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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Your favorite Caribbean Carnival is Back Toronto! If you are considering attending Caribana, then check out the tips to enjoy it!!

Are you making a trip to Toronto for this year’s Caribana? For Sure, Toronto Caribbean carnival won’t disappoint you! Join this year to celebrate 50th anniversary of this festival of Caribbean rhythm, culture and vibrant costumes-Powered by PartsAvatar Car Parts.

Cheer up! Your favourite carnival is back! This time celebrations are going to be bigger than ever. The Toronto Caribbean carnival is celebrating 5 weeks of Caribbean music, cuisine and revelry.

Immerse yourself in the spectacular Caribbean music, cuisine and festivities for five weeks. Check out this article which illustrates this festival in detail for your understanding and enjoyment.

A look at the origins of the festival
This festival was introduced to Canada by the immigrants of Caribbean islands mostly from Trinidad and Tobago. This festival of art reflects the diverse traditions of Caribbean, bringing together instrumental music, dance, masquerade and indigenous songs.

In 1967 the Caribbean cultural committee (CCC) created Caribana to show the rich Caribbean culture to Toronto. Participation of groups from central and South America, Bahamas, Haiti and elsewhere in Canada has added a dimension of multiculturalism to the festival which is uniquely Canadian.

Most anticipated events of this festival
Caribana usually officially launches in July, with a number of events leading up to big parade weekend. Surely Caribana won’t disappoint you. Take a look at some events that are most anticipated this year though you can check the schedule at the official site of Toronto Caribana.

Annual Gala
One of the most anticipated events of Caribana is annual carnival ball that provides a preview of masquerades and carnival music and performance to the community of supporters including donors and partners with unique menus.

Ocpa Kaiso 365 show
OCPA has been staging competitions that help in giving exposure to more artists thus providing greater variety, excitement and entertainment for the audience. The main purpose of the organizers behind this show is to encourage young singers to create innovative style of calypso and offer innovative ideas on interpreting the art form. Note that artist and information is subject to change. So check the website for more updates.

King & Queen Show
The king and queen show had been a part of Caribana tradition where the leaders of mass bands will perform for the judges and the audiences. The king and queen are selected on the basis of their costumes and performances related to the given theme.

Enjoy nightlife with steel pan orchestras!
On the carnival weekend the steel pan orchestras compete for the title of best steel band. The crowd can enjoy the nightlife of Caribana with traditional dance, steel drumming and performances on Caribana rhythm.

Visit the Carnival village
Carnival village is a community celebration of music, parade and dance to promote multicultural identity of regent park downtown community. It is a family friendly event which showcases workshops, concerts and street theatre reflecting Caribbean culture and traditions.

Bon appétit @ carnival
If you crave for some Caribbean cuisine then don’t worry as Carnival Island is here at your service. You will get to taste Caribbean cuisine with Canadian touch.
Music and food make a better mix of enjoyment. Expect to hear everything from traditional soca dance music to indo-Bhojpuri music. It is quite a family friendly event so don’t miss it!

Check out the Chutney
Chutney is an event that a whole family can enjoy. There will be dance performances and musical shows for entertainment of the crowd. Children tickets are half off regular adults.

The Grand parade
The grand parade is highlight of the Caribana event and is most anticipated by local, national and international audience. The parade is a display of vibrant costumes, sound and color that winds its way past dense crowd for several hours. The grand parade has its tradition from late 1700s when African slaves would wear masks and costumes to masquerade as their owners, mocking and mimicking them on harvesting celebrations.

Guest bands, steel bands and cultural bands also participate in grand parade. 
Participants in the parade are organized into masquerade bands. Each masquerade band is based on a particular theme which can be historical, political of fantasy related. The king and queen lead the bands in most lavish costumes.

The most exciting thing is that these bands compete with each other and the judges declare the results on the basis of themes and costumes worn at the end.
Different musical waves can be felt in the parade showcasing diverse Caribbean culture. The musical forms generally include calypso, Soca, Reggae, tassa drumming, Cadence and Latin salsa.

Kiddie carnival
The beauty of this festival is it is for all age groups. Kids showcase their Caribbean culture in the junior carnival by dancing through the streets in their brightly coloured costumes. Young performers take part in parade which is almost like the grand parade. Different band leaders display their themed costumes.

Prepare yourself for the Fun!
As you have read above, Caribana is more than just a parade. It has several notable events which are family friendly. How to enjoy it till the end? Read ahead!

1. Carnival is full of Caribbean music such as Chutney/Soca/ calypso, so DJ who doesn’t have newest chunes in their line up is not trusted.

2. it’s very important to stay hydrated as there will be quite walking and dancing under the sun. Bring lots of water along as dancing needs a lot of energy.

3. Don’t get sun burnt. Wear hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from heat.

4. Parade is all about walking so wearing comfortable shoes is going to be a good idea for you!

5.  Make sure you are hungry as there will be a lot of Caribbean cuisine. Don’t forget to capture your moments.

6. Parking may be difficult to find and is going to be most likely expensive. It would be wise to plan your route ahead of time.

So there you have it! Prepare yourself to dance on Soca! If you come out of town for Caribana, make sure to put these events on your list. Keep yourself updated by checking official website.

Happy FĂȘting!! 


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