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Monday, May 1, 2017

Is your Car Filter old and full of dirt? Buy a new one from Parts Avatar.

Old and dirty Car Air Filter? Learn how to replace it with a new one
What does an air filter do?
You engine would only run in the presence of air. The air would mix up with the gas and then the spark plug would give a spark, providing the internal combustion. Your car engine would only run properly and efficiently if the air inside is clean. But the most common problem is that the air which is outside is full of junk, which won’t burn cleanly and evenly. The air is full of dirt particles, pollen, feathers of birds and many more. One thing is for sure that you won’t like any such stuff in your engine.
That’s where you can trust an air filter.
This auto part is connected to the engine. Most of the car filters are rectangular in shape and are made up of a paper like material. Here, have a look at one:

The major function of a car filter is to prevent dust and other dirt particles from entering your engine and allowing clean and fresh air to pass through it. It is really very simple and effective as well.
Why is there a need to change the air filter regularly?
You must change your air filter regularly because of the following reasons:-
  1. Increased fuel efficiency
When you have covered thousands of miles in your car, then your car filter can get really dirty as well as clogged. If your air filter is dirty, then no air would be allowed to enter through the engine. Don’t forget that your car engine needs air so that it can run efficiently. To run the car engine, more amount of fuel is used as there is reduced amount of air. So make sure to change your air filter on a regular basis and save your money at the petrol pump.

Our car engines are big as well as powerful, but at the same time they are extremely sensitive.  Even a small grain of sand can cause a problem. With the passage of time, the dirt and other particles can cause damage to the internal parts of your engine. It would be better if you will spend $10 today than to spend thousands of dollars in future for a new engine.

  1. Reduced emissions
If there is less air flow, then your car emission control system would exhale a lot of harmful stuff into the atmosphere. Save the environment by replacement car parts.

How often should you change your Air Filter?
It is suggested that you must change your air filter once a year. If you live in a dusty place, then get it replaced more frequently. You must check your air filter whenever you get your oil changed. There is no need to go to a car mechanic for getting an air filter replaced. You can do this very easily on your own and can always refer to a manual.

How to change your air filter?
You are aware that air as well as fuel, both are equally important for your car. The inside part of the engine is protected with your air filter and prevents dust and insects from entering inside. You car should run at its best, so replace your air filter accordingly. Follow the steps mentioned below to change your Air Filter:-

  1. Buy the perfect replacement filter
If you need any sort of assistance to find the correct quality of aftermarket auto parts, then you can visit stores like Napa Canada to find the correct filter that would fit in perfectly in your vehicle’s air box. You must make an effort to get the stock filter that comes with your vehicle so that you can get most of the engine life and at the same time your fuel efficiency would increase.

  1. Don’t forget to secure the vehicle
This thing is really very important and you must make it a point to park your car on ground level and should apply a parking brake. Shift your car into the first gear and then turn off your ignition.

  1. Open your car hood
There is a lever inside the car, so release the bonnet. The exterior bonnet catch would finally release. Carefully lift the bonnet of your car and you can even secure it with a prop rod.

  1. Locate your air box
The air box is located near the engine. The cars which are of very old model have air filters under bulky and round cover which is made up of plastic. On the other side, the cars which are latest have a square or rectangular air filter which is found in between the front grille and the engine.

  1. Remove the cover of the Air Filter
The air conduct is sealed with a hose clamp, which should be loosened. Hold the air filter cover and carefully undo all the screws. Some of the car models have nuts and on the other hand some can be released very quickly. Place all the screws and other important parts together safely so that you can find them later easily. Then pull the cover out of the air conduct and if you find any problem, then you can always conduct a mechanic in need.

  1. Take out the air filter
Now once the cover is lifted, then you can see the round and rectangular filter which is made up of cotton or paper. Just lift the filter out of the housing.

  1. Clean the air filter housing
The air hose is then connected to the compressor and is then used to blow out the dust. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt.

  1. Replace the filter
Now you can replace the old and dirty filter with a clean new one. Insert it into the housing with the rubber rim facing up and make sure that all the edges are sealed by the rubber rim.

  1. Replace the cover
Insert the cover back carefully into the original place and then press the entire piece down onto the lower half. It is very important to secure it properly or else it would lower down the engine’s performance. Tighten all the nuts and screws and check that everything is back at its original place or not. Shut the bonnet carefully.

  1. Check the filter
The last thing here is that you must check the filter regularly to keep your car breathing and this would help to increase the efficiency of your car.

If you are willing to replace your old air filter with a new one and want to buy various other aftermarket car parts, then you can always visit to We offer the best quality of products of affordable prices.



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