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Monday, October 23, 2017

Want a trunk light bulb? Parts Avatar is always there for you !

What is the Trunk Light Bulb all about?
An enclosed place where you can store all your important possessions is a trunk. This place is totally secured and natural light does not enter in this compartment. The light bulb that would provide light in the trunk is controlled by a switch. This switch is either mounted to the trunk lid or can also be located in the trunk’s latch. With the help of this light, all the contents would be visible to you so that you can insert or remove items conveniently.  The trunk blub would turn off immediately when you will close the trunk lid.

Keep in Mind
  1. If you are thinking of accessing the trunk through a rear seat pass, then that would not turn the trunk light on as it only turns on when the trunk is open.
  2. There is an override switch in the trunk light to switch it off. You can always check the override switch in the trunk to see if it hasn’t been accidently bumped or turned off.
  3. If the filament of the bulb is loose, then it would cause a problem. You can always replace the bulb to fix it.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Trunk Light Bulb?
  1. The trunk bulb doesn’t illuminate when the trunk is opened.
  2. The light of the trunk blub is dim.
How to replace a car trunk light bulb
The trunk light in the car trunks provides both convenience and safety. There can be any emergency during the night time, thus it is important to replace a bad bulb.
Have a look at the steps which would help you to change the light bulb in your vehicle’s trunk when you present bulb has failed. It would appear like a small system of your vehicle, but in reality it is a big deal. Just think what would you do if you get a flat tire on a road? In that situation you will have to access the spare, jack and a tire iron. All these things are generally located in the trunk or cargo area of your car.
PART 1- Removing the old trunk light bulb
Materials Needed
Step 1- Disconnect the battery
Disconnect the clamp holding the negative battery cable with the help of a socket wrench. It would protect you blowing the fuse. This first step is really very important and at the same time is a good habit to develop when you are dealing with any electrical auto part.
Step2- Locate the trunk light bulb
Now you have to open the trunk of your car. Find the handle on the driver’s side floorboard so that you can access the trunk or the cargo area. The light bulb is mounted on the underside of the car trunk door. Or it may be situated on the roof of the inside of the vehicle’s cargo area. You can always use a flashlight to find the light bulb.
Step 3- Remove the trunk light bulb housing
Gently get under the lip of the housing by using a screwdriver or you can also use your fingernail. Be calm and patient, one of its sides would start to come loose.
Just keep this thing in mind that the plastic tabs on the housing are sensitive and that’s why you must not break them. They are uncommonly serviced parts and thus would be very expensive to replace.
Step 4- Remove the old light bulb
The light bulb is placed inside the socket; use a fine pair of gloves to gently pull the light bulb out of it. Most of the people have no idea that if you will do this with bare fingers, then it would slip as your hands would be oily. You can also unintentionally squeeze the bulb too hard that its brakes. That’s the reason why it is advised that you wear gloves so that you don’t cut yourself.
PART2- Installing the new trunk light bulb
Step 1- Reinstall the light bulb and housing
Wear your gloves and then insert the light bulb into the socket. Generally there are two types of light bulbs used in this application. They are designed in such a way that they should be installed in either direction.
The first type of bulb is similar to a household bulb. You can install them with a simple push or with a push in and twist motion. The second type of bulb is cylindrical in shape and with the help of two clips.  
Now gently replace the housing into the vehicle and later press it back into place.
Step 2- Reconnect the battery and test the new bulb
Slide the negative battery terminal over the negative post. Then later tighten the terminal cable with the help of a socket wrench. Now your job is complete and all you have to do is to test your new bulb. Just walk around the vehicle and verify that the light has illuminated or not.
Now close the trunk and clean up your tools which you have used in this process and then you are finished.
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