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Friday, August 4, 2017

Parts Avatar would help you to know the importance of a Drilling Machine.!!

Know the Importance of a Drilling Machine!!
You are aware that drilling machines are not rare. In fact, they are commonly used in our daily processes. It’s just that you don’t realize them. Slowly you will realize that how common these materials are used and that will surprise you.
So, what is a drilling machine?
Drilling machine is one of the most important machine tools which are used in a garage or a workshop. Earlier it was designed to make a hole, but it reality it can perform numerous operations. With the presence of drilling machine, holes may be drilled quickly and at extremely low cost. You are able to generate the hole with the help of a cutting tool which is known as a drill which exerts large amount of force. It is known as a ‘drill press’ as the machine exerts vertical pressure to generate a hole.

You are able to produce a hole by drilling with a flat drill, twist drill etc or can also point tools or cutters mounted in a bar. It is drilled, to give it a better finish. There are several factors upon which the choice between the drilling or boring depends. But is chiefly depends upon the size of the hole, the accuracy of the hole and the amount of holes which you want to produce.
Take an example, if you want just one or two holes, then they would be bored with a single point tool. But if you want a number of holes, then all of them would be drilled and reamed.
If you want to understand the relevance of the drilling machine, then it is important to check its history. You will be surprised to know that the drilling machines were developed during the industrial revolution. During that period, most of the companies as well as manufacturing industries focused on developing number of materials for the benefit of the people. Drilling machines are very important in this quest. To explore resources, a lot of industries such as energy, oil and gas use drilling machines. They are also used in various metal cutting industries such as automotive, aircraft and some petro chemical industries. The medical field also benefits from the gun drilling mechanisms.
The size of the drilling machines can be small as well as medium. There are some designs which a person can hold single headedly, while some are operated by two or more people. Some of the drill machines can be mobile as they are used in exploration of minerals and other large scale environmental probe.
While you are using a drill machine, always take full safety precautions. You are aware that safety and security always plays a crucial role. You must wear correct working clothes while using drilling machine. You can also take proper lessons as to how it should be used to reduce the possibility of an accident.
Purpose and Importance of Drilling Machine
You are aware that primarily it is designed to make cylindrical holes, but it can be used to perform various other operations like:
  • Boring
  • Counter boring
  • Tapping
  • Spot facing
  • Reaming
  • Bottoming
  • Lapping
  • Grinding
  • Trepanning
It is inexpensive and one can derive accurate holes and carry out many other operations with a minimum expenditure.
Classification of Drilling Machine
It can be classified on the basis of type and size. The size of a drilling machine is known by different ways:
  1. The portable drilling machines are specified by the maximum size of drill that can be held.
  2. The other type of drilling machines are the sensitive drilling machines which are specified on the basis of largest work piece that can be centralized under the spindle.
  3. The size of the radial drilling machine depends upon the diameter of the column and length of the arm.

Parts of Drilling Machine
The main parts of the drilling machine are mentioned below as follows:-
  1. Base
  2. Rectangular table
  3. Pillar
  4. Drill chuck
  5. Spindle
  6. Feeding lever
  7. Main motor
  8. Lever for setting table
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