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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Do you know that mechanical windshield wipers were patented in 1903 by Mary Anderson but she was told it had no practical purpose.

Parts Avatar Aftermarket Car Parts is here to tell you the importance of Windshield Wipers

If you are thinking about road safety while driving a car, then a windshield glass would pay a very critical part in it. But when we are talking about different weather conditions, then these car windshield wipers would be our saviours.

A lot of drivers do not give much importance or thought to windshield wipers and the washer systems. If you get trapped in a rainstorm, snowfall or got splashed with mud or slush, then windshield wipers would be your first thought. They are a small part of an automobile, but in reality there impact is much bigger than that as they provide us with an overall safety.

We get our cars inspected regularly and get its overall maintenance done, but most of the people do not realize that they are critical to safety. They would provide us with a clear vision which would help us in making safe driving decisions.

Just like any other auto part, our car wiper blades can chip, can start cracking and may not have any efficiency left to clean the car windshield properly. So if you face any issues with your car windshield wipers, then you must get them replaced or repaired.

The windshield wipers play a very major role in the safety of the car driver as well the other passengers sitting in the car. That’s why this auto part should not be neglected and equal amount of importance should be given to this car part like other parts.

Our car windshield is cleaned with the car wipers and it also makes it possible for us to see clearly during the weather of rainfall and storms.  That’s the reason why it should be a part of regular auto maintenance, or otherwise the damaged wipers can drag your lives in risk and the consequences would be dangerous.

How does a wiper function and cleans the windshield?

There is a rubber present at the end of the wipers which helps to clean the windshield. But with the passage of time, these wipers can become hard and brittle, then they would start making some squeaking sound. This sound would mean that the rubber lining which is present on the blades is damaged and then the wipers won’t be able to clean the windshield. The vision of the driver during the journey won’t be clear. It is always better to get your car wipers checked and inspected on a regular basis so that you do not have to face any such condition later on.

Regular maintenance of windshield wiper blades

All of us want to have clear visibility while we are sitting behind the car steering wheel. Therefore, make sure that the wiper blades which you are using are of good quality so that the windshield remains clean. It is recommended by the experts that the wiper blades should be replaced after every six months. Then you will feel confident that the wipers are fully ready to use in tough weather conditions and would also not cause any damage to the car windshield.

Use a soft towel to clean the wiper blades at home before you go out for a ride. You can also inspect your washer system so that there is optimum level of fluid that would help the wiper to clean the car windshield properly.

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