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Friday, October 13, 2017

Is Your car ready to face the blizzard ?? Check out the tips to drive safely in snow @PartsAvatar Car Parts!!

If you have to head out in the snowstorm and ice, make sure you’ve prepared for rough driving!!- Brought to you by PartsAvatar Auto Body Parts.

Now that winter is upon us, driving in snowy and icy weather is inevitable. It isn’t suggested to roam in blizzards because it can be life threatening. But if you have got some urgent business then consider some tips that will help you to drive safely in such a harsh weather!!

The Checklist
Check the car oil filter, automotive air filter, car fuel filter, PCV and auto transmission components before heading out. Poorly running engine will use more gas so make sure to inspect. Check the coolant level and belts, hoses should be checked for tightness and wear and tear. Car battery is very important to work in winter weather.

Make sure car’ heater and defroster are in good condition. Have your car brakes checked for wear and check your car tires for remaining tread life.

Make sure your car’s windshield washer is topped up. Have enough petrol in your car before setting on off any journey.
Have an emergency kit, flashlight, shovel, extra batteries, boots and mittens, extra windshield washer fluid and antifreeze with you.

Make sure Tires are not under inflated
Refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper inflation. As a rule, 10 degree drop in outside air temperature equals a 1Lb loss of pressure at each wheel. So make sure your tires are properly inflated especially in such a harsh weather.

Buy Winter Tires

Winter tires leverage a different rubber compound that stays softer and gripper in colder weather and its tread design cuts into the ice for better traction. All season tires are made to cover broad middle ground of driving conditions.

Switch to winter tires when you drive in snowy weather. All season tires are not effective in harsh winter so better stick with winter tires. If you live in a region where snowstorms and blizzards are a common occurrence then it’s time to invest in set of winter tires.

Trust 4WD or AWD
Driving in snow is not fun. In extra slippery conditions, having a vehicle with all wheel drive or four wheel drive can give you some traction. But don’t think they will be always effective and will prevent every accident on snowy roads. They will help you to detect wheel slippage during snowy condition and then redirecting the engine torque to the wheels with the best grip.

But all wheel drive adds extra weight to the vehicle which can be disadvantage if you slam on car brakes at an icy intersection. Braking is the great equalizer in the snow, so take it easy!

Stay Calm and don’t slam on brakes
Take it easy! Don’t slam on brakes as a sudden tug of the wheel or jab at the car brakes will result in a dangerous life threatening slide. Crucial part is how to stop.

If your car experience a spin, try to catch the spin by taking your foot off the gas – but not stomping the brakes- let the vehicle slow down itself. Do not make sudden steering movements as this could worsen the condition.

So, keep your mind cool, stay level headed! As the saying goes- slow and steady wins the race!!

Don’t rely on technologies

With the advanced safety technologies and snow modes introduced in cars, many folks believe that they don’t need to learn how to drive in snow because their car is going to take care of the situation.
But, when the flakes really start flying, these technologies can give a false sense of security because snow will end up covering sensors and cameras!

Don’t use cruise control because even roads that appear clear can have slippery spots. Slightest tap to deactivate it, could cause loss of control.

Better learn winter driving just don’t solely rely on technologies. GM’s On Star and Toyota’s Safety Connect are good technologies to consider. Owners can count on emergency services with these techs like automatic crash notification and one touch connection with human advisors.

Check the lights
You can take guarantee for your driving skills but what about the other on the road? Check your car’s headlights, taillights, turn signals and fog lights so that others can see you on the road!
If the snow starts falling quite thickly, put your fog lights on. This will help you to see and to be seen by other car drivers.

Maintain a reasonable speed
The faster it is snowing, the slower you should drive. Whether you are trying to come up to a stop or trying to reach your destination first, poor traction and road condition is definitely going to hinder your pace.

Allow more space between your vehicle and the one ahead of you to avoid any hazard. It’s best to accelerate slowly and keep your car in control.

Taking Hills
Hills can be challenging even if you are an expert in blizzard driving. Faced with the challenges in elevation, get momentum before you reach the hill and slow down when you reach the top.

Waiting until you are partway up to press on the gas is likely to spin your wheels. Pulling off a perfect winter hill climb lets you crest the hill with most of that extra momentum behind you allowing you to descend slowly and safely.

When you get Stuck
Stay in the vehicle, avoid over exertion, let the fresh air in and run the engine every 10 minutes but make sure that the exhaust pipe is free of snow.

If you get stuck, turn your steering wheel completely to one side as it may move your front wheels just enough to reach a less slippery patch and then gain enough traction to pull you out.

Another method is to rock your wheel back and forth from reverse to drive back thus building the momentum that you need to get going on the road.

If you can’t do anything to get out of the situation then don’t worry. Just turn on the dome lights at night. Don’t forget to move your hands and legs often and rub your feet and palms to keep you warm.
Extras to pack
You should know what to bring along in case you get stuck. Make sure you have blankets, hats, prepare first aid kits, jump cables, gloves, food and water for emergency.

Winter weather can wreck havoc on carpets and floor mats. But rubber mats if you are driving in such harsh condition.
Keep your phone charged for 24/7 communication.

So, stay calm and be smart in case you are stuck in Blizzard!!

If you require any help choosing the right car parts for your vehicle then visit and our experts will be happy to help you!


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