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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Learn how to check your car tire pressure with Parts Avatar !!

How to check your cars Tire Pressure and Inflate Tires
Do you know what would happen if your tires are underinflated? If your car tires are underinflated, then it would increase the tire wear, and can even reduce fuel economy. It can also lead to a blowout.
It is really very important to inflate this auto part to the specified pressure. Many of the people don’t know how to do this and just by simply looking at the tire and checking its information on the sidewalls is not the correct way of doing this. When you look at the tires and they appear to be slightly under inflated, then it means that the tire pressure is really low than the specified limit. So make it a habit to check your tires and if you feel that there is less pressure, then get them refilled as soon as possible. Make it a point to get them inflated once in a month.
Checking your tire pressure
So now you can learn how to check the pressure in your car’s tire with the least amount of fuss involved. For this purpose you will require a tire pressure gauge. You can easily buy it from anywhere and it wouldn’t cost much.
  1. Search for the perfect tire pressure level which is recommended for your car. You can find this information on the doorjamb on the driver side. There is a yellow sticker which contains all the information. You can also refer to your owner’s manual for this purpose. The pressure in the tires may vary according to its use. Generally the pressure level is different for the back tires and the front tires. It would also vary depending on the load put on the vehicle.
  2. When your tires are cold, then you can check the pressure. This is how the recommended pressures are listed. When you drive, the car tires heat up and this would give you an inaccurate reading.  The reading would be overly high. You can check this auto component early in the morning.

  1. Carefully unscrew the valve cap and keep it in the side or secure it in your pocket so that you don’t lose it.

  1. Press the tire gauge onto the valve stem. There would be a slight hiss as you press down on the valve stem and same when you will release it. Just do this for one second or two; this time is enough to get an accurate reading.

  1. Now you can read the tire pressure on the digital gauge. You can also write down the pressure of the tires as you go around the car. You can always refer to this whenever you get your car tires filled up.

Now once this is done, you can compare the tire pressure readings which you got with the one specified in the manual. If the level of pressure in your car tires is below the specified amount, then you must get your car tires filled up with air.
Let us understand this with the help of an example.  Assume that your doorjamb sticker says that the recommended level is 32 psi (pounds per second inch). And when you go and get the tire pressure checked, you find out that it is just 29 psi. Then you must bring your tire pressure up to the specified limit.

It is generally estimated that for every 3 psi below the specified limit, you will burn 1 per cent more fuel and the tire wear would also increase by 10 percent. So to avoid such a situation, get your car tires inflated properly.
Filling your tires
There are generally two ways with which you can refill your tires to bring them up to the specified limit. You can buy a portable air compressor very easily online. The advantage of doing this is that you can refill your tires at your home all by yourself or in your garage.
Most of the people prefer to get their car tires refilled at the gas station. Very less amount is charged to refill the tires and you can even get the attendant to turn on the machine for free.
Adjusting your tire pressure
Here are the steps needed to adjust the pressure in your tires:-
  1. Place your car close to the air compressor so that the hose can easily reach all your tires.
  2. Then carefully remove the valve stem caps and set them to the side or keep them safely in your pockets.
  3. Insert coins and then you will hear the sound of the compressor motor as it has turned on.
  4. Press the hose fitting down on the valve stem and press the lever. You will feel the air flowing through the hose and would also hear the inflating sound.  It can take a little bit of more effort to hold the hose on the valve stem.

  1. Release the inflation lever to see if there is enough air pressure. The gauge on the hose fitting will display if you have enough air pressure or not. Later, you can also use your own gauge to check it. At this very point, it is a good idea to slightly overinflate the tire.
  2. Adjust the pressure in all the tires the same way.
  3. You can also recheck the tire pressure using a digital gauge. If you feel that the pressure is extremely high, then press the gauge down to release some air. Then check it again.
  4. Replace the removed valve caps on all the tires.
So now you can enjoy improved fuel economy and the tire wear is not reduced many folds.
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