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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nothing Blows a budget faster than the Car Repair. Take a look at some of the expensive repairs suggested by PartsAvatar.

Read about some of the most expensive auto parts and their repairs and best ways to avoid them - Car Parts.

 It is very important to keep your vehicle maintained and serviced to avoid expensive car repairs. Cars are not immune to expensive repairs and services but our bad driving, improper maintenance, bad design or sometimes bad luck cost us expensive charges.
Any expensive repair can set people back financially. Most of the damage and wear is caused due to lack of proper maintenance. The major problem arises when the product is not under warranty. Partsavatar strongly advises to regularly check and maintain your car and avoid missing service schedules of the car.

In this article, let us take a look at some of the expensive repairs and ways to avoid them.

Turbo Chargers
Car Turbo chargers are one of the most expensive parts of the auto vehicle.Also known as “Turbo”, it increases the efficiency and power output of internal combustion engine by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber.As it spins at very high rpm, it is very important to allow the turbo to cool by letting the engine idle for few minutes. Doing this would prevent the oil from burning and damaging the turbo. Sometimes, the geometry of turbo becomes stiff due to creation of soot, which causes the vehicle to lose power as the turbo is no longer able to adjust the pressure.

Also a high screaming noise can be heard if the turbo shaft is imbalanced. This could just ruin the turbo as due to scraping, the metal shards start to enter the engine.For aftermarket new car Turbo chargersor remanufactured auto turbocharger you can visit online stores like Partsavatar.

Turbo repair can cost upto $1800. So avoid it, dirty oil should be flushed out and good quality oil should be used for lubrication of engine and turbo.

You can avoid the premature wearing of turbo shafts by letting engine and turbo to work at their pace instead of forcing them to warm up. It is wise to let it cool down or let the engine idle for few minutes.

Transmission and Drive train Parts

Any problem with transmission or auto drivetrain will not only stop your car but sometimes may also cost your life. It basically transmits power from the engine to the wheels. If the transmission parts wear out, the vehicle will have difficulty in turning. If the gears are changed roughly, it can increase the degree of wear.

As a lot of heat and friction is produced by moving parts, the transmission experiences more wear and tear than other auto parts. Lack of proper lubrication and poor maintenance will accelerate the wear.

You can notice the slipping of gears, screeching noises, burning smell and dragging clutch when there is something wrong with the transmission.

It is wise to check and maintain the transmission parts regularly either you have manual or automatic transmission.Provide proper lubrication and check the oil periodically. Resting your hands on lever could damage the other internal drive parts to avoid it. Limit the stress put on clutch and transmission.

Transmission and drivetrain parts could cost you approx. $5000. Partsavatar offers good quality and durable transmission and drivetrain parts of car at affordable cost.

Hybrid Battery
A hybrid battery is like any normal car battery except that it is rechargeable and has enough power to move a heavy vehicle down the road for few miles.
Notably, hybrid batteries are expensive. In a hybrid car depending upon make and model, you may have to spend about $6000 for battery replacement.You are cutting the fuel charges at very high cost. Sometimes along with the battery the computer system also needs to be repaired especially in hybrid cars. This may add more $6000 in your bill.

So, even though you buy an electric car thinking of cutting the fuel expenses, the battery completes those charges in its replacement.You can avoid the battery from dying prematurely by proving it proper maintenance.  Mostly hybrid cars come with the option of gas as well as battery. So you can save battery power by operating the car on gas.

If still, you want to shop for hybrid battery of car, find a suitable brand at Partsavatar.

Engine and cylinder
If the cylinder in the core gets damaged, your car just won’t drive. Engine parts are quite delicate and costly. Improper maintenance will cause the engine to damage and repair costs also vary with make and model of the vehicle’s engine. The repair cost is proportional to the cost of a new car i.e. $10000 approx. you can choose what you have to do.

Blown engine is the worst problem of the engine as it means engine has suffered internal damage. It this case you may need full replacement of engine and its parts.Now you can Shop for best brand car engine and its parts at Partsavatar.

Suspension system is quite overlooked when it comes to maintenance of the car parts. Suspension system is responsible for your smooth drive without bumps and digs of the road. If the parts are ignored, the friction could damage other suspension parts and to repair the suspension system as a whole is quite expensive. It may take up to $ 3500 to replace the full set up.

Routine checkup and maintenance of your car’s suspension system includes:
1. Inspecting shocks for leaks, cracks and other damage.
2. Look for vehicle bounce and sway when cornering.
3. Worn shock and struts could cause uneven tire wear, so check for it.

Get your suspension parts repaired and always take second opinion before changing all suspension parts at once because it would cost you more.Car's Suspension system parts can be purchased at aftermarket prices at online auto parts stores like partsavatar.

Head Gasket
Head gasket is a vital component as it prevents the coolant or oil from leaking into the engine cylinders. It creates perfect seal between engine block and cylinder head of car's engine itself.

Lack of coolant due to leakage can cause the engine to overheat hence further damaging engine parts and head gasket. The gasket itself is cheap enough but the labor is hard work. So, the work done to replace the gasket is quite costly. Repair can cost up to $2000.

It is advised to check the proper level of the coolant to avoid overheating issues. Overheating ruins the car parts badly. So keep the engine from overheating and extend it life.
Get reliable brand auto head gaskets of your specifications at Partsavatar.

Keep good care of your vehicle. Owner’s manual is the best way of taking help for repairs. The longer you wait for the maintenance the greater the damage is.Change the fluids, filters spark plugs timely and check for the appropriate fluid level. Do not ignore unusual noises as they might be indicating that something is not well. If you still fail to identify the problem, visit your mechanic. It is wise to prevent the damage from beginning than paying heavy sum for repairs.

You can Shop for aftermarket replacement auto parts at budgetary prices available at Parts Avatar Canada. 


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