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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Upgrade your safety on road by installing car lights from PartsAvatar Car online parts.

Automotive lightings are some of the must have car parts! Do you know what you need to enhance? Do you know how many lights are fit commonly in our car? Head over to PartsAvatar Auto lightings and replace damaged lights for better vision!!
 Automotive lightings are vital for passenger’s safety, comfort and vehicle styling. The technology used in lightings has rapidly expanded to make the lighting more value added, safer and pleasing to the users.

There are many important lights such as headlights, beam lights, taillights etc. that play pivotal role with respect to night driving situation as well as extreme temperature. A car’s various lights have specific functions to either help the driver or to signal to other drivers. When used improperly, or not at all, accidents can happen. This is why it is very important to identify the different lamps and lights which we work with!


Have you ever driven at night and noticed the oncoming cars headlights are gone! You will be scared to death especially if the road is pitch black with no traffic or street lamp illuminating for your assistance. At that time, you feel like how could someone survive while driving at night without properly working headlights?

Moreover car headlights can be classified into low beams and high beam lights. The headlights play crucial role in alerting the oncoming driver of your presence in a pitch black night or on a foggy day.
But what are low beams and high beams used for? When you lateral illumination in forward direction, you can turn on your low beams because they will provide you lateral perfect view without blinding the other drivers on the road with excessive glare.
Similarly, high beams provide an intense, centre weighted distribution of light with no particular control of glare and should only be used when there are no visible cars in front of you.

The LED replacement headlights are popular now a days so, you can also switch to them in order to get something fancy but make sure that your govt. Laws permit you to do so. This is because a lot of people get fined because of inappropriate use of car headlights.

Fog lights
When you drive in dense fog, all you need is a good vision in front of you. But what if you cant provide yourself that much and end up in an accident? Fog is such thing that gives you a feeling as if you are driving in that very confined area and you don’t even know what is in front of you. At that time, fog lights can change your life.

Fog lights are made in such a way that they are mounted low on earth and they prevent the light from refracting on fog and glaring back towards you. But while using fog lights, you need to be extremely careful because, many states in Canada are strict with the usage of fog lights. So, take a note on that.

Tail lights
At your car’s rear end, these tail lights alert the vehicle at your back of your presence on the road. They illuminate red light at the rear of the vehicle and are wired such that they are lit when headlights are on.

Give your car or truck an appearance makeover and increase driving safety by installing custom taillights. Taillights are triggered when headlights are on or when the parking brake is on. So, it becomes necessary to follow maintenance schedules for your car’s tail lights in order to get the best performance and safety.

Daytime running lamps
Daytime running lights are relatively new feature on most cars. They are located in front of a vehicle and they remain on whenever the car engine is running. They are dim and don’t illuminate the road ahead of them much.

Its only purpose is to increase the visibility of your car so that other drivers can see on the road. At night, your headlights and tail lights are illuminated, which means that its easy for other drivers to spot you.
These lights are located in both the front and rear of the car and turn on automatically.

Also known as hazard lights, they are located in front and rear of the vehicle. When turned on they admit a flashing signal that flash in unison to warn other drivers that the vehicle is a temporary obstruction. Every country has its relative strictness in regards to the flashers. For instance, you are not permitted to use flashers on motorway in New Zealand.

They are used to warn the drivers that you are in some kind of hazard.

Brake lights
Illuminating car brake lights are crucial for your safety as they indicate that your car is slowing down or has stopped, giving other cars an alert and time to stop so they don’t crash into you.

Make sure to maintain them properly.
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