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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

There are various car lights to deal with, Parts Avatar would help you to know which ones you should use and when..!!

There are a number of car lights to deal with; how do I know which ones I should use and when?
If you want to pass a driving test, then you must be able to identify a car’s lights and how to use them. The main idea behind this is to ensure that the drivers use their car lights properly. But the sad fact is that many drivers forget this thing once they have cleared the test. They will put their own lives in danger and at the same time the other people who are driving on the road.
The car lights have a lot of functions and each light has its own specific function to help the driver to signal the other driver. If the lights are not used properly, then accidents can happen. This is the reason why it is really very important to recognize the different lamps and know when to use them.
The car lights include:
There are two types of headlights: Low beam headlights and high beam headlights. With the help of this light, the driver is able to see the roadway even in the dark and at the same time is able to give signal to the other car drivers that a car is present. It is advised that you should keep your headlight as low beam as it would provide adequate forward and lateral illumination without blinding other road users with excessive glare. There would be no particular control of glare if high beams are used and it should only be used when there are no visible cars in front of you.

Tail lights are used to produce red light at the rear of the vehicle and at the same time they are wired. They are lit whenever the headlights are on. With the help of these lights, the drivers behind you are able to recognize that you are ahead and would get to know that how far you are.
  1. Daytime running lights
These lights are located both at the front and the rear of the car. They are turned on automatically, while there are some cars which have option in which you can turn them off according to your wish. They are basically designed so that you become more visible to other vehicles, but there are some drivers who find it distracting in oncoming cars.
These lights are only used during the fog when the normal headlights are not at all effective. They are mounted low in order to prevent the light from refracting on the fog and glaring back towards the driver.
  1. Signal Lights
These lights are located on both front as well as back of the car beside the head and tail lights. They are also known as turn signals or blinkers. When you will activate this light, the other drivers would come to know that now you are about to turn and will most likely be slowing down to do so.
  1. Brake Lights
They are located on the side of your rear lights and they give a signal to the other drivers that you are slowing down or about to stop. You need not worry about misusing them as they are only activated when you apply the brakes. Make it a point to maintain them properly and do not burn out.

  1. Hazard Lights
These lights are also named as flashers and are situated in the front as well as back of the vehicle. When you will turn them on, it would provide a flashing signal to warn the other drivers that you are facing a problem and are in distress or you are warning of an immediate danger like rocks in the road or something else. It should just be used as a warning and never as a stop signal or illegal parking permit.

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