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Monday, July 10, 2017

Are you a green car enthusiast?? Partsavatar suggest some tips to buy a green fuel efficient car !

Are you planning to buy a Fuel efficient Green car? Parts Avatar presents helpful Green car buying tips for Environment loving Drivers ~ Care for your Car at Partsavatar auto parts.

With more eco friendly vehicles sprouting up on the auto market, green cars are becoming more popular with consumers. Fuel efficiency is the key ingredient to determine a car’s green factor.

Eco friendly cars run on electricity or combination of electricity and hydrogen based fuel. The major benefit is that the contribution of car’s CO2 emission in the atmosphere becomes lesser. This requires less maintenance as compared to the gas powered vehicles. Eco friendly vehicles are considered as fuel efficient and are designed to emit less CO2 and other green house gases in the atmosphere.

As the fuel prices are rising, the green car will definitely help you save a lot of money that you spend to full the fuel tank.
Green cars include New Hybrid cars, Plug in hybrid and electric vehicles. So what green is best for you? Which green car should you consider? Which green car will provide you better fuel efficiency? Don’t worry Parts avatar answers your queries and provide a helpful green car buying tip. So, let’s take a look at how to buy different green cars and what to consider while buying them.

Gas-Electric Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are considered as future of auto market. These cars feel and drive just like any other conventional car. Hybrid cars are becoming popular because they return better fuel economy than other counterparts for example Toyota Prius. Hybrid cars come equipped with car's hybrid battery and electric motor.

The gas electric hybrid car uses gasoline motor in tandem with an electric motor that’s hooked to a battery pack. This mechanism results in excellent fuel economy as the electric motor takes a lot of stress out of gasoline motor.

The CO2 releases by the car’s exhaust are the main causes of Global warming. A typical average Hybrid car will release 70g/km of CO2 as compared to 140g/km of a non hybrid vehicle. As we see their contribution of carbon compounds is half the other vehicles, they are certainly better than the non hybrid ones and best to save our planet I guess.

Many Auto giants like McLaren and Porsche have started to equip their high performance vehicles with the clever hybrid technology to produce more power and better fuel efficiency. Future sports car will be using Hybrid technologies if its popularity goes on increasing like this.

There are two types of gas electric hybrid cars – Conventional hybrid and plug in hybrid.

Conventional hybrid vehicles use electric motor to operate so they can’t really operate on electric power alone. Some examples of conventional hybrid vehicles are Toyota Prius, Ford Fusion Hybrid and Honda Accord hybrid.

Plug in hybrids can drive solely on electric power produced by the battery, and after it runs out of power the gasoline engine takes the charge to move the vehicle. Isn’t it brilliant that both electric and gas motors are working together to produce supreme fuel economy. Some of the popular plugged in cars in auto market are Chevrolet Volt and Toyota Prius Prime.

Things to consider while shopping for a gas electric hybrid car:

1. Take a close look at used hybrid cars as it can help close the price gap between hybrids and non hybrid cars. As said, many new models are widening the gap of fuel economy between hybrids and non hybrids. With the upcoming improved designs of the hybrid cars, the mileage is expected to increase also.

2. Hybrid auto parts have long warranties that should transfer to used hybrid cars so don’t worry about their reliability problems. Older Honda civic hybrids have a reputation of burning out battery packs at $2000 to $4000.It would be wise to buy a used hybrid with longer remaining warranty on its auto part.

3. There had been complaints for Toyota prius’s original model about its engine noise and grabby brakes. But new models are much better and have lesser issues. Drive as many hybrids as you can, feel what is lacking and which model is better according to your needs.

4. As hybrids cars have so many benefits but they are costly in some regions. So, it better to research thoroughly about hybrid model you choose to buy for a fruitful investment.

Electric Car

Electric cars have a lot to offer though not much electric cars can be seen on the road. They are not that bad. Electric cars need less maintenance because they have fewer moving parts in the car. Also they provide quiet, smooth driving experience and moreover the fuel money can be saved.

A wave of affordable, reliable and attractive gas free electric vehicles is now hitting the auto market. Many automakers like Tesla and Chevrolet are producing marvelous electric cars for auto enthusiasts. Recently, Quebec has been named as electric car capital of Canada.

Electric car Chevrolet Bolt has been recently named as 2017 Car of the year by Motor trend magazine due to its pace setting 238 miles of range, supercharging abilities and quite riding experience. Tesla S has been ruling the trophy for best selling plug in car of year 2017 for the second time in a row.

There is a reason why the sales of EVs are still decreasing. There limited driving range is an issue for those who have to take long trips and it takes up to six hours on an average to charge the depleted battery on a 240 volt outlet either at station or at your home. But some new technologies are claiming that the charging time has been reduced to 30 minutes with supercharging technology in EVs.

Though some of the best electric cars like Chevy Bolt and Tesla S provide better performance on the road but they may empty your pocket. For instance Tesla S base model can cost you $80000. Isn’t it better to buy a BMW with that much amount!
Electric cars are best if you got short distances to cover. It would be better if you have other conventional car for long routes as we do not recommend electric cars for long routes. Also, as we have read above about EVs being expensive, so its better to prepare your budget and calculate and study the pros and cons according to your needs.

Diesel Powered Cars
If hybrid and electric vehicle seems out of your league then no need to worry as we still have our ally- Diesel cars. Diesel cars provide a great mix of performance and fuel economy particularly with SUVs though they have earned a bad name recently due to Volkswagen’s Diesel Gate scandal.

Diesel powered cars have many advantages over their gas powered counterparts. Diesel powered cars and trucks are more fuel efficient than gas powered and their engines are believed to last longer than the gas ones. As compared to hybrids, diesel gives worst fuel economy in city.

Diesel engines provide good fuel economy with open road driving- if you do a lot of freeway and highway driving, diesel engines are generally 20 to 35 % more economical than other cars.

Much of the reason for diesel car’s high fuel economy has to do with the diesel combustion process involving its engine auto parts. With respect to global warming emissions diesel fuels produce 20 percent more emissions when burnt than their gas counterpart. Hybrid vehicles tend to be certified to a lower level of smog forming pollution than diesel engines.

Diesel engines surely are the beasts ruling the roads with their high torque performance and speed. If you considering vehicles like SUV or pickup trucks then don’t waste your time on hybrids just go for diesel ones. If you wish to upgrade your diesel car’s auto parts, visit parts avatar and shop for auto parts of Ford, Toyota auto parts and many other popular auto brands at cheap prices.

Hybrids are still undisputed kings when it comes to combustion engine vehicles. All the efficiency gains go directly to reducing the amount of money you spend at the pump, the amount of oil consumed to fuel your vehicle and amount of global warming pollution generated by your car during your travels.

No doubt diesels provide excellent driving experience but they are like any other car on the road. So diesels are emerging as dark horses of “go green” campaign.
So think smart. Go green and support green cars! Help reduce global warming emissions and pollutants by choosing hybrid plug- in, electric cars or even diesel cars that emit fewer pollutants in the atmosphere and at the same time provide better fuel economy.

Parts avatar always supports the fact of using green cars and saving the planet from global warming. If you want to shop for best aftermarket auto products with free shipping then do visit car parts.


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