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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Have a look at the Safety tips to drive in fog by PartsAvatar Car Body Parts !!

If you are living in a foggy region, you MUST read the safety tips for driving your vehicle.-Brought to you by PartsAvatar Car Lighting.

Driving in fog can be extremely dangerous. You don’t know what you might face ahead because there is zero visibility. In that case, it becomes must to check on your car’s lighting and fix or buy car headlights or replace car fog lights that have worn down by time.

Automotive lightings help provide best visibility on road and also alert other drivers on road of your presence. Every year dense fog causes major accidents when drivers were reportedly unable to detect the presence of oncoming car.

Keeping safety as our major concern, it becomes necessary to follow some safe driving tips in order to return safely. Check them out and make sure to have a safe and pleasant ride by implementing them even in deadliest fog.

Check the mirrors and slow down

Don’t drive fast in fog. It is totally insane to do so because you don’t know what is ahead of you. If you are new to a region then you must take this precaution because you never know if the road ends ahead of you or if there is any round about.

The best remedy is to slow down in such case. Drastically decrease your speed while driving in fog. This means that turns, obstacles and other vehicles will first appear when you are already upon them.
Use your car’s speedometer as a guide to regulate your speed on road because thick fog masks the sensation of speed by removing visual indicators of velocity.

Using Fog Lights
Use your cars’ fog lights if and only if the fog is thick. They will work with the headlights turned on. Some states’ highway laws state that you should only use your car’s fog lights when the visibility drops below 100m.

Not using fog lamps would definitely impact the safety of you and other motorists on road. You could be charged with inappropriate driving if found guilty of driving without fog lamps turned on.
Not just this, but if you are driving without fog lamps turned on and unluckily if you get into an accident then you won’t be able to claim insurance because you were gravely involved in it.

Low beams only
When visibility is restricted, a drivers’ natural tendency is to activate the high beam headlights. Using high beams can decrease your visibility especially in fog. So, use low beams!

This is explained scientifically. Brighter light increase your visibility in most situations, the stronger beams will reflect off the water particles in fog and make it appear denser.

Rely on pavement lines
You must rely on right side pavement line for guidance. Look at the white light painted on the right side of the pavement. Don’t follow the center pavement markings because by doing this you are only moving closer to the immediate vehicle ahead of you.

Talking about distance? Yes maintaining distance is very important. If you have this habit of overtaking or asking for give ways then be wise and don’t ask especially in fog. The safer the distance is the less will be the possibility of getting hit.

Avoid Slamming on brakes
Car braking is important but avoid slamming on them. Its a great risk especially on highways where pile of cars are running on road at high speeds so you can’t take risk of braking unnecessarily because this would definitely increase the possibility of getting hit by the rear side of your vehicle.

Maintain a substantial distance for the car in front of you and make it 5 times as you do in normal situation.
This is because its not only you who is on the road and driving with estimates and cautions. If you apply car brake in the middle, a chain reaction could be expected as the vehicles behind you will start hitting each others’ rear as a result.
So, always go easy on brakes and maintain a decent slow speed.

Avoid driving after sun set or morning
Fog generally occurs in the morning or evening so if you can then avoid going in such dense situation. Sunsets and sunrise are the peak time for fog formation.

Check online or check weather forecast of the region where you need to go before heading off. But if you need to, keep these above tips in mind for safe ride.

Windshield Maintenance
Of course it’s important! How will you drive when you can’t see a thing on road? We often oversight this problem.

Due to chilly weather we all turn on car heaters while driving. But sometimes, moisture frequently starts occurring on the windshield which ultimately obstructs our view. You can avoid this problem by adjusting car’s defroster and windshield wiper in a way that suits the driving condition.

Make sure that the windshield wiper is working properly. If its wiper blades have been broken or need repair, then waste no time in getting them replaced by all means. Also make sure that the windshield of your car is clear because dirty windshield often obstructs the view and here in case of fog you can’t take chance with obstructed view at all.

Also, work on your focus. Don’t let anyone or anything distract your mind and eyes from the road. Don’t use mobile phones, loud music and avoid taking pets or small kids with you on journey because they will definitely need attention. Any distraction could lead to fatal accident so avoid.

Keep a look out for other vehicle’s light. Red lights are easier to identify than white lights. But if you have less vision, avoid going out or if it is very important, you can hire a cab.

Follow these tips but foremost make sure the automotive lightings are working fine. If they are working fine and your driving habits are modest then don’t worry, you can still drive like a pro.

Looking for auto parts? Don’t worry; PartsAvatar Car Parts has got everything you need so place your order today with confidence!!


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