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Monday, July 30, 2018

Do you know that first Steering Wheel Invented in Cleveland, Ohio? Read on this article to know more about car steering system

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It is always good to have a powerful car engine as well as great transmission would a lot in transferring the raw energy to the car wheels, but have you ever thought that what would you do if you don’t have a way to control those wheels in the direction where you wish to go? In that case you will be just left with a highly glorified street luge. If you will not have a steering wheel in your car, then your car would just keep on rolling along which would be totally dependent upon the gravity which would take the lead.

You must give equal amount of importance to a car steering wheel as much as you give it to a car engine and transmission. Both of them make efforts to provide energy to the wheels, but it is actually the steering wheel with the help of which you can control the direction of the wheels. It would help you to go right left or in any other direction whatever you wish for.  The main function of the steering wheel is to move the wheels of the car as energy is applied on the wheels. Don’t forget that it is a complex system.

Steering: Essential to Driving

Changing the cars direction would become impossible for us in the absence of a car steering wheel. That’s the reason why it is an important car component which would ensure you a safer driving by giving the power to control the car wheels. We all manipulate the gear shift lever from time to time, but we cannot take our hands off a car steering wheel.

Noticing the Steering Wheel Shaking?

If you are driving your car on road and you find out that your car steering wheel is shaking, then there is definitely some sort of issue with the car suspension system or the car tires. Your wheels can also become loose if you start experiencing the feeling of vibration. Make sure that you get your vehicle inspected from a car mechanic at the first sign of a problem. Then no further damage as well as issues would be caused to your vehicle. If there are some problems with the car tires, then you can always get them aligned as it would reduce the wear and tear on tires.

Basic Steering Components

It doesn’t matter which car you own, its steering mechanism would 3-4 general components. Have a look at them below:

1.      Steering Wheel

All of us are aware what a steering wheel means. We hold and control a car steering wheel during driving. Earlier the steering wheels used to be in a very large diameter and were thinner in size which was made up of plastic. But nowadays, the steering wheels are padded, making you feel comfortable holding them for extended periods.

2.      Steering Shaft and Column

The steering wheel is connected to the steering system with the help of steering column and shaft. The modern cars today have a telescoping steering shaft which has two steel tubes; out of them one is solid while the other one is hollow.

3.      Tie rods
There is a steering knuckle located in every wheel which gets power or fore which is coming from the steering gear with the help of tie rods. The wheels turn because of this transfer of power.
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