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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Come and cheer for exceptional athletes at 2017 Gymnastic World Championship and get a chance to discover the amazing city of Montreal!!

Don’t miss the unique chance to see your favourite gymnast in action! Also, you will get a whole week to explore the city. To witness the exceptional show, Book your tickets now!!- Brought to you by PartsAvatar Auto Parts.

The French speaking City of Montreal is proudly hosting the Artistic Gymnastics world championships for the second time in history. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see several Olympic medalists in action. World’s spotlights will be riveted on them.

Also, if you have never been to Montreal, it’s a good chance for you to explore it. Be a part of most anticipated competition of 2017!

The Queen of 1976 Olympics and Montreal!
The event marks its first time since 2003 that the championships have been held in North America. For seven days, more than 500 gymnasts from 80 countries will gather under the watchful eye of Queen of 1976 Montreal Olympics Nadia Comaneci.

The gymnasts will give electrifying performance in front of 660 million viewers.
At 1976 Montréal Olympics, Nadia Comaneci a 14 year old Romanian gymnast captured the hearts of world with her daring and perfection. But why is she called queen? The queen bagged three gold medals, seven perfect tens, one bronze, one silver and numerous fans. A one kind of athlete, Nadia Comaneci managed to push the limits of her discipline.

She was the star and was on covers of TIME, Newsweek and sports illustrated. She has been chosen as official spokeswoman of 47th artistic world gymnastics championships. On being interviewed she told the press that she has memories associated with Montréal and is proud to be spokeswoman for Montréal gymnastic world championship.

The Championship
It is going to be an intense event because more than 660 million spectators would witness mind-blowing performances of over 500 gymnasts in search of 12 world championship titles. The athletes will also be touring the city during their stay. The 250 members of media will help showcase both artistic gymnastics and the host city.

Tourism is also highly promoted through this event. City of Montréal and Tourisme Montreal are one of the sponsors of this event. Book your tickets now!

Montreal is a home to a remarkable line of sports heroes including the queen of 1976 Olympics, Nadia, who will come out to see Canada’s and world’s brightest gymnastics stars shine.
Now check out the Major attractions of Montreal city that you can explore!

Discover Old Montréal Food Tour
Food Tours are a popular way to get to know a city! In only 3 hours, the old Montréal food tour goes all out taking you to a variety of food stops. These range from fish n chips to Quebec’s classic poudding chomeur and even a sneak peek inside Crew collective cafe!

It’s not all about food, the tour stops by many historical landmarks.

Explore Little Italy

Are you Pizza lover? Welcome to little Italy where Pizza is in the air. This colourful neighbourhood is a popular spot for visitors, date goers, and homeowners. Try yummy things at La Cornetteria. If you love to shop for vintage goodies, then visit Cafe Oui Mais Non!

Italy is incomplete without pizza. Don’t forget to visit Pizzeria Napoletana which claims to be the first pizzeria of Montréal.

Chill out at Jardins Gamelin events
From may 19th to October 15th 2017, the little park on saint Catherine street and berry street packs a lot of activities into a small place.

Les Jardins Gamelin will host a rich and varied coaster of cultural and citizen driven activities, every day and night of week. It will be a best destination for al fresco lunches, extended after work drinks and lively weekends. It’s a family friendly event.
So, get ready for dance and musical performances that will electrify your visit.

Learn about animal life at Biodome

It’s a great chance to learn about Canadian ecosystem at Biodome. Over 4500 animals from around 220 different species and 500 plant species - all under one roof at Biodome. There are various eco environments to explore there like tropical rainforest, maple forest, arctic world etc.

Catch the newest exhibit at Montreal’s museum of fine arts
The Montreal museum of Fine arts has the highest attendance rates among Canadian art museums. This prestigious museum has been building its collection of fine arts for more than a century. The museum’s encyclopaedic collection, unique in the country, comprises 41000 works from antiquity to the present day.

Feast your eyes on impressive exhibit of Canadian and international works including pieces by Picasso, Cezanne etc. If you have time out of your schedule, it’s highly recommended.

See Montreal from the Top
Au Sommet offers unobstructed view of Downtown Montreal, the leafy Mont-Royal Mountain, the Olympic stadium, the river St. Lawrence as well as the mountains of the south shore.
It’s worth your time.

Shoppers Alert!
If you are a shopaholic, this is where Fashion’s at. You will be kept busy as there are plenty of boutiques in Montréal. Frank & Oak and Clark mercantile are famous Menswear outlets. Women can hit the boutiques like Vestibule, Annex Vintage and Unicorn! Happy shopping!

Take an evening mild tour and eat a bagel
Montreal’s Mile end is worth your time. You can see people enjoying summer evening munching on fresh Montreal- made bagel. Take a multicultural tour of the city and dig into the best food it has to offer. Saint Viateur’s bagel is dipped in cream cheese, yummy!

Grab some gnocchi served with arguably city’s best tomato sauce, la salsa de la Nonna.

Square Saint Louis!
Near the Sherbrook metro station, square Saint Louis rates as one of the Montréal’s prettiest old squares and is set in a turn of the century French Canadian residential quarter. There are few attractive Victorian houses situated around the little streets of tree shaded square.

Ending note
Be a part of Gymnastics world championship’s rendezvous this October. Come and cheer the athletes who will compete with elegance, strength and agility in hopes of winning one of 12 titles.

Moreover, get your chance to visit this extremely spectacular city of Montreal!


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