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Auto repair may appear like an enigmatic affair, especially when you never endeavored it, yet there are a couple of things that you can begin with are simple for anybody to ace. If you have the fundamental devices, there are several auto repairs you can do yourself. You need some basic instruments.....

Your car needs more care during winter!!!

Winter has come!!! The season is almost ready for taking test of your skiing capability as well as your vehicle mechanical ability!!! If you are not really well prepared or careful, you probably may find yourself slipping towards a guard rail.

Driving is stressful for you?? Just relax…Because Nissan has made your job easy!!!!

Future is going to be either very complicated or very exciting, as many of automobile companies are planning for presenting drive less vehicle now a days. Even, many countries are accepting this advancement of this automotive industry in very positive manner.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Is your car full of dirt? Learn how to clean you car effectively !!

How to Clean Your Car
If you want to clean your car, then you can either go for simply cleaning its body and wheel or you can also choose to clean or you can also choose to clean both the interior as well as exterior of your car. So the first thing which you should is to clean the exterior of your car and then make sure that your car is cool and in the shade. There are special formulated cleaners which should be used to clean the car body parts and wheels. When you will start cleaning the interior of your car, then remove the floor mats and throw away the trash.
Here are some steps which you should follow to clean your car:
  1. Park your car in a shaded area
Always make it a point to clean your car whenever it is cool.  If your car is sitting in the sun, then wait for your car to cool down before cleaning it. The car would take around half an hour to cool down. You must wait for your car to cool down to avoid soap and water stains because heat can speed up the drying time of soap and water.

  1. Gather your supplies
Collect all the important things which you need while cleaning up your car. Place your buckets, a car cleanser, a sponge, a rough cloth, tire cleanser, towel near your car. You will require all of these materials to clean your car’s exterior.

  1. Fill two buckets full of water.
Use the first bucket for sudzing your cloth and the other one for rinsing your cloth. Fill up one bucket with the specially formulated car cleanser. Keep this thing in mind that you should not use dishwashing detergent or hand soap to clean your car. The reason behind this is that these harsh household cleansers would strip off your car’s wax.

  1. Rinse your car with a hose.
Before you apply soap on your car, rinse the entire surface of your car carefully. Keep this thing in mind that you should remove loose dirt and debris to avoid scratching your car. If there are any leaves and twigs on your car, then remove all of them with your car. You can remove the dirt, debris by setting the hose on a high pressure. But also make sure that it isn’t too high or else it would remove your car’s wax or paint.

  1. Clean your car from down to bottom
Work on one section of your car at a time. Once you have cleaned your car fully with soap, and then rinse each of its section with water. This would prevent the soap from drying onto your car.
  1. Lather the soap with your sponge
The next thing which you have to do is to scrub your car in a straight up and down motion. If you will scrub your car in a circular motion, then it would cause swirl marks.

  1. Rinse your sponge often
Now use the second bucket that contains water. If your sponge accidently falls on the ground, then rinse it in water once again. If you will not do so, then the debris on the sponge may scratch your car.

  1. Don’t let your car air dry.
It would cause watermarks and streaking. What you can do is to use a soft terry towel to dry it. Try blotting the water instead of wiping it so that it helps your car to dry.
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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Want to know the difference between auto cooling system and air conditioning? Parts Avatar would help you to know the difference between these two !!

