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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Save your hard earned cash and Upgrade your car with aftermarket performance auto parts available at

Know how to transform your old car into a new one by upgrading to new aftermarket auto parts and refresh your driving experience.

For performance modification, buying an updated high tech car is not the only option. One can easily upgrade their old car with aftermarket products with the help of standard tools available at garage. You can easily upgrade your old car with aftermarket performance auto products available at Parts avatar under your budget. It is easy enough to transform your car and you can install the parts in your own garage. Thus, you can save your hard earned money that you might have shed on professionals or mechanics.

Some people think of performance upgrading as increasing fuel economy of a car. People want to ride an economical and enjoyable car that they can drive in every condition and weather without causing much damage. Today what we want more in a car is power, better handling and smooth riding in any temperature.

Like we adapt to the environment we live in, same is with the car and the driver. The driver knows the best what his/her car needs the most. It is not only the things mentioned above like power but it can be acceleration, fuel consumption, interior or anything you are not satisfied with. You can one by one enhance your car with performance parts and figure out the improvement in your car’s performance. In this way you will easily know which part need up gradation the most. If you love to do things at once then your mechanic will do your job for you on heavy cash.

Let’s have a look at some parts that we can upgrade.


Tires are those parts of a vehicle that have direct contact with the road. If you want to experience better handling and steering, then you can start with a good set of tires. Tires though are overlooked, but they are very important because if you don’t have quality rubber and adequate traction in your tire, they are more prone to wear issues. You should also regularly check air pressure of tires. Doing so can save you from upcoming danger.

Falken Azansis, Bridgestone Potenza, Michelin Pilot Super Sport are some of the brands that offer best ranged tires with specialized tread patterns.


The better your car breathes, the better it runs. You can improve the intake and exhaust thus enabling the air to run freely. It not only reduces noises but also improves engine’s efficiency. Cold air intake supplies the engine more condensed air to work properly. So you can update various expensive exhaust system components like catalytic converters and direct fit converters of car available at aftermarkets on affordable prices.

Some of air intake best brands are Spectre Performance, K & N and AFE Power etc and for exhaust system components are Remus, Borla and Magnaflow etc.


car's Spark plugs wear out by time and force the ignition coil to do more work to produce hotter spark. Sparks and wires are quite cheap. Better quality of spark will ensure better combustion and eventually better power and fuel economy of your vehicle. If we are talking about increasing fuel economy then fuel filter cannot be over looked. A dirty fuel filter can damage your car’s fuel economy. So replacing car's fuel filter at aftermarket price is quite cheap and also essential for car. You can change it once every 15000 miles.

Denso iridium racing, NGK iridium IX and Bosch double iridium spark plugs are one of the high performance aftermarket spark plugs available.

STRUT BARS             

For the stability of your vehicle while making turns and rolling over bumps, you need strong Strut bars. In this way you can enhance the suspension system of your car indirectly.


Factory rubber bushings help kill the vibrations in your car created either by suspension or engine and chassis. Rubber bushings frequently wear out. Polyurethane bushings are long lasting and do better job of killing vibrations and minimizing weight transfer.

Daystar, Prothane and Energy Suspension are some of the reckoned brands of Polurethane bushings.

The handling is damaged generally due to weight transfer and body rolls while leaning too much on taking turns. car's Sway bars connect right side wheels with left side wheels thus balancing the handling of the car.
Hellwig, Eibach and hotchkis provide good range of sway bars.


The engine control unit is a factory manufactured device that is used to control the air- fuel mixture in the engine for optimization of power and efficiency. By reprogramming the ECU, we can help return better gas mileage and performance to our car.

APR ECU Flash, AEM EMS-4 and SCT Performance X4 power flash programmer are some of the best programmable engine management system that can be deployed in the car.

The safety of driving especially during nighttime is wholly dependent on head lights of the vehicle. We can control our steering and push the brakes on day time but at night time without head lights it is near about impossible to see the objects on the road especially on cold or foggy regions.
For a bright and better visibility you can opt for HID headlights that are easily available online. You can also opt for projector based HIDs for a more refined lighting experience if you find simple HIDs too bright.


Short shifters minimize the distance the shifter has to travel and time it takes to select the next gear. Short shifter provides pure performance enhancement to your car. TVM Performance, Hurst and B&M racing and performance provide some of the best short shifters for fun and fast driving experience.


You can safely update your car without voiding the warranty. You can ask your service advisor about this. Review the terms of the warranty to easily understand your limitations.
By law, for a dealer to deny warranty service, he must prove that your modification materially damaged your car or it was broken at the time of replacement. In most cases, these changes won’t hurt your car so if you want you can do modifications prudently.

Convert your “to do” list into “got done” list with these mentioned mods. The basic formula for a modification is to research and do deep study on your car. You have to understand the need of your car rather going after luxuries and flashy interiors. So give it a go and change your old vintage into new Mercedes.

You can also purchase performance aftermarket auto parts at at very lucrative prices.


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