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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Happy Diwali ! A time for both gratitude and gaiety, Here’s how Diwali is celebrated around the world!!

The Indian Festival of lights is around the corner! Take a look at how world celebrates this glorious festival! - Brought to you by PartsAvatar Auto Replacement Parts.

One of the most significant festivals in Indian culture, Diwali, the festival of lights, sees millions attend firework displays, prayers and celebratory events across the world every autumn. Now, even some Canadian cities are allowed to showcase Diwali fireworks. Diwali is more than feasting and merrymaking. Check it out.

To celebrate it, houses are decorated with colourful lights and candles. Feasts are held by families and gifts are exchanged. Fireworks are the star of the show.

Diwali celebrates triumph of good over evil!!
Diwali is the five day festival of lights, celebrated by millions of Indians across the world. Celebrations take place when the monsoon season ends and the weather becomes mild and pleasant. India is a country where different religions are practised. Diwali also holds its own significance for each religion.

Diwali or “Deepawali” symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. In India, and among Hindus, the festival is generally celebrated to honour Lord Rama. Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile during which he fought and won a battle against demon king Ravana. At that time, on his arrival, people lit their houses to celebrate his victory over evil.

Sikhs celebrate Diwali as “Bandi Chor Diwas” to honour their sixth guru Hargobind. Guru Hargobind and 52 other princes were released by Mughal Emperor Jahangir and Sikhs celebrated the return of Guru by lighting the Golden Temple and this tradition continues today.

In southern India, Diwali often commemorates the conquering of Asuka Naraka, king of Assam, who imprisoned thousands of inhabitants. Krishna subdued Naraka and freed the prisoners.

Among jains, Diwali honours the attainment of moksha or liberation of the soul by Mahavira, one of the 24 Tirthankaras of the religion.

How is Diwali celebrated?
Diwali is an occasion for everyone either they are young or old, rich or poor. The goddess of lakshmi is worshipped on this day. People believe that the goddess of happiness and good fortune, lakshmi roams the earth and enters the house that is pure and clean.

Houses are often white washed and house is thoroughly cleaned before diwali. People also light traditional earthen candles called diyas and decorate their houses with colourful rangoli- patterns created on floor using colored rice or powder.

While many people refrain from eating meat during the holiday, vegetarian dishes as curries and lentils are enjoyed. However, without Sweets, Diwali celebrations are incomplete. Gulab Jamun, Chevda, Barfi and Laddoos and Gujiyas are popular and can be found on feast table of an Indian family.

Diwali celebrations in Canada!
In Canada, various celebratory events are organized in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. The Vishnu Mandir attracts thousands of followers. Many cultural events like Miss Diwali queen are organized.

People use this festival to spend quality time with their friends and family and enjoy sweets like gulab jamun, Ras malai and jalebis.

The diwali fest in Brampton is the biggest of its kind in Canada. It’s a three day festival that features dance competitions, delicious meals and a massive food drive.

At night people gather at temple to perform puja and firecrackers are burst afterwards.
On this day many musical events and other culinary events are organized. People get together with their family and friends and enjoy dance. The crowd can exceed 10000 at a diwali event. So, it is quite profitable for organizers.

It is multicultural events as not only bhagra or bollywood dances are organized but the artists from Africa, Cuba and first nations also make it a memorable night.

Celebrations in Picturesque island of Mauritius!!

Hindu population is dominant in Mauritius and almost every religion celebrates Diwali with full spirit. Diwali is a declared public holiday on this multi cultural island and nation’s most striking celebration happens in village of Triolet where all residents take part in festivities and burst crackers.

Lakshmi is worshipped as the goddess of wealth and crackers are burnt to scare away evil spirits.

Celebrations in the foothills of Himalayas- Nepal!!
The Nepal’s multi lingual society is the only Hindu Kingdom of the world. Diwali in Nepal is known as Tihar. Ganesh and lakshmi are worshipped on this day in Nepal. The festival continues for five days.

The first day is dedicated to cows as they cook the rice and feed the cows believing that it is fed to goddess lakshmi. Delicious food is prepared for dogs- the vahana of bhairava on second day. On third day, lights and lamps are lit and fire crackers are burst. The fourth day is dedicated to god of death- the Yama and he is worshipped for long life. The fifth and last day is dedicated to brothers for their long life and is called bhaiya dooj.

Diwali celebrations in the southern tip of Africa- South Africa!!
Asians in South Africa form two percent of their total population. In 19th century, Indian labourers were brought by the British from India to work in the mines of South Africa. Diwali holds special place in the festival calendar of South Africa.
In 2007, South Africa marked 100th year of celebrations of the festival in the country.

Celebrations in the fantasy land of Singapore.

Known as Deepavali, it is a public holiday in Singapore. The streets of little India are transformed by colourful flowers, buntings and lights. Storefronts are decorated in hues of red and gold and the sweet aroma of flowers and incense fills the air.

Each Hindu home is decorated with rangoli and special market opens for the duration of the festival, full of treats and open air concerts.

Celebrations in the truly Asian country - Malaysia!
Islam is the official and major religion of Malaysia but like Singapore, the little India area in Kuala lampur celebrates Diwali with full spirit.

Friends and family pray together and offer blessings of the year past and the year to come. Many Indian restaurants offer special Diwali menu featuring traditional snacks and meals.

It is celebrated in almost all of the Malaysia except Sarawak and federal territory of Labuan.

Diwali celebrations in wonderful Indonesia!
Indonesian island of Bali is famous for celebrating Diwali because majority of population here is that of Indians.

Celebrations in the United States!
Big cities of USA like New Jersey, Illinois, Texas or California host Diwali night where priests perform customary prayers and vegetarian communal dinner is served. Friends and family visit each other with gifts.

Diwali in the Kangaroo land- Australia!

With the large Indian population in Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne, Diwali is celebrated with a grand display of fireworks, live entertainment, traditional dances and art and cultural shows.

PartsAvatar Auto Parts wishes you a Happy and safe Diwali!!


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