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Thursday, July 19, 2018

You will be surprised to know that the name BMW which translates Bayerische Motoren Werke is grammatically incorrect in German, because Motorenwerke is a single word and not two separate words.

You should definitely own a BMW as Parts Avatar Canada will tell you the reasons behind it!!

The people who have already driven a BMW would be well aware that there is something different in these cars. This car makes people go crazy because of its looks, handles as well as feels. A person who owns a BMW would stay true to this brand forever. It took a lot of hardworking years for the BMW to create a great experience for this owners and this brand keeps on working to innovate more and more every day. You can always go for a test drive to understand BMW and its specifications in a better way.

Here are 4 reasons why you must own a BMW:

1.      Efficient Dynamics Package
People get frightened after seeing the price tag on a BMW which may not turn out to be cheap, but you will surely save a lot of money in the long run because it has now started offering Efficient Dynamics Package in its vehicles. This is basically an initiative by the BMW which uses less amount of car fuel and tries to become more environmentally friendly which its various models. The owners of this car would surely love the overall driving experience. The best part is that you do not have to pay extra money for the efficient dynamics package as it comes standard with every BMW.

2.      BMW Connected Drive
All of us want connectivity while we are driving. That’s why BMW has Connected Drive for the drivers which contain a sim card that would ensure you that you are always connected. It would help you a lot by giving up to date traffic information and you would be able to stream music easily through your car. It offers a number of apps which would make your journey more fun. You will also be able to drive safely, quickly and in an efficient manner with the assistance of these apps and would also enjoy a lot.

3.      Incorporated Personality
The car your drive, reflects your personality and that’s why BMW brand is at the top to provide personalization options for your drive. You can build up your own BMW by choosing its series, car body style as well as horsepower. Once you are done picking under the car hood, then you can always start customizing the cosmetics. BMW will provide you with a choice of ten colours for the car exterior and after that you can also decide how you want your car interior to look. Don’t worry if you are thinking of purchasing a used BMW as you can still get is customized accordingly.

4.      High Quality Vehicles
There are some cars which would surely look pretty on the outside, but in reality they cannot compete under the hood.  There are some cars which would be utilitarian, but won’t be much attractive on outside. BMW keeps this point in mind and creates vehicles which are beautifully designed and would not even compromise when it comes to quality. The all wheel drive of the BMW is at the top system in this world. The people who love adventure should surely go for this car as it can tackle almost all the terrains like snow and even tough off road conditions. The car exterior as well as interior parts are of high quality and have top notch comfortable car leather seats.

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  1. Very interesting information! Thanks a lot!

  2. As for me, BMW is a gem among the cars. I love it for good quality and status. I’m a lucky owner of BMW 5-Series 2014 and I’m completely satisfied with its work despite it’s a used car. It’s just because I made a good purchase. I took into account the condition of bodywork, work of engine, interior of a vehicle, odometer readings. I used to know how the car got to the dealer, what was its real condition, and what to expect from it. Hope it will help you too!