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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Happy Saint Jean!! Enjoy the Fun of this festival by incorporating traditional and contemporary celebrations to your events!

Don’t have any plans for Saint Jean Baptiste day?? Want to have some Flair and fun this weekend?? Check out the amazing ways by which you can turn your Boring Saint Jean into an Iconic one-Brought to you by PartsAvatar!

Happy Saint Jean!! It won’t be a good idea to ditch all the celebrations of this traditional French festival and to keep glued to your television at home! Step out as a lot of fun is waiting for you this June!

Awesome parties, community picnics, iconic parade and a super giant and no holds barred free music show is going to be there. You are in luck! Everyone is going to be celebrating with you!

PartsAvatar suggests some spectacular ways in which you can make your boring Saint Jean a super exciting one. If Saint Jean is not known to you, then you need a brief introduction.

Origins of Saint Jean Baptiste Day
Saint Jean baptiste day originated from celebrations of summer solstice, an ancient pagan tradition in which fires were lit to celebrate light on the longest day of the year. Held annually on 24 June, the Fête nationale du Québec or Saint Jean Baptiste day has been a statutory holiday in Québec since 1925. It’s also a day of celebration for French- Canadians throughout the country and around the U.S.

The history of Saint Jean Baptiste day goes back hundreds of years. Originally, it was a day to remember St. Jean the Baptist, a Christian saint. St. Jean Baptiste is the one who is credited with the baptism of baby Jesus in the river Jordan. But that changed in the spring of 1834. A French Canadian businessman named Ludger Duvernay attended a St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Montreal.

He thought that French Canadians should organize a similar day to honour their own heritage. So, he formed St. Baptist society and the holiday was first observed on June 24 of that year.

Saint Jean Baptiste Day was celebrated on and off for years until it finally became an official holiday in Québec in 1925. French Canadians living outside Québec also celebrate the holiday leading many non French Canadians living in Québec to consider it an ethnic holiday instead of provincial holiday.

Here’s How to make most of the holiday!

Embrace the holiday’s hereditary roots
The most important thing to celebrate a festival with great zeal to is to know its reason. Without a reason, you won’t be able to enjoy its real fun! Do remember the reason for Saint Jean Baptiste day before starting celebrations. This French Canadian holiday has evolved to become a time to commemorate different cultures, nationalities and ethnic groups represented across the provinces.

The flag of the Québec and the white fleur de lis that is found on the flag are both symbols of the holiday. So, many people wear blue and white clothing when attending celebrations.

Don’t forget to light the candles at your party!
Fire is an eternal symbol of this holiday as St. Jean pays homage to the light. Light up your St. Jean baptiste party with lots of strand lights and candles. With this, pay homage to Saint Jean Baptiste and also give a glowing environment to your bash. If you have small children and pets in your house then it is better to use flameless candles for their safety.

It is the perfect time for a roaring bonfire to honour this event.

Find your very own little Saint Jean
Saint Jean is the symbol of this special time of the year and should be honored at your festivity. Parades are very popular to pay tribute to this important day. If you are in Quebec, then don’t give it a miss as its worth watching!

French Canadians parades often feature individuals impersonating this saint which might be an option for your own party. It used to be a tradition in Montreal and Quebec for a little boy to imitate Saint Jean in the parade but it faded in 1960s.
In the parade, you can notice a sheep following Saint Jean and it is also seen as a traditional symbol of this festival.

Light the Bonfire!

Many people start their celebrations with this traditional custom of lighting a bonfire. Bonfires are communal and help us warm in chilly nights. Community gathers to cook, relax, sing and dance and to celebrate this great festival.

Québécois begin their celebration of the occasion of the night before with bonfires, dancing and the singing of the traditional folk songs.

Multicultural Menu
If you are hosting a party at home, then it’s a perfect time to try a unique recipe with some traditional items. Freshly baked loaves, lamb dish, fresh fruits and veggies from your garden and potluck along with some beer can be served on the holiday table as traditional menu.

This holiday has evolved to become a time to celebrate the multicultural traditions and wide range of ethnicity present in Canada. Don’t be afraid to offer, Mexican and Italian cuisine with Mediterranean touch on your table.

Don’t miss the Parade
Parades mark a major highlight of Saint Jean Baptiste day celebrations. During this time of year, Parades are a big deal in Canada. Attendees are most welcome to walk with the parade.

Along with the parade, immerse yourself in the aboriginal culture of Canada during International Pow Wow in Wendake during this weekend.

Events to Enjoy in Montreal!

  The défilé de la Fête nationale is a long standing annual parade celebrating the history of Quebec culture. Surprise gifts are often handed to the onlookers who get their early. Along with the parade which can be enjoyed by all ages, there are often interactive stations along the roadway as well.

Without Le grand Spectacle there is always going to be unfinished celebration. Get the fun of this vibrant free outdoor concert organized every year in Montreal on 23 or 24 June.

Districts across Montreal celebrate la Saint Jean on June 23 and June 24, 2017 with fireworks, bonfires, face paintings, games for kids, food, live shows and more.
Don’t forget to visit the Gay village. Check out the full schedule of events at

Bottom line
If you are in Canada especially in Quebec or Montreal, you are quite fortunate to witness this special festival. So still thinking of giving it a miss?

If you want to celebrate your day over drinks, then for your information, many people choose this day to imbibe in the expensive array of Canadian beers available! It’s a wonderful time to hang out with your loved ones, feast and celebrate the French culture.

So, from PartsAvatar Auto Parts “Bonne Saint Jean Baptiste!”.


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