMW provide this shifter. Example- Audi A4, BMW 3 series.


These are one of the gorgeous forms of gear shift knobs and yet very uncommon. The rotary wheel can be rotated to shift the gear. Jaguar, Land rover and Renault offer rotary shifters in their cars.


Stalk shifter stays in its position and offer the functionalities of monostable shifters at the same time. It is generally installed below the wiper on the steering column. Fiat, Mercedes and BMW offer this gear shifter in some of their cars. Example - Mercedes Benz C Class, Mercedes Benz GLA Class.
Now you know the types or designs of gear shifters. Let us know about some of the best automatic shifters that offer rock solid feel, high performance with gate operations and safety features.


It uses high quality parts throughout and is a gate type unit with extremely smooth action. It will work on two to three automatic transmissions.
Applications- Ford C6, C4, Powerglide.


Hi tech street bandit is and ultimate B&M performance product for high tech street cars with automatic transmission of car. It features gated mechanism with slots as backup light switch, interchangeable billet knob and neutral safety switch. It is usually used in any domestic two, three or four speed automatic transmission.


The B&M Pro ratchet is easy to operate and features NHRA and IHRA reverse lockout, neutral safety switch, backup light switch and 5 foot super duty shift cable. It is the easiest shifter to double shift with and the stick will always return to the centre position after slotting a gear.


The Hurst pistol grip quarter stick is designed for comfortable and firm grip. Along with the qualities of quarter stick it features controlled detent activation, one hand operated reverse lock out mechanism and a neutral safety switch.


It is a universal design used in any three or four speed application. It is stylish and durable. Its installation is quite simple. It fits more popular three or four speed GM, Chrysler and Ford applications.


It provides paddle shifting capabilities with look and feel of an OEM system. This paddle shifter is easily available aftermarket. Paddle shifter interacts with transmission control unit via wireless receiver module. It also optionally displays information like throttle position, vehicle speed, current gear and manifold pressure etc. these can be applied on any electronically controlled domestic transmission and five six or nine bolt steering wheel.


It easily modifies some parameters of late model electronically controlled automatic transmissions. It has a plug in harness and OEM style connecters. You can also adjust shift points, torque converter operation, shift firmness and can set it up for auto, manual or dyno modes.

A good shifter should be gated for safety and provide good linkage so that you don’t have to focus on your speed.

I hope with some more research you could get a good gear box for your car. For more aftermarket purchase of automatic transmission module and steering system components visit Parts avatar.


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