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Thursday, February 15, 2018

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Your beloved car might be the object of desire for many thieves. Here are the ways to keep your car from getting stolen. - Brought to you by PartsAvatar Car Body Parts Online.

Its a harsh reality that we unluckily face or get to know about every day. They say that more than a million cars are stolen every year and it takes only 60 seconds to steal the car.

Even if your car has keyless entry but still criminals have so many methods to breakthrough those systems and do their work without any trace left behind.

Or sometimes some expensive car parts like car tires, catalytic converters are gone by the time you come back after doing chores. These damages lead to heavy repairs. In case you are suffering from this theft thing, you can visit any online car parts store for better price and dealing.

Now coming back, how to stop this? In many countries the scammers or thieves have formed gangs in order to achieve their goal. So, apart from relying on law, how can we protect our beloved car? Check out some useful tips that we share with you because with updated technology, the methods of stealing have also been upgraded. So act smart!

Park Intelligently
Do you know parking lots and garages have been one of the favourite spots among the stealers to steal a car?

If you are out with your car after dark, park in a well lit area that will still be well lit when you return. Be alert while parking and do watch out for suspicious persons. There could be a chance of theft after you leave your vehicle there.

Always park your car in a well lit area. Avoid parking your car near large trucks or close to anything else that can block your view and give the thieves a chance to hide and flee.

Parking in a isolated garage could be dangerous in regards to your personal safety. If you have to park in there, make sure that you park your car in such a way that it is in the clear visual range of installed security cameras. In this way, you might be successful in catching the thief.

Where’s your spare key?
Keep track of your car keys. Are you one of the folks who make mistake of keeping their car’s spare keys under their car seat or inside their car?

Criminals know that many people make this mistake of keeping spare key inside. Moreover, officer will ask you the first question after theft, “where is your car key sir?”

Before reaching near your car make sure that you have car key in your hands so that you don’t search frantically for it into your pockets and giving spare time to the thief to attack you and steal your car meanwhile.

Lock the Doors and Windows
Locking the doors and windows is extremely important as far as the security of a person is concerned. While leaving your car in the parking lot, double check the locks and make sure that there is no space for the windows to pull down by force etc.

Also, at any stopping point, make sure that you have enough between your car and the adjacent one so that when someone attacks you then you can flee safely at least from the area.

Don’t use Phone
We are so busy in our life that most of the time we stick to our smart phones. But if you are doing so, you never know that an intruder is already waiting for you in the car.

This is because expert thieves know that how people are distracted and they don’t even know if someone is sitting at their backseat waiting for the victim to enter and get attacked.
So, until you have safely reached your car don’t use it.

Don’t leave something expensive

There are a lot of people who often leave their personal belongings or valuable things in their car in order to do their work mean while. But this negligence of yours is enough to bait the thief and by the time you come back, there will be nothing left.

There was an incident once when a person left his purse but under the front seat hoping that no one would notice it. For further safety he locked the car properly but the grave mistake he made was that one of his back window was slightly down approx. 2 inches. But these two inches were enough for the thieves to steal all the money!

Install anti theft device
Anti theft devices can be a good option in order to secure your car. Car insurance companies often lower their rates if they find any anti theft device installed in your car which is an added bonus.

There are various anti theft products available like steering wheel lock system, hood lock, tire lock, electronic immobilizers and kill switch to shut down the electrical system of your car. These systems often help in securing your car to some extent.

Also take help of technology. Systems like OnStar use GPS technology to pinpoint your vehicle and transmit that information to police. Take help of security system cameras to track and validate your car’s theft act.

Various mobile apps also give great deal of security to your vehicle in your absence. Safewise system finder tool is also a good gadget to keep your car safe.
Otherwise there are various siren based alarm systems that activate when someone touches your car’s exterior.

Most thefts occur near residences. In winters, we often leave our car running for the engine to warm up but the intruders take advantage of that time when you are gone and steal it.

Safety is in our hands. You can also help yourself by being aware of your surroundings. These are easy things to follow. So, why not change your resolution this year if you have encountered such bad incident of car theft before?

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