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Friday, August 10, 2018

Are you aware that your car coolant is responsible for taking heat away from the engine and protecting the engine’s metal components from rusting.!!

Parts Avatar Canada is here tell you the importance of automotive cooling system

The main function of the engine cooling system is to manage the overall expansion of the auto parts when they are heated. You must be aware that the metal expands when it is heated and on the other hand it starts contracting when it becomes cold.

When we are talking about a car engine, then the expansion of heat affects the cylinder, heads as well as other internal moving parts. All these parts are of different metals as well as densities, that’s the reason why they start expanding at dissimilar rates. The measurement of the internal parts is taken when they are cold and in their expanded condition. Complete expansion takes place at 195 degrees F.

Method of Operation

The heat generated is transferred in the air with the radiator, a radiator cap, water pump, engine cooling fan and a thermostat. All of these are the parts of cooling system.

Hot coolant flows from the top of the radiator and then later on to the water pump. The coolant now flows from the cavities inside the engine block and the cylinder heads directly from the water pump and then later to the thermostat. The main target of the thermostat is to maintain the 195 degree temperature by differing the overall amount of coolant which is flowing to the radiator.

The thermostat remains closed so that it could prevent the overall circulation of the coolant when the car engine is cold. Due to this the temperature of the engine increases quickly to its best operating temperature. The thermostat opens at 195 degree and the coolant is circulated to maintain this temperature.

Here are some ways with which the cooling system can be compromised
·         The amount of air flowing from the radiator can be blocked or restricted
·         The radiator from the build up may be plugged
·     There can be some issues with the radiator cap due to which it is not able to hold the proper pressures
·         Decrease in the amount of coolant level
·         There can be some coolant leaks from the radiator, hoses, water pump and radiator cap
·         The hoses may start collapsing
·         The engine cooling fan may start failing
·         The thermostat may stuck opened or closed
·         The head gasket can blow out


Make sure that you do not open the radiator cap when the engine is hot. The radiator would be blown out due to the amount of heat created by the car engine, and this can also result in severe burns. You must touch the cap and radiator when they become cool.

There is no need to operate a vehicle which is overheating. Whenever you find out that it is overheating, then you must immediately shut the engine down and give it some time to cool. If an engine is overheated, it would result in blowing of a head gasket, which would later all the coolant to enter the car engine cylinders as well as crankcase.

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