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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Acura is a very ambitious project of the Japanese automaker, Honda. The United States automobile market is the biggest single market in the world !!

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When we are talking about three row crossovers, then Acura MDX would be a good option. This car has great interior as well as offers high performance and has the ability to compete with the models which are more expensive. This car is a practical day driver as it offers superb fuel economy. There are only a few SUV’s which would be able to match its bulletproof reliability. Its crossover styling has been upgraded to enhance its overall experience. Have a look at some reasons why you can consider purchasing Acura MDX:

1.      Competitive Performance
It has a standard V6 engine which would provide plenty of muscle. This car offers high quality performance which would always satisfy you on road. When you are accelerating from a stop, then this car would hit up 60 mph in just 6.4 seconds. Isn’t this something great worth considering?

2.      Better Transmission
In the previous year, the nine speed automatic transmission might have faced a few issues related to car performance. The people may have experienced trouble while choosing between the gears.  But now all such issues have been fixed up by Acura as it has updated its ECU software. The drivers would now experience smooth performance at various speeds because of transmission. If you are trying to pass a vehicle while driving on a highway, then your transmission would automatically shift downwards to a lower gear.

3.      All wheel drive
The SUV have front wheel drive standard, but the additional Super Handling AWD would surely attract a lot of people. This car would turn out be a solid performer while driving in a snow, but at the same time would improve your crossover’s handling. The owners would just experience a slight decrease in the overall fuel economy with the new AWD system.

4.      Trustworthy vehicle
With the passage of time, Acura has become popular for producing reliable vehicles. The 2017 model of Acura MDX is surely one of the most dependable SUV in its class. If you will maintain your car properly and get it serviced on regular basis, then surely it would be able to surpass 200,000 miles with ease.

5.      Upgraded Styling
The new MDX has a classy and breathtaking appearance. The car grille has now turned out to be much sportier and has also reshaped its car headlights. This would be for the very first time that the car buyers would be able to opt for fashionable set of 20 inch wheels. Choosing an advance package would provide you with modish fog lights as well.

6.      Family Vehicle
Your entire family would surely enjoy riding the Acura MDX.  The front as well as rear passenger would enough space to enjoy the journey sitting inside the car and at the same time it very comfortable seats. You family members would feel relaxed while travelling in the car. Ventilated seats would be provided to help you remain cool during the hot summer days and vice versa.

7.      Top quality design
The owners of this car applaud its top notch car design. The car interior as well as exterior parts are mind blowing. You won’t be able to hear any creaks or rattles coming from inside the car cabin even after owning this since few years.

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