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Friday, October 20, 2017

Like it or not, self driving cars are on the way. Here’s a look at some of the big ways autonomous cars will transform the world!!

With the emergence of self driving cars in future will the cities become safer, cleaner and less congested? PartsAvatar highlight ways in which driverless car will change the world!!- Brought to you by PartsAvatar Auto Body Parts.

Your next car might drive itself! Driverless car will be a boon for those who suck at driving, isn’t it? But how will this invention impact our daily life? What is the future of self driving cars?
Read out further!

Will reduce accidents
Thousands of lives will be saved each year. The annual death toll on the world’s roads is about 1.2 million a year or double due to collisions, rash driving, car brake failure or negligent driving etc.
If the cars go autonomous i.e. driverless, definitely there will be a fall in number of accidents. Well, system will try everything to keep you safe on road that’s assured!

They will never doze off, lose concentration, send text and get competitive or angry while controlling the wheel. In short, they will be a lot safer than we are.

Help reduce carbon emissions
As we are debating on carbon emissions and environment change, of course these autonomous cars will keep saving our planet in mind. Auto giants claim that Autonomous vehicles won’t only be having driverless benefit but will also optimize acceleration, braking and speed.
Fuel efficiency would be increased with reduced carbon emissions. Urban driverless cars will be electric, so no scope of carbon emissions.

Parking problem solved!

It won’t be a problem to find a parking space and then park it correctly. It will now be our car’s job. Once we arrive at the destination we will hop out at the front door and leave the car to slink away and wait for us to summon it later using Smartphone.
They will hardly need to park and cities can convert their parking spaces into bike lanes or parks.

If you live in a congested area or where traffic jams are a big problem for you then don’t worry! Anonymous cars can travel in convoys, inches apart without slamming brakes and other mysterious pointless hold ups.

They can drive in dense packs, won’t get lost and won’t have to circle around looking for parking.

Ownership will decrease
People will save fortunes by ditching their cars. Self driving cars will dramatically impact the sales of a car. This is because they will be more cost effective as compared to your own autonomous or normal standard car.

Studies say, in US car ownership could decline once autonomous cars are adopted.

Cost of repair will reduce

We know how much a good investment in car is worth! Half of our fortune is spent in buying a good car. You cannot get in peace just by buying a car, you will need to buy insurance, check for maintenance of its auto parts and find replacement auto parts when they wear out!

Why take so many burdens? Let them do it also. There will be sharing schemes, affordable leasing options and they will be more productive. They will also require less repairs and services, so you can get some time for your own too.

Talking about time, we waste a lot of time in traffic. As traffic will be handles by the system, we can do whatever we want in the mean time.

Productivity will increase
Productivity will sour, if people spend all their new free time working. According to a study, autonomous cars could mean productivity gains by $507 Billion annually in the US.

The annual savings may sky rocket to $1.3 trillion if productivity gains are combined with fuel efficiency and savings from accident avoidance.

More Jobs
But they could also create jobs: hi tech mechanics, software developers and people to build new infrastructure. Will it offset the losses? Not really.

But job that requires deliveries like pizza delivery, snowplowing, taxi driving and public transportation will change. You won’t be paying an employee for something that can be done for free by the machine, right?

Impact on road side businesses
Businesses that take road side to aid truckers, travelers or any other transport will be impacted. Think of 24 hours diners, drive through, motels, stops etc.

Market will see a downfall with no truck driver on overnight excursion or traveler needing to stay.

Will help people of all ages
The old, teenagers and even the disabled will suddenly gain mobility. Those who don’t own a car or can’t afford a car can also take benefit.

Perhaps the best thing is people won’t need a license to drive one. So those who have been failing constantly in the driving tests, it will be like a lifetime boon for you!

Children can also take advantage of this for making short trips, visiting karate classes or other activities.


As the driverless cars will be more dependent on GPS technology there will be more tracking data available.
As we are looking for the best of both world, but it might become a problem. Privacy protection should also be one of the main concerns for anonymous car makers. Who wants to share their privacy with the whole world?

Police won’t be issuing tickets
Police transport will also likely change quite a bit. Unmanned police vehicles may become more common and police officers may use commercial transport to move around routinely.

As the number of accidents and other negligence will reduce, there will also be a fall in penalties or fines issued by traffic officer.

No more local mechanics
There will be no more local mechanics, car dealers, consumer car washes, auto parts store or gas stations. The auto insurance industry will go away. Most car companies will go out of business as will most of their enormous supplier networks.

Vehicles may not even have headlights as infrared and radar take the place of human light spectrum.
Traditional petroleum products will become much less valuable as electric cars replace fuel powered vehicles and as alternative energy sources become more viable with portability of power.
Let’s hope we do better job of handling a driverless car.

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