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Friday, March 30, 2018

Is your Car AC increasing your fuel consumption?? Replace car cooling depot and car parts at PartsAvatar Car Parts Online.

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your car’s air conditioner is something which you can drive without especially if you are inhabitant for summery climate. Cooling depot of your car must be serviced and maintained in order to give you soothing feeling in such hot weather.

Its good to drive on with constant Air conditioning being switched on, as it surely impacts your performance as a driver and comfort ability for sure. But have you ever wondered what it does to our car’s fuel economy?
Constantly running air conditioner does impact a truck or car’s performance. Studies say that the fuel consumption increases by 10% and vehicle runs more slowly after such rapid usage of AC.

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Most cars’ air conditioner and other heating devices require engine’s power for its operation. The air conditioner’s load depends upon the vehicle’s interior size and outdoor temperature. Moreover in winters’ the car a/c is also engaged along with defroster to keep the windshield from getting foggy.

Impact on fuel consumption

Have you been driving to the fuel station often these days to get your fuel tank filled? If this has been happening for a while, then you must remember for what time the car’s air conditioner had been operating to keep you cool in hot temperature?

You can say that frequent and long term use of car’s air conditioner impacts’ car’s engine performance and the fuel consumption increases rapidly depending on the condition under which both your car and the air conditioning system are working.
The conditions mainly include the size of the interior of your car, the outside temperature, humidity, solar radiation, cabin temperature, engine performance, driving speed and the most important time of air conditioner’s usage!

The more you use it the more would be the engine under the pressure to provide the power in order to run the air conditioner.

What we can do to conserve fuel?
In addition to constant air conditioner usage, there are some ways by which you can do something for your car’s engine and save its performance.
You must know where you need to use the air conditioner and where to not. Sometimes, some people do not turn off the A/C even when they don’t need it. Your carelessness is causing your car a lot, so switch it off!

Talking about driving habits, we need to avoid aggressive driving techniques. The fuel mileage increases often when we press on the accelerator pedal and drive rashly.
Hit the re circulating button because it requires less energy because you are cooling only the air that is already present in your vehicle, so in that way, the air conditioner wont have to convert the warm air from outside into the cooler one.

Once the air is much cooler, turn it back, to circulate only cooler air trapped inside the cabin and the AC will work at its best.

Why not partially open the window on a hot day? This is because on a hot summery day, the cabin of your car is bound has no circulation of air. Leave the window partially down in order to reduce the hot air. The car’s air conditioner works more effectively when there is less hot air inside. So let the hot air out by doing so and see the upgrading car’s air conditioner performance.

Consider using the flow through ventilation when you are on the highway, and open your windows and sunroof while driving in the city. If your car is featured with an auto AC or climate control then start the AC at the lowest speed, this will be quickest way to decrease the temperature inside the car.

If your car has auto air conditioner triggered then use it at low speed as this will be quickest way to decrease the temperature inside the car. Adjust it as per your requirements. Open the window fully, blast the manual air conditioner at the highest speed and drive for some kilometres before you feel there is cool air flowing through the air conditioner vents.

Park your vehicle under a shady tree. The car will require less cooling from the air conditioning at start up if it is parked in the shade. If the shaded area is unavailable, using window shades will help to decrease the heat intake of your car when it is parked.

Now that you know how to use air conditioner of your car properly, make sure to keep it maintained for its better performance. Check out the car air conditioner performance before summer arrives and check its components’ working.
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