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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Parts Avatar would help you to learn how to park a car by Bay Parking !!

How to park a car by Bay Parking
If you are in a supermarket and have to park your car in the parking, then Bay parking is very helpful. Your task of parking would become easier if you would park in a bay. There is no need of reversing out again as it is really very easy.
It would be easier for you to reverse in first and drive out forward later if the road is a little bit narrow.  Here are some points which would help you to know more about bay parking. With the passage of time you will get perfect and then you will park your car perfectly.
How to park a Car- Bay Parking Diagram A
While driving, keep on looking for the free space to park your car. Keep on checking your rear mirror as you may need to signal to the left to make other drivers aware that you intend to stop. Don’t forget this thing that whenever you stop your car, there should be equal distance from the cars which are on your left and the ones on your right. By doing this you will get enough turning angle into the bay and a lot of distance to the right for when your car swings out.
You can stop with the third line lined up with the centre of your passenger front door. To understand it properly, refer to the diagram. This reference point can vary a little bit depending upon your car. You can always find a quiet area to practice and then you can alter the reference points accordingly.
How to park a Car- Bay Parking Diagram B
When you are in a perfect position, put your car in reverse gear. Keep one thing in mind that there can be people walking around on road, so you must take a good look before you move backwards. Just take a look in your right blind spot. The reason behind is that the front of your car is now going to swing out and there can be some other vehicle or a cyclist.
When you see that everything is clear, then you can move backwards. Steer completely to full left lock. By doing this, you will reach into the third bay from the reference line. While you are reversing, keep on checking your left mirror. You will be able to see the left line (Line B) of your bay appearing. If you feel that it is too close to the line, then you can always steer a little bit to the right.
How to park a Car- Bay Parking Diagram C
Now slowly your car would begin to straighten up, and then you will be able to see the right side line (line B) in the right side mirror of your automobile. Reverse your car very slowly and then adjust accordingly.
Now you know that you should keep your car slow and carefully look all around in all the directions constantly because the place where bay parking is situated is full of pedestrians and other vehicles.
How to park a Car- Bay Parking Diagram D
Steer towards the line in which you want to get closer to for the adjustment purpose. The final reference point is that line the start of the right side bay line up with your right mirror while you are reversing your car. This would provide you with the indication of when to stop reversing. You can go back a little more if the bonnet of your car is long. It all depends upon your vehicle which you are using.
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