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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Immerse in the indigenous culture of aboriginals this National aboriginal day! Here is what you need to know about them, check it out!!

Are you interested in Canadian Aboriginal people and their culture? Well, National Aboriginal day is a best chance for you to learn about them and their contribution in nation’s development. PartsAvatar salutes the spirit of Aboriginals and here is what you need to know about them. - Brought to you by PartsAvatar Car Parts.

Canada is a country which showcases diverse cultures. National Aboriginal day is held on June 21 every year to celebrate the unique heritage and diverse cultures of nation’s aboriginal people. But do you which communities make aboriginal group in Canada? What do they do to celebrate? We answer your questions ahead!

First of all, you need to know which community comprises of aboriginals. Basically there are three identified aboriginal groups in Canada- Indian (First nations), Inuit and Métis. These groups have diverse culture, heritage, language and traditions.

It is an amazing opportunity to check out some amazing performances by indigenous artists. Also, June marks peak summer time so there are more than enough reasons to get out of your house and enjoy the cultural activities of Inuit, Métis, Indians, aboriginals and natives.

National aboriginal day events are held in every region across Canada. Events include Summer Solstice festivals, social gatherings with traditional music and dance, feasts and much more. First, let us read some facts about this day.

Celebrating unique culture!!
National Aboriginal day celebrates unique heritage of nation’s aboriginal groups such as first nations, Inuit and Métis. Be it indigenous artists Taboo Nawasha or Cree politician Robert falcon Ouellette, millions of people around the world gather around to celebrate this day in Canada.

More than 2 decades old!!
Canada’s Governor General Romeo Leblanc proclaimed the first National Aboriginal day in 1996. It took consultations with first nation, Inuit and Métis people. The idea for a nationwide day to celebrate indigenous culture and contributions was introduced in 1982. So, we can say that National aboriginal day is more than two decades old.

Not a Statutory holiday.
National Aboriginal day is not a statutory holiday in most of the Canada. However, it is considered as a statutory holiday in Northwest Territories. Northwest Territories have been celebrating this holiday as statutory since 2001 and now even Yukon have come forward to declare it statutory holiday.

June marks National Aboriginal history month!
In 2009, House of Commons unanimously voted that June be adopted as National Aboriginal history month. At that time Democratic Party MP Jean Crowder said “reconciliation must be built through positive steps that show respect and restore trust”.

Entire nation participate in the round dance at same time!!

In every single city across the country, people gather participate in a round dance at the same time. It is claimed to be world’s largest round dance. The dance is shown in the real time, in all the participating cities on big screens. Representatives would gather around people to dance and at 2.26 P.M. dance will begin.

So, would you like to try a round dance? Why it is called round dance, this is because people join hands to form a circle as a symbol of equality.

Now that we have known amazing facts about National Aboriginal day, many big events are organized across Canada.

So check out how you can celebrate this indigenous festival.

Val d’Or in Quebec
The Val d’Or kina wit cultural center hosts a public ceremony. The festivities include traditional songs, dancing and drumming.
There will activities for children, forest walks and guided tours of the site.

Explore Métis culture!
Métis nation of Alberta and Métis crossing host a celebration for National aboriginal day. It is a perfect chance to learn about their culture through different organized events as cultural interpretation, genealogy exhibit, on site concession and elder’s lounge.

Visit Powwow competition in Ottawa!!
Powwow completion is the heart of the national aboriginal day festivities. Powwow attracts best singers and dancers from North America to compete for $75000 in prizes.
Powwow is not all about competition. People gather together to celebrate, share, sing, dance and eat with their friends. It is a complete family event.

Enjoy pancake breakfast in Vancouver!
Celebrate national aboriginal day on unceded Coast Salish territory at Trout Lake. Aboriginal groups like first nations, Inuit and Métis gather to share their spirit, experiences, songs, art and dance.

It’s a family friendly event with no alcohol or drug permitted. Get there early to enjoy their traditional pancake breakfast!

Catch Leonard Sumner at Indigenous art festival in Fork York!

Toronto produces dozens of major events to highlight the diversity and vibrance of indigenous cultures. Leonard Sumner is a star attraction that takes part in indigenous arts festival at fork York in Toronto.

Join the aboriginal cultural festival in Victoria.
Join the songhees and Esquimalt nations in celebrating National aboriginal day weekend with music, dance, food and its FREE!

It features three days of performances on outdoor stage in the plaza at Royal BC museum. All weekend the festival will open with performances from two local host nations and much more. Check the schedule here.

Celebrate Midnight Sun Run in Inuvik!
You can experience summer solstice in Northwest Territories by joining northerners in Inuvik for festive events like traditional dancing, drumming and foods to a midnight sun run in celebration of summer solstice.

Experience what it is like to be out in streets long after midnight, above the Arctic Circle.

The luminato festival in Toronto
Luminato is Toronto’s international multi arts festival dedicated to performance, visual art, music and dance and programming that cuts across traditional art form boundaries.
So, it’s a good way to explore unique traditions in this festival.

So, what are you waiting for? Inuit’s, Métis and other indigenous cultures have lots of things to offer. North West territories are worth exploring. So, if you love adventures then unleash the explorer within you and explore these marvelous places with unique cultures and traditions.

Dancing and music is a binding force between every human being. If you love dancing, why not try your moves in round dance? I am sure you are going to be a star there!


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