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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Toronto, are you ready for Invictus Games ?? Get Inspired with the power of Sports!!

Most of us will never know the horrors of combat! But, how do sick or injured people find motivation to move on? Get inspired at Invictus 2017 as it is more than just a sport event! - Brought to you by PartsAvatar Canada.

The invictus games are an international Paralympics style multi sport event created by Prince Harry in 2014 to demonstrate the power of sports to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and demonstrate life beyond disability.

In this multi sport event, the wounded, injured or sick armed service personnel take part. Invictus is a Latin word which means undefeated. The first invictus multi sport event took place in 2014 in London.

This time, Toronto is getting the honour to host the invictus games. So are you ready? So, let us know more about this event.

Quick facts about Invictus!!
1. Invictus was founded by Prince Harry as a sporting event for injured servicemen and women.

2. The event was inspired by warrior games, a similar event held in the United States.

3. Service men and women, both serving and veteran from 13 nations participated in this multi sport event.

4. More than 600 competitors from nations like UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia take part in Invictus.

5. In 2016 invictus, the British team consisted of 69 % British army, 23 % royal navy and 8% royal air force.

6.  17 countries including Afghanistan, Iraq and Ukraine are invited in 2017 Invictus games.

7. armed forces personnel play important role including assisting teams and stewarding.

8. This year, Toronto organizers plan to feature more competitors, nations and sports such as ice events.

9. The official mascot for 2017 Invictus is Vimy, a Labrador.

10. 2018 invictus games would take place in Australia.

It’s a must visit event. As prince harry himself says “People in America and people across the world if you haven’t seen the games may think ‘oh, this is a bunch of wounded soldiers on a sporting field taking each other on, it’s completely the opposite to what it is- it’s an emotional roller coaster.”

“There is not a single point during these games that spectators will sit there felling sorry for these guys- that is not what this is about.” He added.

Invictus Ceremonies
The main agenda of opening and closing ceremonies of Invictus games is to transform empathy for injured soldiers into empowerment and unleash the spirit within us.
The opening ceremony of Invictus games will take place on September 23, 2017 which is designed to welcome competitors and their families from 17 nations.

The ceremony will feature cast members including men and women from Canadian armed forces which will give stunning performances along with patriotic events like parade of nations and rising of the official flag.

World dignitaries, celebrities and special guests will come together to pay homage to dramatic invictus stories and brave soldiers. Purchase your ticket now!

Invictus games will observe its closing ceremony on September 30, 2017 in which musical artists will celebrate the achievements of the competitors in the games. Closing ceremony will feature musical performances, world dignitaries and amazing invictus stories of inspiration for people.

Featured Sports
The Invictus games 2017 will feature sports like archery, indoor rowing, power lifting, wheel chair basket ball, wheelchair tennis, wheel chair rugby, swimming, sitting volleyball, cycling and golf.

Get ready for Unconquered- afternoon of military band music!

The royal Canadian military institute and Roy Thomson Hall will present Unconquered- and afternoon of Military band music, in celebration of Invictus 2017. It will feature the best military bands across the nation in honour of our warriors.

Free concert at Canadian Opera Company!
On September 27, 2017 the Canadian opera company will be hosting a free concert in which artists from Ensemble Studio will perform art songs depicting war, loss and indomitable spirit of participants of 2017 Invictus games.

ROM speaks- Voices of Canada lecture Series!
On September 26, the Royal Ontario’s Museum (ROM) will feature invictus games themed program. Gather around for inspiring life story of David Quick. From Afghanistan to Bosnia and Kosovo, he spent majority of his adult life as regular force infantry officer in royal Canadian regiment.

Injured by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan in 2007, he was awarded the star of Military valour.

There are many more heroes and their inspiring stories. Explore engaging issues at the ROM and experience their world.

Contact! Unload- A therapy for audience!
Contact! Unload is a creative initiative where group of counsellors and artists collaborate with military veterans to produce theatre and visual art.
It is more than just a show featuring stories of four Afghanistan veterans as they transition back to life in Canada.

“There have been now several individuals in the audience that knew they needed help, but they didn’t come forward until they saw this show” said Marvin Westwood, a counselling psychologist at UBC.

Prince harry also saw and encouraged the performance saying “ the very serious side of all this is, if the veterans don’t drop all the baggage they are dealing with the risk going into a depression cycle and post depression in suicide.”

The veterans who take part go through counselling before and there are resources available to the soldiers in case the trauma they were revisiting during rehearsals become too intense.

Heroes’ highway Ride- A ride of Hope!

This year on June 3, the heroes highway ride was led by invictus games Vehicle to show support, respect and gratitude to the men and women who have served and continue to serve in our Canadian forces and recognize the sacrifice of their families.
The ride is free and fully police escorted. This year over 3000 riders departed from National Air Force Museum of Canada in Trenton and rode the highway of heroes, concluding in Port hope.

So, what are you waiting for? The invictus games are like no other sporting event! Don’t miss the chance to see our warrior’s face off with competitive sport.

PartsAvatar salutes the spirit of wounded warriors and veterans!


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