Auto Cooling System vs. Air Conditioning- What’s the Difference?
Today we will talk about car cooling system, as many of you think that it is a single system which is working to regulate the temperature on both the engine and the cabin, but in reality the case is different. There are two cooling systems in your car. Out of these, one is used to keep your engine cool and the other one is used to keep you cool. Both of them are car cooling systems.
Car Cooling System
Your car engine is located under car hood, and it can produce a lot of heat. These temperatures are managed well with the help of cooling systems and also prevent your temperature gauge from moving into the dreaded red zone. The cooling systems haven’t changed much from the cars of the 40s and 50s. The basic idea behind cooling an engine is that it consists of a liquid engine coolant, which is circulated throughout the engine.
Your car engine must maintain an average temperature, it doesn’t matter if it reaches the triple digits or sinks below zero. Keep this thing in mind that if your engine temperature is too low, then would make your fuel economy to suffer and the emissions would also start rising. On the other hand, if it gets too hot then your car engine would lock up and your car would ultimately stop.
Car AC System
The car AC system is different. The main function of this system is to cool the interior of the car and keep the climate inside at a comfortable temperature for you and your family.
You will be surprised to know that your car’s AC system goes much deeper than the dials and the vents. It is divided into four different components. Have a look at them:
  1. Compressor- It is a belt driven pump, which is fastened to the engine. Its main function is to compress and transfer the refrigerant gas.
  2. Condenser- The function of this component is to take away the hot compressed gasses from the top of the condenser and then it cools them off. As the gas would cool, it condenses and exits the bottom of the condenser as a high pressure liquid.

  1. Evaporator- It is primarily designed to remove heat from inside your vehicle; it also acts as a dehumidifier in high humidity climates.
  2. Pressure Regulating Device- This part controls the evaporator temperature by cooling refrigerant pressure.
Keeping these systems in check
Now you are fully aware about the differences between these two systems. You will be able to perform necessary steps to check upon them and then both of them would be operational.
If you are experienced and have some basic knowledge of testing and repairing of cars, and have all the right tools, then you can perform some of the checks yourself. But if you are unsure, then it is a best idea to consult an expert to do it for you.
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Friday, November 3, 2017

Falling back to standard time can effect our daily life! Check out the After-effects of Daylight Saving time end!

Time to reset the clock and fall back this weekend! Changing time back and forth is frustrating, but do you know how Daylight savings time end affects our daily life?? Here are eye opening facts about springing forward and backward-Brought to you by PartsAvatar Car Parts.

Get ready this Sunday to turn back one hour as daylight saving time is ending! But why do we need to reset our clocks? Can it affect our body?
We answer your every query below.

What is the point of Daylight saving time?
Benjamin Franklin takes the honour or blame depending on your view of the time changes, for coming up with the idea to reset the clocks to conserve energy. It is said that by moving clock forward, people could take advantage of extra evening daylight rather wasting energy on lighting. The idea of using DST is to take benefit of daylight hours so that people don’t sleep through the first few hours of sunshine.

More than 70 countries of the world follow DST. In Canada, Saskatchewan and Québec’s north shore don’t follow DST. Canadian provinces that follow the protocol of DST during summer months will need to turn their clocks back by an hour at 2 a.m. on Sunday. In other words, by reverting back their clock time, people can enjoy extra sleeping hour.

The regions that are farthest from equator and closer to the poles get the advantage of DST because there is more dramatic change in sunlight throughout the seasons.

How does the time change affect our daily lives?
Several studies suggest that many people have expressed their concerns about negative effects of DST on our health and economy. Over the years, it has been noted that the number of accidents have increased during daylight saving time. Let us read about some serious after-effects of daylight saving time end.

Heart attacks and other health issues

Time change can tamper with your heart’s health. Health experts warn that losing an hour of sleep increases the risk of stroke in the first three days of DST.
According to a study done in American college of cardiology, it was found that number of patients admitted for heart attacks spiked 25 percent on Monday immediately after clock change. Changes in sleep patterns can result in such situations. Combined stress of a typical back to work Monday and lost sleep hour could lead to vulnerable heart problems.

If you aren’t sleeping well, your body’s metabolism takes a hit along with your eating routine. Older adults and people with cancer seemed to have the most increased risk during the time. Disturbed sleep patterns can contribute to high blood pressure and poor mental health both of which are risk factors for heart attack and strokes.

For people who get clustered headaches, attacks often occur around seasonal changes, especially after increase in warmth and light.

Becoming insomniac!
If you are going to bed a little early the night before and get at least 8 hours of sleep, you may wake up feeling refreshed.

