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Friday, April 21, 2017

Ford F-150 Raptor- Get ready for a great ride even if you never take it off road.

The ford’s Beastly truck returns with Aluminium body and Twin Turbo V-6.
Ford’s Second generation F-150 Raptor has made a comeback in automobile market with spectacular performance features and high performance off road operations. This beastly truck is efficient enough to complete the Baja 1000 desert race without any modifications.

Why we are calling it beastly? This is because raptor comes equipped with six drive modes so that you can now travel in any condition or terrain without any problem.
The first thing you notice is the size. It is about six and a half feet tall and about seven feet wide.


Ford Raptor truck has swooned the truck enthusiasts with its off road performance, turbo v6, ten speed gearbox and six driving modes. Ford’s ecoboost technology has ditched the 6.2 liter V-8 for a high output version of 3.5 liter ecoboost V-6. This new ecoboost puts out more than old 411 horsepower.

Raptor is 500 pounds lighter than the original model due to its new aluminum skin. Also dual exhaust system has been introduced under rear bumper along with FOX racing shocks with more suspension travel and all terrain KO2 tires.

It is expected for the ford raptor to cost $48325 for the supercab and $51310 for supercrew version.


The raptor’s design is almost same as that of 2015 ford Raptor. To increase stability, the truck has been further widened to 6 inches.

The rear and front bumpers of ford’s new raptor have been raised and LED bulbs have been introduced in place of halogen bulbs as headlights for better visual experience in darkest desert trails. Ford’s bumpers have been raised to ensure better departure angles.
The new 17 inch wheels are wrapped in latest iconic all terrain tires, the KO2. The tire’s ability to self clean, track loose sand and prevent chunking on rocky surfaces make it different and stronger.

The New F-150’s tailgate design is quite similar to the previous version except it has dual exhaust system introduced that help to give the truck a more balanced look.
This new Ford Raptor is available in SuperCab and SuperCrew versions. These versions provide different options of legroom, shorter wheel base and inside storage capacity. SuperCrew offers 4 full size doors with optional set of bedlock compatible wheels. These wheels keep the tire’s bead secured to the wheel in rough terrains.


The new ten speeds automatic is only 1 inch longer than the average six speeds. The transfer case is an all wheel drive/four wheel drive hybrid with a clutch based torque on demand.

In the interior the unique leather seats are inserted along with overhead console with six up fitter switches and controls for the moon roof.

A suede and leather wrapped steering wheel with large f1 paddle shifters are equipped inside with carbon fiber accents dressing up key areas around the cabin.

The large display provides various functionalities like providing off road information. The supercrew has limo like legroom. Its storage is quite good as the rear bench seats fold neatly along the back bulkhead, giving clear access to flat load floor.

Its six driving modes are- Normal, Sport, Mud/Sand, Weather, Rock crawl and Baja.
As for technology, the new raptor is equipped with Ford’s updated Sync 3 Infotainment system, LED screens and 360 degrees cameras including the one that shows what is in front of the wheels. Look for ford’s overhead auxiliary switches and Sony stereo set up as add ons.

Drive train

The raptor has been updated with 3.5 L Ecoboost V6 engine with output of about 450 horse power. Mated to the Ecoboost is the new 10 speed automatic transmission gearbox with F1 style paddle shifters. This new transmission is helpful in proving perfect gearing in low and high speed off roading.

There is another feature called Torque on Demand. Its function is to manage the power distribution between front and rear axles with an all wheel drive like system.
And you are already familiar with the six modes of terrain management system mentioned above.

There is also an optional feature called torsen front differential that provides better grip for the front tires.


The suspension system of the new Ford Raptor has been updated. The truck comes equipped with FOX racing front and rear shock absorbers upgraded from 2.5 inch canisters to 3 inch. This improvement will provide high performance and great durability. It also comes with nine stage bypass damping and hydraulic bump stops that minimize bottoming out of suspension.

Bottom line

This beast has raised the bar for off road performance. For high speed desert runs and high flying jumps, its updated suspensions and tires are the best. Also the modern features of this truck as Terrain management, lighter V-6 twin turbo, 10- speed transmission have entered modern world of trucks and giving immense competition to the rival trucks manufacturers like Toyota.

So if you are planning on picking up the new Raptor, it won’t be a bad idea.
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