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Monday, February 12, 2018

Looking for perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your gear head partner ?? PartsAvatar lists down the gifts that every gear head would love!!

Are you in love with someone who is in love with their car?? Are you competing with a hunk of steel for your beau’s attention? Don’t worry, PartsAvatar lists down ideas that you can use to impress your gear head, this Valentine! – Brought to you by PartsAvatar Aftermarket Auto Parts!!

If you want to express your love this valentine, in automotive way, don’t worry there is something in here for everyone! Check out this list and please your better half this Valentine’s Day!

An Exotic Car rental
Rental companies often offer exotic car collection that is perfect for Valentine’s Day including Maseratis, Porsche, Aston Martin and Jaguar etc. You can fulfil your partner’s dream of holding the steering for one day by renting it.

You can also pick him up surprisingly or may go on a long drive in a rented luxury car. Your partner is definitely going to love it. But beware, there may be a possibility that the rental car may steel your lover’s the attention for whole day!

Fulfil his/her dream of need for speed!
Most auto enthusiasts yearn to get behind the wheel of an exotic supercar and drive it like the pros do in the movies. Cloud 9 living can make your lover’s dream come true. Exotic car experiences are the perfect gift for someone’s need for speed. Enrol him/her now.

If your gear head is an avid formula drift or racing fan, schedule lessons for your partner to improve his performance driving skills.

Why not gift car care product?

You can gift your partner a car care kit that helps bring out the shine of his/her car. If you want to buy one, head over to PartsAvatar auto accessories because we have a huge collection of car care stuff that you can buy on your fingertips.

Ford Mustang Replica Pool Table!
Every Car guy needs pool table in his basement. You want to transform one or even buy one? Well, the Car guy garage in Chicago creates amazing decor for car lovers. The table is finished with high quality auto paint and is available in variety of colors. Canadians can easily order it from car guy.

Tickets to Canadian international Auto Show!!
Car lovers are diehard fans of auto shows. They highly anticipate the auto shows to know what new models have been introduced in the market by their favourite auto giant.

In February, Toronto hosts Canada’s largest auto show. You can delight your partner by gifting him the tickets to auto show on Valentine’s Day. You can also tag along because there is always more stuff to enjoy in these events even if you are not a gear head. Check the official website for dates and other details.

Car Magazine Subscription!!
It’s a pleasure for those car heads to love to read latest editions of their favourite auto magazine. Why not fulfil their wish?

Subscribe to their favourite auto magazine so that they can gaze at their favourite cars as long as they want!

Help your Car head in finding his/her car keys!!

They are definitely going to love this one. Everyone has this habit of misplacing car keys and then turning the whole house upside down in its search.

Why not decrease their tension? They really need TrackR key chain. TrackR is the best key chain in the auto market which connects to TrackR app. The Keychain beeps when you tap the app to find your car keys.

It even shows you its location on a map. Isn’t it great? A lot of time is wasted while looking for the keys. So help them save time!!

Car Seat Massage Cushion for a relaxed ride!!
Long rides, or congested rush hour drives often result in stressful rides. Show your care for your lover by gifting him a car seat massage cushion.

You can also present him heated cushions if e doesn’t have one. It is definitely going to make his/her ride blissful.

Gift him/her uniquely crafted autodromo watch!

Every auto enthusiast loves autodromo watches. Its unique products express the spirit of motoring. With their dashboard gauge faces that are inspired by cars from different eras, Autodromo has found a different way to give drivers style and panache.
So, why not give your partner a real joy?

Buy a new car if your Budget Allows!!
It’s quite a big deal, but if your budget allows you then why not gift him/her a new car? There are various models available under different budgets. Or even more, if you know which car model your partner is crazy about or keeps dreaming on, you can fulfil his/her dream by buying her one.

He will be stunned for sure on your surprise.

If your budget is not that high, you can do one more thing. Why not help your gear hear upgrade his car parts. Aftermarket auto parts are available online at affordable rates and under guarantee. So, take an initiative and help him get his old car back on road by upgrading its parts.

Maybe your lover’s Car needs a Spa session!!
Buying a car spa voucher for your gear head may become his best valentine gift ever. Experienced folks ensure that your car is in good hands with deep exterior cleaning, interior detailing, engine bay clean up and much more.

If your car or bike is new you can add Teflon coating to spa package, to make sure the paint life stays longer.

Buy them additional accessories!
The additional accessories and add ons make a car more expensive. Most of us leave some of the accessories. You can help him buy one.

Options include head lights, speaker units, infotainment system, navigation system and security system.

Tires are also one of the most expensive auto parts of a car and are not easy to replace at once. You can help decrease their burden by replacing them. Lovely looking alloy wheels are always yearned by motorists you can even buy them one.

So, as you have read above, there is everything for everyone. Make their valentine day special by choosing something they love. They are definitely going to cherish it forever!


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