Those who suffer from sleep disorders find it difficult to adjust with the time change. Doctors who treat insomnia said that insomniac patients take a long time to fall asleep but it’s a bit accentuated by the spring time change. That can mean that insomniac’s may have to suffer for several days due to time change.

Well, there are many ways in which you can take a sound sleep even in time change situation. If you get an opportunity to get an extra hour of sleep, don’t lose it. Eat healthy meal, stay hydrated and avoid caffeinated beverages.

Increase your exposure to bright sun light and it can fulfill the need of vit- D deficiency in you. Drivers should be extra alert. If you are feeling drowsy while driving, turning on the radio or windows are not going to wake you up. It is better to get a sleep when needed.

Getting into fatal accidents!!

A more recent study have suggested that DST leads to higher incidents of traffic and workplace accidents , as well as the reduced productivity in the days after the shift.
According to a study in university of Colorado, 17 percent hike in the fatal accidents was noticed after the clocks moved forward an hour in spring. Fatal crashes can often be seen in spring than in fall when the time moves back.

Spring daylight saving time is a period when people lose a little extra time which results in restlessness, fatigue, exhaustion and feeling drowsy.

According to Carnegie Melon University, time switch seems to have an impact on number of pedestrians killed by vehicles in the immediate aftermath of the change back to standard time in the fall. Pedestrians get fatally struck by the cars after the clock falls back in the autumn. The number of pedestrian accident rises around 6 p.m. after the clock has been moved back an hour. So pedestrians beware!

There are some tips for drivers to reduce accidents on road:

1. Never drive when over tired.  Drowsy conditions may lead to serious accident on road. Make sure you get sleep.

2. Make sure all the interior lights are off in the car so that bright lights won’t distract you.

3. be aware on the road. Even if you are alert, you can’t take guarantee of other drivers on the road.

It’s better to plan ahead so that you don’t get caught off guard by the next time change.

Coping with the Time change
1. It is very important to expose yourself to bright light during the waking hours. Do not expose to bright light when it is dark outside. Insomniacs may benefit from sun light so getting free natural Vitamin D isn’t a bad idea.

2. Maintain a proper sleep hygiene which includes exercising before bedtime, avoiding caffeine and alcohol and relaxing yourself before going to bed.

3. When you change the time on your clocks, check the batteries and swap them with new ones if their change is low.

So, get plenty of sleep, be prepared beforehand. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Do you love driving ??Here is our List of Canada’s most picturesque roadways that you must explore!!

Well, if you are a driving enthusiast then summer is the best time to get out and explore Canada’s best driving roads. After all, Canada is a country that offers a landscape like no other! - Brought to you by PartsAvatar Performance Parts.

Are you tired and bored of seeing that same boring highway while driving? Want to experience something new and refreshing?
It’s time to recharge yourself this summer, as PartsAvatar Auto Parts lists some of the best destinations mainly driving routes that you should experience!

But before getting on, don’t forget to properly maintain and replace auto parts if they are worn out by any chance!

There are many beautiful parts that you miss to see if you travel by plane. While it might not be a good idea for holidaying for some folks, but it does give you chance to whenever you want to. Of course if are madly in love with nature and its beauty, you can spend time and capture the stunning scenery on camera before heading back.
Let’s get back to the main business i.e. best driving routes!

The Badlands-Alberta
At badlands, it’s all about Dinosaurs. Whether you are interested in scenic road trips, exploring hoodoos and coulees, digging for dinosaur’s bones or learning about them in the royal Tyrell museum, use your trip to experience some authentic adventure.

Badlands are home to dinosaur Provincial Park, ghost towns and beautiful drive. It’s a Mecca for those who love fossils and dinosaur.
Want to know more? Then visit their official website!

The Cabot Trail-Nova Scotia

If you are visiting Cape Breton Island, don’t forget to visit the Cabot Trail. It is considered one of the most scenic destinations around the world with stunning ocean vistas, old growth forests and prehistoric rocks scattered by glaciers.

