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Monday, April 9, 2018

Buy Anco parts and Stay safe on road @ PartsAvatar Car parts Canada.

Be safe on road and follow car safety tips here at PartsAvatar car online parts.

Driving can be a joyful experience if it done safely. Whether you own a 4*4 for thrill or adventure, it is very important to prefer safety over thrill. Most accidents happen on road due to cars either by getting hit or by hitting other motorists or pedestrians on the road.

This can happen due to numerous reasons. Always keep your maintained for better driveability. You can replace car body parts that have been broken or damaged in a collision before at aftermarket prices and find those parts at PartsAvatar car replacement parts.
It is our duty to stay safe and follow safety tips that we will be providing here.

Never drive under alcohol’s influence!
It is extremely dangerous you know when you think of driving without your senses properly working. The thing is simple and clear, how will you focus on the road with your blurry vision?

This is why it is illegal in every nation and you get heavily fined or even jailed depending upon the crime you commit unintentionally while driving under alcohols’ influence. Many people run into poles and damage their car as well as themselves or they would just hit the pedestrians because they cant see anything clearly.

Even you can sleep in your car when you are not sober, it is also illegal and you are bound to get your licence suspended for certain period. Make sure that you are not sleeping at the driving seat and don’t withhold the car keys with you. Also, there are numerous car services that are available for those who are not sober. 

Why indulge in something that is too dangerous? Call them and get in your house safe and sound.
Many people call their acquaintance or they take help of someone who is sober to drop them home. If you are alone and you have to get back, you can make choice to drink or not!

Distractive driving- Say No!
When we are driving, our main focus should be on the road only. Get rid of everything that diverts your focus from the road. This often leads to fatal accident.
One of the distracting objects is our Smartphone. In today’s world, we have become so much addicted to hand held devices that we cant let go of them even when we want to. You know, it is also a crime to text while driving or using cell phone to make an important call. That person on the other line could wait but not the situation in front of you.

Holding steering wheel with one hand and keeping one hand on cell phone, would definitely clinch your attention from road.
Dogs, infants often avert our attention. In that case, you must keep yourself calm and make them seated safely, so that you won’t have to look backwards after every short period just to check on them.

Even it will become difficult to claim insurance money if you are found guilty of driving distractingly.
You must pre plan things like choosing your playlist before moving on, turning on your favourite radio station or setting navigations.

Adjust according to weather

A lot of people fall prey to weather conditions. In extreme weather like fog, mist, rain, storm, snow it becomes almost difficult to watch the road and our locomotion also depends on the weather.

It is extremely important to follow safety instructions in such weather. For example, you must watch or check the news as govt. News agencies alert us of the upcoming weather. Find a safe high place and leave your car for your own safety.

In case of rain, never drive with high speeds because there is a high risk of hydroplaning and when your car tires loose traction there is often an increasing risk of sliding, skidding or fish tailing which is not at all good. It is such situation where you almost loose control of your car and at worst, you could end up getting hit.

Never drive too fast. The braking distance increases in such situation so make sure to maintain more than appropriate distance between your and the car in front of you. In fog, try to follow slow motion and follow the tail light of the ongoing car. If you are not sure whether you can get out safely, the best way is to park it at a safer place and save yourself first.

Always, make sure to maintain your car parts before you head out. You must not drive with underinflated tires as the flat tire would increase trouble for you as help would also reach to you after long time. Windshield wipers should not be broken and make sure that the washer fluid tank has been topped up as you will definitely need it. We recommend using Anco wiper blades for best performance.

Light shouldn’t be dim. They should be in good working condition. So, make sure to replace headlights of your car if you are driving with damaged lights.
So, now that you know how to make yourself safe on the road, follow these easy tips and help yourself and other motorist to reach their destination safely.
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