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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Dodge Charger has always been known as a rugged yet stylish muscle car. Have a look at some of its Pros!

Parts Avatar Car Parts Online would tell you some pros of 2017 Dodge Charger

The 2017 is a great family sedan which is loved by many people. This car offers high performance and that’s why it is amongst one of the top performance sedans which are available today. This car is a perfect package because of its significant technology and high level of comfort to its passengers. There are a number of features which are both available inside and out and that is the reason why people can surely choose this car.

When the 2017 model of Dodge Charger arrived, it had a lot of changes for the charger. A lot of new trim packages have also been added which would increase its overall performance and styling features.

Here are some pros of 2017 Dodge Charger

1.      Thrilling exterior style
This model is breathtaking and has a style which would make you crave for it badly. Starting from its car grille to the tail light, this vehicle has a great athletic look. The stylish classic muscle cars of the past have now changed into luxurious performance vehicles of today. It optimal twin pinstripes have enhanced its looks which are present in the higher level models.

2.      Large number of Trim Packages
This car offers attractive trim packages which make people go crazy over it.  Its base model which is SE is already very well equipped with fabulous features. A larger V8 engine, better cosmetic features are available in R/T and Daytona models. You will be surprised to know that automatic and manual transmissions are also present.

3.      Powerful engine
There are three different engine options available for the buyers of 2017 Dodge Charger. That base engine, that is the V6 engine has a 292 horsepower and at the same time 260 pound feet of torque. It also makes it a point to deliver top notch fuel economy. The V8 engine tries to increase the power to 485 horsepower and the torque is of 475 pound feet and it delivers power at all the speeds. And now the Hellcat has a V8 power plant which is supercharged under the car hood and it delivers the highest horsepower, which is 700 horsepower. All these three engines mentioned above are best available when it comes to four door sedans.

4.      Smooth Ride
Everyone likes a smooth ride while travelling in their car. So if you are searching for a car which has soft and smooth suspension and would prove you with the most comfortable ride irrespective of you being on the roughest terrain, then you must go for this car. The car driver would have an option of sport tuned suspensions with the help of which he can choose to combine the level of comfort and responsiveness which would suit him the most.

5.      Roomy car interior
This car was manufactured keeping the overall performance of the vehicle in mind. The car’s cabin space is extremely roomy as well as well designed and at the same time has enough space for the rear passengers. The car dash is extremely good looking and car leather seats would feel great.

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