This 186miles highway offers spectacular coastal views which are definitely not to be missed. Its loop around the island travels over steep grades and curves.
It is highly recommended during autumn season because the colours fill a panoramic view atop the tall, rocky seawall.

The Irish Loop- New Found land
If you have plans to explore Canada’s easternmost part, Irish loop is a memorable drive that gives full experience of Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula.

The narrow 312km highway of the Irish loop, skirts the shore of the cold Atlantic on its south then pulls back into the safety of pines, black spruce, balsam fir and birch as it rounds Trepassey Bay and heads north.

Gaspésie Tour-Quebec

Gaspésie Tour is a legendary scenic drive that loops around the huge Gaspe Peninsula. Begin your Gaspésie tour from Québec city which can boast the most remarkable sunsets of the planet.

On this wide plateau with its hills and valleys and network of lakes and rivers, life follows nature’s rhythms. Also, take the Gaspe visual arts and crafts tour and discover a fertile imagination through personal contact with creative individuals who embody the spirit of a land that fascinates and inspires them.

Ice fields Parkway- Alberta
Along the ice fields parkway jaw dropping scenery is punctuated by more than 100 ancient glaciers, waterfalls cascading from dramatic rock spires and turquoise lakes set in sweeping valleys.

But remember to fill up your gas tank before leaving Lake Louise- there’s only one service station along the route. The road is not dangerous, but watch for unpredictable weather. It would be best if you keep Auto repair tools in your vehicle for emergency.

Speed enforcement tends to be more lax although safe driving is a must due to remote location and numerous sightseers. It will be best to explore its beauty during daytime as night time visibility is greatly reduced.

Highway 13- Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan is Canada’s barren desert equivalent, and if you love wide open roads head over to highway 13. But before packing bags, consider this- little traffic, visibility for days, few shops.

Also known as ghost town trail, there are some attractions along the way, such as the short line train ride from ogema to the town of horizon, where you can tour one of the few grain elevators still standing in the province.

No matter how you find your way along it, the ghost town trail is a trip that can help you see the heritage of the province and experience some of the best vistas that we have to offer.

Sea to Sky Highway- British Columbia

There are few highways in the world with as much awe inspiring scenery as the sea to sky highway. This drive is officially known as BC highway 99 and is filled with fun stops, outdoor destinations, cultural points of interest and historic sites.

There is no barrier to keep reckless drivers on the road, thus it has earned the name “drive to die”. Why it is called killer highway despite its beauty?

Well for years, it was a two lane highway with no outside barrier and motorist lost their lives due to bad weather, poor visibility and reckless driving. Make sure you enjoy ocean views and other natural landscapes keeping in mind- Drive safe!

The Grand Algoma Tour- Ontario
It is a spectacular tour that takes you along the Lake Superior shoreline through the heart of Algoma. It combines two great lakes Lake Superior and Lake Huron for half of the tour and allows the riders to experience the boreal forests and massive cliffs.

This route features some of the coolest dining and lodging options that makes the trip more worthwhile. If you love occasional wildlife sighting, this is your chance!

Frank McDougall Parkway- Ontario

Located four hours outside Ottawa, the Ontario highway 60 or popularly called frank McDougall parkway is a stunning drive in the fall. The road is a great way to see one of the Canada’s most beautiful parks and is famous for colourful foliage in the fall month but beware of the moose. You can see cars gathered along the highway to hear wolves howl in the month of august.

Pacific Rim Highway-Vancouver Island
There is a 160KM long stretch of driving nirvana that links Tofino and Parksville, B.C. this curving piece of driving bliss is known as Pacific Rim highway.

Located in western Canada, it offers scenic driving experience. The surface of the road is asphalted. It’s an exquisite winding mountain drive with sharp and blind curves and hairpin switchbacks leading the traveller over the mountain. Don’t forget your camera as there are many excellent photo opportunities.

So, take your time to enjoy the clear blue lakes, oceans and even mountains.

And, if you have been preparing your vehicle by any chance and need replacement auto parts for better performance, then look no further than!