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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Partsavatar wishes Happy Mother's day to all the Great Mothers !! Know the different ways of People to express their love for their moms across the Globe !!

Mothers Day is celebrated around the world, though on different dates. Know how people express their love for their mother!!~ Brought to you by Parts avatar Canada

Mother’s day celebrates the achievements and efforts of mothers and mother figure. It is an annual event celebrated across the globe but it is held at different dates in the calendar depending on the country.

Many of us remember our mothers or mother figures on this auspicious day. Mother figure can be anyone who showers her selfless love upon you like relatives, mother-in-law, god mother, foster parent, a friend or even your step mother. It is interesting to note that we celebrate mother’s day on different days on this planet. Even if you live in Canada and your mom is in India, you have a good chance to wish her twice!

Many countries like Australia, Canada and US celebrate mother’s day on second Sunday of May usually as Sundays are generally non working in these countries. In Countries like Thailand, CostaRica, Samoa and Georgia Mother’s day is treated as public holiday. But whatever may be the date of Mother’s day is celebrated with the same spirit everywhere. So, let us see how people around the globe show their love to their mother or mother figures!

Mother’s day in Canada is as popular as Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  Like U.S.A. mother’s day is celebrated in Canada in the second Sunday of May every year.  Canadians mostly love to express their love and feelings through Cards and flowers. People pay tribute to their mothers on this day and thank them for staying by their side throughout their life.

It has been noted that sales of Cards break all records on Mother’s day. Many folks take their mothers to fancy restaurants for dinner and some may cook special dishes for their mothers at home themselves. Caring children make it a point to greet Mother’s day to their own moms, granny and mother figures. They bake cakes to show their love!


Mother’s day is treated as national holiday in US. People show their love and respect to their respective mothers and mother figures by hoisting National flag on every house and important buildings as a tribute to motherhood.
Former President of US Woodrow Wilson declared Mother’s day as national holiday due to the dedication and hard work of Ms Anna Jarvis. Anna Jarvis is also known as mother of Mother’s day.

Mother’s day is commercialized in US to the great extent. Phone lines record a heavy traffic and Card sales reach their peaks on this day. Like Canada, Mother’s day is also considered big day like Christmas.  Restaurants are way too busy on this day as children won’t let their moms cook for them.

There is also a tradition of gifting flowers especially carnations which are considered as flowers only for Mother’s day occasion. People gift red or pink carnations for their mothers and offer white carnations to their deceased mothers.

Mother’s day falls on same day as in Canada. There is also a tradition of wearing carnation on Mother’s day in Australia. Children pamper their mothers by treating them with breakfasts on bed and with gifts.
Card manufacturers and Florist see a high business on Mother’s day.

Mother’s day in United Kingdom is celebrated with great excitement and verve but it doesn’t fall on the same dates as US and Canada. It is believed that England was the first country of the world to dedicate a day for mothers in early 1600s.  Children gift flowers and thank them for their constant support. Like other countries, mother’s day is quite beneficial for florists.

It is a tradition in UK of making a rich almond cake for mothers called “Mothering cake” on mother’s day. People gift Roses to their mothers often.

Mother’s day celebration in Mexico takes place on May 10 as it is the special day for Mexicans. Churches in Mexico organize special mass on this day. The highpoint of the event is the orchestra which plays "las mañanitas" and distribution of 'tamales' and 'atole', the traditional early-morning meal to all local mothers. School children prepare skits for their mothers.

The phrase “Ha Ha No hi” means Happy mother’s day in Japanese. Unlike Western countries, Japanese people buy different gifts or kimono for their mothers like Pin Flower Silk kimono or Red flower cotton Kimono, baby and mother kokeshi doll, fragrance cards and many more. During Second World War western festival celebration was completely prohibited among Japanese. It was after the war that the custom was restored.

Japanese people consider carnations as one of the most beautiful mother’s day gift. All the people of Japan shower their love and affection to their mother by gifting them beautiful and lovely carnations. They prepare special dishes like Sushi on this day for their moms.

Mother’s day in Germany is called Muttertag. In 1938, to honor motherhood, German government called forth Mutterehrenkreuz as the cross of honor of German mother. Like Canada, German people wear carnations to show love and respect to their moms. Members of family plan to spend the day together preparing meal for their mother.

South Africa
People take their mothers out for dinner. They gift them carnations as a token of respect and gratitude.

Peru’s citizens are extremely passionate about Mother’s day. It is said that about 92 % of the country is found celebrating mother’s day with zeal. This data is the proof of honor, love and respect the children give to their mothers. Peruvians organize family get together and make sure to give their mother some leisure time.

There are many places in Peru where mothers are allowed to visit for free. Many musical and artistical shows are organized in honor of mothers on this day.

Philippines citizens not only honor their mothers but also revere their grandmothers, aunt, cousins and other female members of the family. Interesting fact is that husbands give gifts to their wives or take them for a trip.

People of Ethiopia celebrate mother’s day by preparing traditional recipe for friends and family called hash. The task of bringing ingredients is divided among children and after they gather the contents, mother prepares the dish and whole family enjoys it together. There is a ritual where mother-daughter rub each other’s face with butter. They sing and dance and whole celebration lasts three days.

There are various ways to show your mother your love and respect. It can be gifts, cards, flowers, dinner, handmade dish, cakes, messages and even phone call. Parts avatar auto parts wish its customers a very happy mother’s day.


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