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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Did you know that it was the American car maker Packard that was 1st to introduce A/C units into cars in 1939? Read this article to know more about Car heating and air conditioning system. will tell you why maintaining your car’s heating & air conditioning systems is so essential

The summers have arrived, so you must get your car air conditioning system repaired if it is performing poorly. But if you think that your car A/c system is working fine, even then it is important to get it checked once as well as your car heating system.

Your car heating system plays a major role in cooling down the car engine during the hot summer days and during the cold months; A/c system plays an important role. If you will ignore the performance issues, then it can lead to expensive repairs in the future.

Have a look at 2 fun facts about your Car Heating and Air Conditioning

Fun Fact 1 – Heaters keep engine cool

You must be thinking that it is strange, but yes! Car engine cooling system gets cool down because of heating system.  A lot of heat is produced by the engine in the form of friction and combustion and large amount of heat is expelled by the exhaust system, but now the heat which is remaining should be dissipated. There is a mixture of water as well as antifreeze which keeps on circulating through the engine block and radiator and extra amount of heat is then released into the atmosphere. And when the days are cold, this heat is redirected in the car itself so that it can provide warmth to the drivers as well as other passengers. So if your heating system is not functioning properly, then it could lead to the overheating of the engine on hot summer days and it can also breakdown completely.

Fun Fact 2- Air Conditioning helps defrost windshields

During the chilled winter mornings, if you are able to see your breath but it is not visible through your windshield because it is entirely covered with frost, then it can be because of your car air conditioning system. The A/c helps in defrost as well as defogging the car windshield by pulling the humidity out. So, if you are noticing any defogging problems, then there are chances that there is some issue with the car air conditioning system.

Reasons why it is so important to maintain them

Reason 1 – Regular maintenance keeps your heating system in good working order

A car heating system has a lot of components like a blower fan, thermostat and a heater core.  They are located under the dashboard and it can be very difficult to locate them and it can even take days to repair it if small issues are not taken care of immediately. You must get it inspected on a regular basis like getting the hoses and belts checked up and make sure that the antifreeze is clean and properly filled. Then the entire system would function properly.

Reason 2- Regular A/c maintenance reduces risk of compressor failure

The most important component of a car air conditioning system is a compressor and that’s the reason why it would cost a lot to get it repaired or replaced. If you will maintain it on a regular basis then it would ensure proper lubrication levels, then it would decrease the risk of premature compressor failure. The most common air conditioning issues are blockages or leaks and it would be better if these problems are caught at an early stage as then it would be easy to cope up with them.

Reason 3 – Heating and A/c system maintenance helps keep you healthy

Car mechanics would inspect the car cabin air filter and if some issues are found in it then it would be replaced during a regular maintenance routine of your auto’s heating and A/c systems. The air before it reaches the dashboard vents is first cleared up by the cabin air filter by trapping the pollen, dangerous bacteria as well as dust so that the passengers breathe fresh air. A lot of issues can be caused if the filters are dirty and clogged like headaches, allergic reactions and some people may even face breathing problems. So it is very important to replace a faulty filter.

If there is some sort of problem with the parts of your car heating and air conditioning system, then you can get them replaced. Visit to get auto parts for your automobile. The products which we offer are of best quality.


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