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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Our Favourite day of the year is here- Family Day!! Check out Some amazing events and activities happening across Canada @PartsAvatar!!

Looking to do something amazing on the family day weekend? Want to make it a memorable day for your family? There are plenty of events to enjoy in Canada. Want to know? Read Further!!- Brought to you by PartsAvatar Canada.

Enjoy the break between New Year’s and Easter while emphasizing the importance of family life, this Family Day. Even though Canada is celebrating family day on two different dates, no need to worry, there are plenty of family day events to please your family.

Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario celebrate family day on the third Monday of the February while British Columbia has chosen to celebrate it on the second Monday in February.

A private member’s bill to establish family day on the third Monday in February was introduced in 1994 by Bob Chisholm in BC legislature. And subsequently BC’s first family day was observed on February 18, 2013. B.C. designated the second Monday of February as a statutory holiday in 2013, following the steps of Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta where the mid winter holiday takes place on the third Monday of the month.

Now, let us see how Canada celebrates family day!!

Alberta- Meet the Polar Bear!

Bundle up your family and get closer for some family day fun at the Edmonton Valley Zoo! Stay warm while you visit polar bear craft table, participate in a scavenger hunt and learn more about Zoo’s Arctic ambassador program.

Visit free photo booth to take a family memory. You can also enjoy other fun stuff like visiting the face painting station and warming yourself with a cup of hot chocolate.
You can also join St. Albert’s fire and ice festival if your family loves skating. This free event offers skating, pond hockey and live entertainment. There is also a fire hose tug of war and stunning performance by fire artist.

Want to go back in time? You can visit Edmonton’s Rutherford house for traditional indoor and outdoor family games and some fresh historic treat.

Don’t forget Eau Clair market where first 500 guests are given complementary hot chocolate and coffee. This free carnival themed event offers games, live entertainment, magic show, ice carving demonstrations and more.

If your family is a petrol head, then you need not worry, the activities at Alberta’s gasoline alley museum won’t disappoint you. Be the first to cross the finish line and get your own limited edition gasoline alley driver’s license.

Get Crafty with Saskatchewan
Already have family plans? Visit the 4cats studio and show your crafting skills in their offered projects. Book your spot at workshops that are strictly for kids. Don’t worry if you can’t make it on family day because the studio offers workshops all year round!
Check out their official website for more information and book your seats now.

Louis Riel Day in Manitoba!
Louis Riel, the M├ętis leader is regarded as the father of Manitoba. This name was suggested by Manitoba’s school students in his honour and was first celebrated on February 18, 2008.

Get crafty and enjoy live performances at children’s museum in Winnipeg. They call it Franco fun day.

Enjoy family day weekend with activities like skating, live music and traditional meal all weekend long at Festival Du Voyageur.

Ontario is full of family events!!
Art gallery of Ontario becomes kid’s gallery of Ontario during family day weekend. It hosts wide range of fun stuff like workshops to keep your inner artist alive. Try jump roping, create your own kite, and watch family friendly movies and much more.

If your family loves animals, then you got to visit Hamilton kid’s fest at the Canadian warplane heritage museum. Enjoy all kinds of rides, puppet shows and even exotic animal exhibits, craft workshops and more.

Admission is free at Toronto’s waterfront. So bring your furry family members and take in woof jocks Canine all star show.

Glide hand in hand during a family skate, watch stunning jaw dropping performances and then warm up with hot cocoa at harbour kids skating festival at harbour front centre. Admission is free.

TIFF next wave film festival showcases movies from around the world with other interactive activities. So if your kid is a movie freak, it’s going to be the best day of him there for sure!

Stunning events at British Columbia!!

If you see a creative artist in your kid, take them to children’s art festival in Richmond for a full day workshop and activities. They can register for classes on topics like puppet making, cartooning, musical theatre and more.

Love under water fun? Want to spend family day with whale? Get all the underwater fun at Vancouver aquarium and participate in sea themed experiments. You can even set a camp in the underwater view gallery.

Residents of B.C. don’t stop here. Get ready for some snowy fun! Get 50% off full day tickets at whistler Blackcomb and there will plenty of awesome activities like ski runs, snowshoe tours, relaxing at Nintendo gaming lounges and much more.

Love mountain bike ride? Bear Mountain grants your wish along with other indoor and outdoor activities like fun rounds of tennis and coloring contest. If you are golf crazy, then you can brush up your golf skills here at free one hour golf lessons from a certified instructor. Want to make it a weekend get away? Check out their website!
New Brunswick has become the newest province to observe family day beginning on February 19, 2018.

Although they are not known as family day, to follow the suit, four other Canadian provinces and territories (Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Yukon) created similar February holidays in order to break up the long stretch between New Year and Easter.

Family day is called islander day in Prince Edward’s island, heritage day in Nova Scotia and Yukon. Although the government and many businesses are closed on this day, it is not a statutory holiday.

Try to spend the day without your phone in order to re enforce the quality family time. Happy family day from PartsAvatar Auto Parts. Visit our official website and shop for quality aftermarket auto products with free shipping facility over $99.


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