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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The new Audi Q3 is agile, powerful, easy to manoeuvre and yet spacious inside !! Parts Avatar Online has listed out some reasons to buy Audi Q3 is listed out a few reasons to buy Audi Q3. You must have a look at them!

The competition amongst the luxury subcompact crossover SUV is becoming savage with every passing day. But Audi Q3 is outstanding as this car provides great performance, is comfortable and at the same time has a number of features for its owners. The people who are searching a compact SUV would surely enjoy its cabin space as well as top quality performance.

Have a look at some pros to buy a 2017 Audi Q3

1.      Three Well Equipped Trims
Want to know something great? The new Audi Q3 is now available in three different trims, which is Premium, Premium Plus and at the top is the Prestige. The base premium is standard and has a large arrangement of great features. For the people who are searching for perfect luxury driving experience should definitely go for Prestige as it would be successful in meeting all your expectations. A great middle option would be Premium Plus which would provide the owners with comfort as well as added tech features.

2.      Ultra Modern Exterior
The car grille and car headlight shape of Audi makes people fall in love with this car, thus distinguishing it from other auto brands. The car exterior parts extremely fashionable and up to date. It has a sporty look because of its car rear spoiler and sunroof. Most of the people are attracted towards Audi because of its daytime LED lights as well as stylish 18 inch alloy wheels.

3.      Quattro All Wheel Drive
All the three trims of this model is has Audi Quattro all wheel drive. The technology which it uses is patented and that’s why it has excellent handling and a number of safety features added. You can always upgrade the standard front wheel drive to the AWD as you will surely not regret your decision later on.

4.      Great Performance
There is 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine equipped in all the three trims. They have a horsepower of 200 and at the same time possess 207 pounds of torque. The car engine has been paired up with a six speed transmission. Your journey would be smooth and efficient as your car accelerator would accelerate quickly.

5.      Top Notch Car Interior
The car interior parts of Audi Q3 are no less than the exterior parts. They are extremely comfortable and breathtaking. All the three trims are made up of high quality. The car seats are made up of leather and it also possesses a dual zone climate control.

6.      Safety Features
If you are concerned about safety, then you can surely choose this car as it has full suite of car air bags, sensors which would help you in parking and a rear view camera. It had a great car braking system as it has anti lock brakes and tire pressure monitoring.

7.      Best listening Experience
You will to be able to hear the radio or any song of your own choice while driving the car with a 10-speaker Audi concert radio system. It has a CD player and a MP3 playback included. The best part is its Bluetooth technology with the help of which you can easily stream music and can also use your phone while your hands are at the car steering wheel.

If any of your Audi Q3 car parts gets damaged in an accident and you want to replace it with a brand new one, then don’t worry as Parts Avatar Canada is here at your service. We would provide you with all types of aftermarket auto parts under one roof which would save your time and money. Happy Driving!


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