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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Did you know that there are three types of motor oils – Mineral/regular, Semi-synthetic and Synthetic.

Do you wonder why cars need oil? Parts Avatar will solve this mystery for your!

Your style of driving a car and the engine design of your car both play a major role in deciding that how often you will have to top up the oil in your car. A car consumes both oil as well as fuel.

The causes of engine oil consumption

You must remember that all the automobiles consume oil. The reason behind this is that oil starts entering the combustion chamber and it burns in a similar way as a fuel. This is the reason why you must check your car oil level on a regular basis. The consumption of oil by a car totally depends upon two main factors:
·         The design of an engine
·         The diving style

Engine Design Impacts Combustion and Exhaust

Now all of you are aware that a vehicle design plays a major role in influencing the oil consumption and now in this post we will tell you why it is important to remember that your car oil circulates on a constant basis all around the combustion chamber. This shows that some of it can end up within the chamber. The design of the engine would make it mandatory for the oil to enter the area which is around the piston and valves.

It all depends upon the clearance between the parts that how much amount of oil can enter. These days the engines have comparatively less clearance. This would mean that less amount of oil would be consumed as it would have greater contact with the constituents and would not be able to reach the combustion chamber with ease. This is the first reason why you must use premium oil which is specific to the engine type. Whenever the piston would reach up to the its maximum engine compression and some amount of oil would be sucked in the combustion chamber and it would start burning.

Don’t start thinking that combustion is the only reason why you will start losing oil. It can start evaporating in some other areas as well. The oil which helps in the lubrication of the exhaust valve has to face very high temperatures as well as high pressure gas which would damage the oil and it would lead to its evaporation.

These are the main reasons why the automobiles consume oil. There are some cases where it can be due to combustion in the chamber while in others it can be due to exhaust.

Why do two cars of the similar make and model use different amounts of oil?

The amount of oil consumption which has been covered so far varies from one vehicle to another and totally depends upon its design. But the thing which is most important here to learn is that two same cars can sometimes consume different amount of oil. The reason behind this would be that it depends upon the driving style of an individual.

When the gases start emitting from the combustion chamber, then the area around the exhaust valve would start consuming the oil. If the speed of the engine would start increasing, then simultaneously the exhaust would also start increasing and thus, more oil would be consumed.

So the puzzle behind the disappearing of the oil is because of your car driving style. That total amount of oil consumed would start increasing with the speed of the engine. The design of a car also plays a very significant role and the clearance between the components of the engine would affect the overall oil consumption.

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