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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Check out Mileage increasing maintenance tips at PartsAvatar Aftermarket Auto Parts.

Is your car having bad mileage? Or are you having frequent visits to the gas station? We have listed some important maintenance tips in order to gain your car’s mileage so read them out! - Brought to you by PartsAvatar car exhaust.

We know what we strive for most while shopping for a car- its looks and mileage. Gas mileage is foremost because with rising gas prices, it is not economical to drive using low mileage cars. So it is important to maintain and upgrade car performance parts in order to keep the car mileage constant.

But what if you are experiencing bad mileage? is your hard earned cash been used frequently on gas. You may need to upgrade some auto parts as many car parts experience wear and tear and they need to be replaced in order to achieve optimum performance.

Properly inflate car tires
Underinflated tires are not safe to drive, don’t have better handling, have short period and give degraded fuel economy. Make sure not to overly inflate car tire as traction is reduced in such case.

Reduced tire pressure means increased contact area between tire and the road. The friction between tire rubber and the road thus increases resulting in high fuel consumption. So make sure not to keep them underinflated.

Don’t skip Car maintenance schedule
Never skip them. Delaying car servicing would definitely increase the chance of having degraded fuel economy. So make sure that you never skip it and you will surely notice change or hike in gas mileage.

Also overall performance of your car optimizes too after servicing. So all in all it’s not a bad idea to give your car for servicing.

Respect the accelerator
By respect I mean to say that gently press the accelerator pedal or brake pedal. This is because in order to gain long term use out of car parts it’s very important to be not harsh with car controls.

Slamming on brakes or rough acceleration is one of the major causes behind the fuel economy degradation.
Quick acceleration consumes too much fuel, so accelerate slowly and gradually to save fuel.

Oil change – every 3 months
Oil change is necessary. Your car’s engine becomes fatigued due to high temperature, friction and constant usage. Oil works like blood to the car’s engine. In contrast the engine is heart of your car.

So in order for your heart i.e. car engine to work efficiently it is very important to schedule oil change every 3000 miles or 3 months for better performance and uninterrupted flow.
This not only improves engine’s performance but it also helps in increasing fuel economy.

Check fluids
Check your fluids regularly. Car seems like human body. Loss of fluids in human body causes dehydration, same goes for car as it gravely starts to impact gas mileage as a result.

Avoid using clutch too much
Unnecessary usage of clutch often wastes fuel. Know where you need to use them and avoid where you can.

Decrease extra weight
Note that the extra weight is the enemy of car’s fuel economy. The push to make cars lighter is playing a lead role in improving fuel economy in modern cars.

Lose weight to get better mileage. According to a study reducing weight by 5% from your car led to increase in fuel economy by 2.1 %.

Avoid idling
Idle engine in traffic lights is not good for mileage. Idling gets zero miles per gallon and collectively consumes several billion gallons of fuel per year according to U.S. Department of Energy.

Engine should be turned off if you have to wait for the traffic to move for more than 10 seconds. Turning the car off would be preferably better option.

Maintain constant speed
Speed not only kills people but also kills fuel economy of your car. It could be fun or thrilling experience to drive in high speed but in actuality you are killing your car’s mileage.

Try to maintain a constant speed in order to put less effort on car’s engine while accelerating or de-accelerating unnecessarily.
This will definitely reduce fuel consumptions.

Take it Easy on AC

Driving with car’s air conditioner on could give you a comfortable ride in summers but it is also helpful in increasing car’s fuel economy. How? This is because in order for the car air conditioning system to work, we roll up the windows.

But if the car windows are open, the cross ventilation causes more air drag for the car. This results in more fuel usage thus decreasing fuel economy.

Check Spark Plugs
Spark plugs are vital parts of car’s ignition system. If they go bad your engine wont start at all. Your car’s fuel economy depends gravely on spark plugs.

According to researches, spark plugs can deduce up to 30 % of fuel economy if they start malfunctioning. So what’s the remedy? Of course replace spark plugs and save your car engine from misfiring.

Misaligned wheels also have poorer fuel economy as the misaligned wheels have greater resistance with the road leading to higher gas mileage.

So your safety and better gas mileage depends upon properly aligned wheels. Also misaligned tires drag instead of rolling freely on the road. Uneven tire wear results in low gas mileage. check owner manual for more information on alignment of wheels.

Replace filters
Car Filters such as oil filter, fuel filter or air filter if clogged, gravely impact the working and performance of car’s engine. Don’t let the dirty oil, air or fuel to enter into the engine and disturb its performance.

Make sure to timely replace clogged or malfunctioning car filters and you can yourself witness change in the fuel economy and that too would be a positive change. 

These tips are quite easy to apply. What you need to do is to change your car driving habits. Slamming, skipping scheduled servicing would definitely result in bad mileage.

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