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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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Now you can save your money from getting wasted on repairs of clutches.

Mostly it is recommended to buy a clutch kit rather buying separate clutch parts for replacement. Repairing a clutch or a component of clutch system is quite expensive job itself. If the new clutch kit is fitted correctly, all the parts in the clutch kit age and wear at the same time. An unexpected clutch failure may be observed if we replace only one part of car's clutch.

A clutch kit is group of manual transmission parts that are either purchased as a unit or assembled piecemeal. While shopping for a clutch kit, basic consideration should be given to stronger spring action, maximum performance and superior friction material and exact engagement of the transmission system.

The transmission of an automobile is a complex mechanical system. Due to heat and friction, its components experience wear and tear by time. Sometimes, the clutch disc fails to disengage the flywheel when the clutch pedal is pressed. This will make it difficult for you to change the gears. You may also hear grinding noises when you change gears.

For these problems to occur you may have to change the clutch sets or components. Parts avatar provides variety of auto clutch kits and auto clutch sets at affordable prices.


A manual transmission clutch is made of three main parts positioned between flywheel and transmission input shaft. It comprises of clutch disc, pressure plate and throw out bearing which work together with flywheel to help a vehicle move forward and backward accordingly.

Strange grinding noises that come whenever you push the clutch pedal are generally due to a failed transmission system. Ignoring this is going to be a problem for you in future, so better tend to your clutches now. You can replace the whole clutch kit or can go for separate clutch replacement option.

Constant friction and heat will make the clutch succumb to wear and tear. Flywheel is also affected by overheating. Failing throw out bearings may cause misalignment issues and also can damage other clutch components with them.

You won’t be able to have smooth driving experience with damaged clutches. So for a smooth transmission operation, make sure to get a reliable clutch kit.


Clutch kit comprises of the following components:

1. Clutch disc
2. Pressure plate
3. Clutch release bearing

Clutch disc or clutch plate is a spring loaded device that engages or disengages the clutch from flywheel. When the clutch is engaged, pressure plate jams the disc against the flywheel. The cushioning springs allow smooth engagement. When the pedal is released, the disc will engage the contact with the flywheel and transmit torque from the engine to the drivetrain.


The pressure plate presses the clutch disc against the spinning flywheel. It is bolted onto the engine flywheel and by pressing the disc against the flywheel it transfers the power from engine to the transmission. It has to be able to do so as the connection from engine to driveline has to be interrupted while the gear change takes place.


The throw out bearing or clutch release bearing is the heart of clutch operations. When the clutch pedal is depressed, throw out bearing moves toward the flywheel, pushing in pressure plate’s release fingers and moving them against pressure plate spring force. It pushes the pressure plate to disengage the clutch.

The clutch kit mainly comprising of clutch disc, pressure plate and clutch release bearing is under budgetary prices than buying separate component of clutch system. Some manufacturer’s recommended clutch kits contain a clutch pressure plate, clutch friction plate and throw out bearing, pilot bushing and clutch alignment device. All these components work together to ensure that do not experience issues regarding engagement or disengagement of clutch.

So you can shop for high quality transmission kit or clutch kit at Parts Avatar.


car's Flywheel is one of those parts that need replacement along with the clutch kit. The clutch disc is mounted over the flywheel through pressure plate. So while changing or removing the clutch disc, you can also inspect the flywheel for cracks and small degree of run out that causes the flatness of the flywheel. If the cracks are deep, the flywheel should be replaced immediately to avoid any damage to the transmission. You can also find wobbles in the flywheel by using dial indicator at different points on the flywheel.
You can easily change the flywheel if traces of cracks and missing teeth in the gear are found. Along with this, car's clutch slave and master cylinders can also be replaced.

You can also check the flywheel for the traces of clutch disc material on flywheel surface. Flywheels can become hot spotted overtime with hardened patches on its surface. This could increase the aging factor and also would leave its impact on the newly installed clutch. A worn out clutch disc may also be indicating towards a damaged flywheel.
It is wise to replace and check flywheel that shows any sign of damage along with clutch kit replacement.

So for a better driving experience and smooth handling, it is economical to replace clutch kit rather separate clutch parts. Flywheel can be replaced or resurfaced based on its degree of damage.

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