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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Take a look at most common Mistakes made by drivers while driving their automobile outlined by Partsavatar Car parts !!

Here’s a list of common mistakes we human beings make while driving- Parts avatar Auto parts.

As much as we love driving, we are still not perfect. Human errors have caused majority of accidents on roads and highways. According to a survey, nearly 98 percent of accidents on road or highways are mainly due to human error or sheer ignorance.

No wonder due to this problem, auto makers are planning to introduce self driving cars in the future with no stance of human error. Parts avatar’s main purpose is to make you aware of your bad driving habits (if any) and ensure your safety on the road. Take a look at following common mistakes the drivers are often found guilty of.

Riding the Brakes
Slamming the brakes gravely effects the lifespan of brakes and fuel economy too. A lot of folks have this habit of keeping their foot and right foot on the brake and gas pedal respectively at the same time, usually on lights. Mind you, this way you are paving the way for a premature brake wear.

It will impact not only your car’s brakes but also your safety might become risky. More serious accidents may occur as the motorists behind you will struggle to react to the jerking of your car. Take a wise decision and use your right foot to both brake and accelerate your car. If still you have got a car with damaged brake system parts, then you are lucky. You can Shop for aftermarket car brake parts at Partsavatar car parts.

Wrong Positioning of Mirrors

Car Mirrors, seats, seat belts and steering wheel’s adjustment is very important for your driving safety. If your driving position and mirrors are properly adjusted according to your comfort, then you can easily tackle any emergency situation on the road.

Drivers take mirrors for granted and mostly see this object as a piece of decoration. But these decoration pieces have more important job of providing you a clear view of your side and at your car’s back.

Poor positioning of side mirrors often leads to road accidents as people switch lanes without noticing another car coming right behind them. Do yourself a favor and adjust your car’s mirrors especially the side mirror in such a way that you completely eliminate blind spots and don’t see your own car in the mirror. If your car’s side view mirror or any other car’s mirror needs replacement, Parts avatar is here at your service.

Driving with Under-inflated tires
As always tires have been most overlooked auto part of car. At the same time it is very expensive to replace the set of tires with new if the old one gets damaged. But on road, one thing must be checked regularly i.e. inflation of tires. For a smooth ride, tires should be properly inflated.

Install car's TPMS sensors to track the inflation status of your car’s tires. But you should not wait for the light to turn on to inflate your tire. Checking car’s tire pressure regularly not only ensures your safety on the road but also improves gas mileage.

Not using Turn Signals
Turn signal is an important safety feature not only for us but also for the other fellow drivers on the road. It informs the other motorists on the road about our intentions to either turn or to go straight.

Accidents often happen when we don’t use a turn signal to indicate that we turning to the corner or changing lanes as it forces the other driver riding behind us to take immediate decision according to our actions. Or the worst is, sometimes we forget to turn off the turn signal and changing your mind in the middle of a maneuver can be very dangerous.

Drivers should follow proper driving etiquette on the road by turning on the turn signal light wherever necessary. Don’t forget to turn them off as the blinking light is quite annoying for other motorists.

Ignorance about Car lights
It is no wonder that most of the drivers are ignorant of exact use of car lights. They often get themselves a warning ticket issued due to such a mistake. One of the bad habits is to leave car’s high beams headlights on even if you see a car in front of you. Car’s High beam headlights are quite sharp and dangerous and can blind drivers on the road and can distract the drivers ahead of you and ultimately can cause severe road accident. So, people should be aware of when to use the car’s high beams and when to turn them off for everyone’s concern.

Car’s daylights are dimmer than other lights on most cars. Some drivers mistakenly leave them running at night. It is to be noted that whenever the daylights are turned on the car’s taillights are turned off at the same time. So at night, your car won’t be visible to other drivers on the road if the taillight is not running. So for your and other motorist’s sake, turn the car’s night lights at dusk.

Not using parallel parking Skills

For many folks, who don’t practice parallel parking regularly and even some who do, the act of doing so is extremely stressful. It can be confusing and often leads to curb scraping if you are a newbie to this skill.
So, practicing parallel parking will go a longer way towards hassle free experience and less damage to car will happen due to scrapping. So, practice it for your own good.

Crossing Lanes while turning
Most of the motorists cross multiple lanes while turning a corner which is quite dangerous. Execute a turn in your own lane and then use the turn signal to indicate that you are changing the lanes after taking turn.

Recklessly crossing lanes can lead to severe road accidents and head on collisions with upcoming cars. Follow a proper driving decorum for everyone’s safety on the road. Believe me this malpractice of crossing lanes is definitely going to cost you with big auto repair bills or even worst with your life. Rest is your choice!

Stopping deliberately without warning
Don’t be shy, we all do it sometimes! If we see something of our interest like “Hot Doughnuts”, we deliberately stop and try to take a turn. Mostly you slam on your brakes and come to an abrupt stop without warning the car tailing behind you.
Your car is likely going to collide with the other car coming from behind as it suddenly got red signal from your car’s taillight.

Drivers should be conscious of the cars coming behind and them they should stop slowly by giving other motorists a chance to adjust accordingly.
Please note that sometimes some auto scammers deliberately stop their car to claim fake auto insurance from you. So beware of such scammers!

If you pay attention to these mistakes and work on them, you won’t get warning tickets or large repair bills issued by your mechanic for any harm done by you. You can also Shop for good quality and affordable aftermarket performance parts at Get the benefit of FREE SHIPPING for orders exceeding $99.


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