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Monday, May 8, 2017

Are you experiencing problems while shifting gears. Check out the importance and need of Transmission flush @Partsavatar

What is a Transmission Flush? Do you really need a Transmission Flush for your Car? Check out the signs and symptoms. – Parts Canada.

Transmission flush gets rid of all the fluid in the pan, cooler lines and torque converter. All of the old fluid is flushed out and brand new fluid is added. It is advised generally to get your car or truck’s transmission flush every 30000 miles, but there are times when you may need to perform transmission flush on your vehicle even sooner. In this article we will read about certain signs that show that your car may need a transmission flush in detail.

But before moving further, let us know more about transmission flush and its importance.

Transmission Flush
Transmission flush is a maintenance process in which the old oil is flushed and new oil is added along with the elimination of debris present in the old oil using special equipment. It is a safe service for your car and it is recommended to perform the flush every 3 years for better driving experience.

Some manufacturers do not recommend getting a transmission flush as they think that getting a transmission flush may increase car’s transmission problems.The reason why transmission fail right after flush is not because of the flush itself, but because the transmission was already on the verge of failure. So, flush is just like a regular service. It is not meant to repair the transmission system of your car.

The cost of transmission flush may depend on various factors like vehicle’s make and model, your locality, additional replacement, equipments used and the shop you visit. But in general, the average cost of transmission flush is approximately $150. As transmission flush is meant to replace the old fluid with the new one, you may need 11-21 liters of fluid to replace.

Sometimes, car's Automatictransmission filter and Automatic transmission pans are replaced along with the transmission flush. It’s a good thing to do and worth your money as it just extends your transmission’s life.

While flushing out the transmission fluid,you are not only removing old oil but also flushing out the dirt and debris from the engine. Thus you are improving the performance and lifespan of engine along with the transmission.

Your car’s owner manual is your best guide. Go through it and you will know when your car needs transmission flush to be performed. You can also consult your car’s dealer or a professional.

Signs that your car needs transmission flush
We have had enough knowledge regarding transmission flush. Following are the signs that your car may need transmission flush.

Transmission Grinding and dark fluid color

If your transmission fluid is contaminated with dirt, grease and sludge, then it is the time to replace the dirty fluid with a new one. When your car is running low on transmission fluid, it may show symptoms like making weird noises and grinding of transmission. In this case, just stop the vehicle and check your transmission fluid level.

Note that the transmission fluid’s color is bright red. If your notice dark sludge fluids in your transmission or even leaking transmission, then do yourself a favor and get the transmission flush done along with replacement of transmission pan and filter.

Bad odors also indicate need for transmission flush. But if you notice burning smell, then it might be too late to get a transmission flush. Take your vehicle to the mechanic as there might be problem with car’s transmission.

Vehicle changing gears too quickly or too late
Dirty transmission fluid also affects the working of gears. You may find it hard to change the gears either in automatic or manual mode if your car has sluggish or dirty transmission fluid. So if you find any problem while changing gears visit your mechanic and get transmission flush done.

Transmission is slipping
A dirty transmission will cause lack of hydraulic power. Transmission does not develop enough pressure required to change the gears if there are contaminants present in the transmission fluid as they may clog their way.

You may need a transmission flush, if you find that your transmission is slipping and is having problems staying in gear. There are various causes behind a slipping transmission. All you have to do is to visit a professional and get a suitable advice. There might be lack of proper fluid, worn out gears or bad torque converter instead of flush. So, get a good advice!

Oxidized fluid
To check oxidation, you can put some drops of fluid on a paper towel. If the fluid does not disperse, then it might be oxidized and your car is in grave need of a new Automatic transmission fluid.

Unexpected surging of vehicle
You may notice unexpected surging and jumping of your car when your car is running on contaminated transmission fluid. Inadequate transmission flow causes the car to surge. For the smooth operation of gears and transmission bell housing, your immediate need is a clean transmission fluid.
So, without any delay, get the flush done.

Consult your manufacturer
It is better to consult your car’s manufacturer before getting transmission flush. This is because many car dealers and manufacturers do not recommend transmission flush to be done. They believe that by getting transmission flush sooner, we are actually damaging car’s transmission. It is better to follow your manufacturer’s advice and if they suggest you to do the flush every 45000 miles then it is best to do so.

You might be actually voiding the warranty by doing a transmission flush. So it is very important to go through your manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly.

Transmission fluid change Vs Transmission Flush
There is always a debate going on between transmission flush and transmission fluid change. Parts avatar simplifies the difference between fluid change and transmission flush.Let’s take a look.

Transmission flush

1.It removes all of the contaminated and old fluid.
2.The pan should be dropped and the filter replaced.
3.Along with addition of new fluid, the contaminants are removed.
4.Recommended every 45000 miles or 3 years.
5.Uses Auto transmission cooler line machine or pump inlet.
6.Improve performance of your car.

Transmission Fluid change

1.It removes half of the old fluid.
2.The pan should be dropped and the filter replaced.
3.Recommended every 30000 miles or 2 years.
4.Uses gravitational forces.
5.Does not flush out the contaminants
6.Improve performance of your car.

Note that while performing either transmission flush or transmission fluid change, manufacturer’s recommended fluid should be used.

So, if you notice these symptoms mentioned above, then consult your mechanic and get the appropriate service done to your car’s transmission system. You can also consult our experts at for any information regarding aftermarket products.


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