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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Save your engine from Harsh Canadian Winter by installing a good quality Engine block Heaters available @ Parts Avatar Canada. has excellent quality Engine block heaters to keep your engine warm in freezing weather.

Your energy to beat the harsh cold weather outside goes down immediately when you are welcomed by a frozen car. Moreover, when the engine refuses to start, it’s just a head banging situation.

Engine block heaters may be unheard in sunny climate but they are still the heroes in harsh winter regions. You literally freeze in Canadian winter and you can just think if human body succumbs to frost bite then what would happen to an automobile.

Luckily, Engine block heaters are still there, though as an option for some, but they are the best to tackle the winter.Parts avatar strongly recommends using engine block heaters in low temperature areas like that of Canada’s, to have more comfortable driving experience in freezing weather conditions. So let us read about the importance of this Heater.

What are Engine Block Heaters?
Block heaters are basically engine heating devices whose main purpose is to warm up the engine or the related fluids before starting it. Engine block heaters may vary with model and design of the car, so it is advised to always take advice of a professional before buying a block heater or you can also opt for manufacturer’s recommendation.
It is typically installed under the hood and has a connection for an extension cord that threads through the grill.

It can be used to accomplish a number of tasks depending upon how the cold the weather is. By preheating the engine fluids like engine oil, internal engine parts and car's antifreeze it reduces the danger of wear and tear and emissions. In the areas where temperature is below the freezing point, it can keep the auto engine coolant liquid overnight and can prevent any further damage to the engine components.
It also provides warmer cabin due to heated engine fluids. Engine block heaters are must for diesel engine vehicles.

Considerations before buying a Block heater
You often have the choice to buy the engine block heater along with a new car. The most easy choice making factor is the temperature where you live in. if you live in an area where temperature drops below -20 ° C, then engine block heater may be a need for your car depending upon the type of fuel you use.

Gasoline Vs Diesel

Engine block heater’s usage varies based on the type of fuel your auto vehicle uses. Mostly, Gas Powered engines work fine without engine block heaters.
If you are driving a diesel powered car, then you may have to consider the engine block heater because diesel fuel gels around 32 ° F. when the temperature drops further, diesel starts to solidify which will eventually clog the fuel lines and prevent the fuel from moving through the engine. That is why it is considered must to install an engine block heater in the diesel powered cars.

You can still use engine block heater for gasoline ones, because a warm engine can produce better fuel economy in cold regions.

You may need a suitable electrical outlet to charge the heater. It is advised to make sure the cord is rated for outdoor use if you are using it in driveways, parks or garage areas and it should be long enough to reach the heater.
You can also purchase the extension cords from some auto stores to prevent any hazard.

If you are not in the market for a new car, there are plenty of aftermarket auto stores like Parts Avatar that offer car's engine block heaters. You can choose the block heater depending upon the make and design of your vehicle or even can take help of a mechanic to do so.

In some regions where it isn’t cold enough to crack your car’s engine block, you can save money on electricity by purchasing a timer. You can avoid wasting electricity by setting the timer which could power up your block heater in a few hours. It also gives the benefit of easy start and less wear on the engine.

Symptoms that may cause the Engine Block Heater to Fail
Having an engine block heater in the car can save a driver from many upcoming car problems caused due to cold weather. The heating element that connects your car’s cord to the outlet is cylinder block. But there may be certain negligence on the side of driver that could cause the engine block heater to fail prematurely. Let us read about some of them.

Building up of substances like calcium and lime on heater
It is very important to use right mixture of water and antifreeze and avoid using non distilled water. The non distilled water can cause the building up of some substances like calcium and lime on the heater which can cause the burn out and ultimately will damage it.So it advised to follow owner’s manual before making any mixture.

If you leave the power cord plugged in even after starting driving off, you might be inviting upcoming repair expenses of engine parts and power cord. This is because if this happens, the power cord and some components of car and engine can get severely damaged. It might harm the people sitting inside if the exposed conductors come in contact with them, since the electricity is still flowing through them.

Exposure to foreign elements
The end plug of the cord is usually installed with a cover through the car’s front grill. If the cover goes missing, particles like dust, dirt and water can accumulate on the metallic surface of the cord and may cause poor electric conductivity. It is strongly advised to avoid using engine block heater in the warm weather as it could over heat and damage the device by doing so.

Improper Installation
Installing a power cord too close to the hot surface could damage its heating element. Failing to secure the cord could also cause the damage to other parts of the car. Thus it is very important to properly and securely install the engine block heaters. You can replace auto engine heater replacement cords at aftermarket auto stores also.

So if you are a beginner then it is advised to follow the instructions of owner’s manual or to take help of a professional for the sake of your safety.

So the bottom-line is, do not take chances with your engine in cold regions. If the engine is not warm enough, your car just won’t start. It is beneficial to install engine block heater either for diesel or for gasoline powered engine. But, at the same time, the cautions must be kept into mind for its better performance and your safety.

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